Initiate Dragon School #2

Initiate Dragon School #2✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Initiate Dragon School #2 By Sarah K.L. Wilson ✸ – Magic comes to Dragon School Can it be trusted With First Flight behind her sixteen year old Amel believes she can finally settle into her studies and learn to be a Dragon Rider But when a friend is b Magic comes to Dragon School Can it be trusted With First Flight behind her sixteen year old Amel believes she can finally settle into her studies and learn to be a Dragon Rider But when a friend is brutally injured another has a dark secret and Amel is entrusted with a vital Initiate Dragon Epub / message she must uestion where her loyalties lie Worse Magikas have arrived at Dragon School and they bring both change and new prejudice against Amel With the home Amel found at Dragon School uickly disappearing will she know who to trust or will her new friendships disappear as uickly as her safety. It's been a week since Amel and her peers have taken their first flight their first major test and all of the ones who made it are now considered initiates Ever since that mysterious letter came from the capital of the Dominion all Dragon School students of every level have been relentlessly studying to pass their next tests What would normally take them months to learn and test for they all have to do in a week Most of Dragon School will be splitting up for an outside misson unknown to anyone who isn't a full Dragon Rider and they are waiting for further instructions to come with the arrival of the Majika's When the Majika's come with a Dominion Envoy messenger like the purple dragons to deliver yet another cryptic message all the upper level students and full riders go into a panic Meanwhile one of Amel's friends shows up badly injured and because of that she has become entrusted with a secret message only an envoy or full purple rider can open Another friend of hers is hiding something big and seems to think that message might pertain to her One of her peers who has always seemed to have something against Amel has been getting suspiciously close with one of the Majika apprentices who also seems to have something against her To top it all off Amel will now have to bring her best friend back into the unknown with out the promise of a return Will Amel's injured friend be able to survive his wounds on their journey? Can she hurt her other friend by not revealing the contents of the message she was given or will she ruin her honor by breaking the Dominion law? Can she and her best friend do what their first real mission reuires and return to school alive and well? Perhaps importantly the Majika's are up to something but can Amel figure out what it is and stop them before all is lost? Initiate by Sarah KL Wilson is the second novella in her Dragon School serial This is a fast paced YA fantasy story I really enjoyed this seuel; it picks up a week later but the transition is smoothe There are a lot of new characters and elements introduced in this novella and while a few of my uestions from book one were answered many have popped up haha The world building is better in this part in fact the world has expanded due to their mission Some of the characters have depth like Leng but I still wish I could have a better understanding of Amel's and Roalcan's life before dragon school She mentions her parents briefly in a passing thought but it didn't get deeper than thatMy uestions about the magic in part one were sort of answered by the Majika's coming to the school Majika's are kind of like witches or sorcerers? However a full red dragon rider performed magic at one point and one of the Grandis' did the bonding in book one and I really wished it was explained how that was possible There wasn't really any information on the rules of magic who can weild it and how much what kind etc So I still feel a bit lost on that aspect Roalcan and Amel have gotten much closer I really love their friendship I enjoy reading all their sweet moments sarcastic and witty remarks and I love his nickname for her too view spoilerAmel has also befriended Leng a fellow purple full rider and has a strange sort of friendship with Savette a high Castelan and red hide spoiler Well this uickly became extremely absurd If it wasn't for Raolcan who is the only character that acts mature and has some believable and relatable thoughts that correspond to the situation he is in this would be pretty much unreadable And Raolcan is a dragonWith that statement I rest my caseThe whole plot with all the characters is childlish and simply unbelievableOne of the dragon rider teachers from the dragon school was burnt and actually killed with a single ball of fire??? Older dragon ridera teachersomeone with experience and knowledgeSimply amazing Of course his dragon was also burnt to a crispwith a ball of fire like he was made of paperI was really overwhelmed with laughing myself to tearsAll would be well if the book wasn't tagged under young adult Just noI still like the dragons though I positively adore stories involving dragons and when I enjoyed the first book in the Dragon School series I decided I would try to overcome my evasion of serial stories and follow this one If Dragon School Initiate is any indication of how this series is going to continue growing I’m positive I’ll soon forget about my dislike of serial releasesThe first book in the Dragon School series introduced us to Sarah KL Wilson’s wonderful world leaving us wanting Picking up shortly after the first ended Dragon School Initiate uickly throws us back into the action Building upon all we were introduced to in the first book this second brings in many new elements In fact it added much to the story than I had imagined it would Honestly there was so much added within this one so many twists thrown in that I find it difficult to believe the page count when I look at it – I cannot help but find it hard to believe so much could happen and could be done so well within so few pagesMuch like the first book this is fast paced read that will keep you gripped throughout There is world building there are new characters introduced and as a whole I see no reason why fans of the first story will dislike this second It has all the same things as the first book only intensified we still have great characters the fantasy element is strong and the plot is solid My only disappointment is that I do not have Dragon School The Dark Prince to dive straight into With so much opened up in this story I’m overly eager to dive into the third story to find out where things will head in the future I’m positive whatever comes next I’m going to love it Highly recommend this series for young teens and up Imaginative and entertaining I loved this seuel It was better than the first and I loved that one too So where we left off in the last book Amel is now training to become a dragon rider And we see her progress and her struggles but Amel is strong and doesn't let things get in her way But changes are happening in her school There are secrets messengers and glimpses of betrayals Amel isn't sure who she can trust but she will do anything to keep her friends safe Savette and Leng from all dangers and harm And she is lucky to have her trusted and most faithful friend and eual her purple dragon Raolcan Together with Raolcan she will uncover shocking truths that will affect her perspective on the world and who she can trust Though this story ends with a cliffhanger it's worth the ride I cannot wait to read the next one Received a copy from the author herself in exchange for an honest review thank you I am loving the story but I probably wouldn't be reading this if I didn't have Prime or Kindle Unlimited The second part was just as good as the first one It is action packed and puts Amel on a path towards becoming a Dragon Rider where she has to succeed or die which is kind of a pressure especially if you're already at a disadvantage because your leg doesn't work I love the way her disability keeps playing a part in what she does and thinks it's easy to erase it when convenient but that doesn't happen And I just adore Raolcan who's always there to inspire some courage in Amel when she herself might not have it I'm looking forward to the next part My friends had been so enthusiastic about this book series and recommended it to me It is like a series they said I didn’t realize until I started the first two books how similar it is to a series It’s been a while since I’ve been so hooked on a book let alone made time for reading besides my other time consuming hobbies I’m sad I didn’t find this book series sooner but on the other hand it leaves me books to read in a row until I’m caught up It’s slowly growing to one of my favorites Well written great and lively characters and thrilling plot It has been a week since the end of First Flight and Amel is still trying to get her foot under her literally and now everything is changing at Dragon School She has to carry out her first mission some strange Magikas have shown up and what is going on with one of her friends?Another fast paced installment of Dragon School that will keep you reading to the end and then wanting to start the next one I really appreciate the fact that this heroine is flawed but still can show what it means to be brave Dragon School InitiateWhen you witness great storytelling I sit back to say well done Sarah Wilson has a rare gift drawing you in myself included Amel Leafbrought and her dragon Raolcand leave the Dragon School on a desperate mission heading for the Ruby Isles Along the way Amel stumbles into a plot hatched by the Magikas read Wizards to kill the riders and turn their dragons to Magikas control