Strangers in Paradise Fullsize Paperback Volume 16 Molly Poo

Strangers in Paradise Fullsize Paperback Volume 16 Molly Poo[PDF / Epub] ☂ Strangers in Paradise Fullsize Paperback Volume 16 Molly Poo By Terry Moore – Molly has a secret a very bloody secret From a teenage Death wannabe to convicted axe murderer Molly's story is told in her own words offering a fascinating insight into the mind of a psychopath This Paradise Fullsize PDF/EPUB ä Molly has a secret a very bloody secret From a teenage Death wannabe to convicted axe murderer Molly's story is told in her own words offering a fascinating insight into the mind in Paradise Fullsize Paperback Volume PDF or of a psychopath This trade paperback collects the entire Molly Poo saga from its uirky beginning to the shocking end. Molly and Poo is a short side project from Strangers In Paradise creator Terry Moore Not really a graphic novel see second image below but sold in comic book format It is basically a series of letters and prose sections dealing with the relationship between Molly and Poo in Victorian England As the letters progress it goes from simple infatuation to a dark and twisted placeEven though these issues were sold under the Strangers In Paradise banner the tie in can only be loosely inferred and even then it is a bit of a stretch Molly could be a representation of Francine while the blunt and aggressive Poo might be Katchoo I am betting if I did some background research on this I could find details from the author but it seems like a likely explanation since it came out with SIPWhile it was a bit hard to get into at first with the abrupt format change in the end it was a pretty suspenseful and gruesome tale In fact the nature of the story ended up being perfect for Halloween I read this the last week of October even though I did not know that going in You will definitely be shocked when view spoilerthe story shifts from cutesy romance to erotic horror hide spoiler I'm all for authors putting in plot devices or uniue twists to spice up a story But this just did not fit in the Strangers in Paradise world It would have been better if the author wrote the Molly and Poo arc as a standalone storygraphic novel This honestly had nothing to do with SiP I love Strangers in Paradise but I hate the Molly and Poo stories Boring and self indulgent Ever since the second run of SIP the Molly and Poo storyline has been controversial It has limited connection to the main story is admittedly partially fictional in world and often seems like a departure from the characters and plots we really care about That said I enjoyed it It was a fun diversion though not an essential one and deepened the world that these characters inhabit Pretty terrible with very little entertainment value Poo is a tale told in two parts The first is a Victorian romance turned horror story that takes place in London circa 1908 and is told entirely in the correspondence between Molly the reserved wife of Dr Fleming and Poo a spirited and independent woman who seeks to set Molly free What begins as a strong friendship soon transforms into a forbidden romance with dire conseuences The second part of the story takes place in the present and follows Molly Lane a perennially rejected author who is writing the tale of Molly Poo She stands accused of murdering her husband Dr Fleming in a manner that eerily echoes her own fictionAs you might guess from the the plot summary above Molly Poo has very little to do with the main Strangers in Paradise story In fact Francine and Katchoo make only the briefest of appearances as youngsters in a scene from Molly's childhood Molly had appeared also briefly in volume 10 as Moore's way of connecting Molly Poo albeit tenuously to his main story I appreciate Moore's desire to create something different with Molly Poo and his use of the Victorian convention of creating a novel through letters is interesting but ultimately the story lacks narrative sophistication Moore's prose style sometimes used effectively in SiP when Moore wants to convey a lot of information in a small amount of space is weak when it's all the reader has to draw upon And although the twists and turns of the story are sometimes unexpected the surprise ending is telegraphed pages ahead of time I would recommend this book only for the most diehard SiP fans and even so it should be noted that this volume can be read out of order since it has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the SiP story This is brilliant story telling Moore has created two female characters two in 1908 and two in the nineties whose lives follow parallel tracks Some sections are truly poetic and in both one of the women from each time period is married to a serial killer The killer thing is the story which plays itself out beautifullyUnfortunately this segment does nothing to move the main story forward In fact it's totally unrelated and could be omitted without hurting the main story 2012 Reread I got lost in this for a month My very first full reread since the series hit its ending Since I knew where it would start and go and end up It was just as terrible wonderful painful heartbreaking heart healing amazing as every other read I never stop knowing my heart belongs to this The prose was much better this time though the story was back to being jarringly disjointed I'm not sure I'd put this book as part of the Strangers in Paradise universe Yeah there was a very brief thing with Francine and Katchoo in high school but they were cameo appearances Very nicely illustrated I like the variety in stylistic tones which set a very nice mood I'm not sure I totally understood what the final result was and I'm not sure it was entirely successful getting its point across That could just be that I have a migraine headache though

Strangers in Paradise Fullsize Paperback Volume 16 Molly
  • Paperback
  • 80 pages
  • Strangers in Paradise Fullsize Paperback Volume 16 Molly Poo
  • Terry Moore
  • English
  • 09 September 2016
  • 9781892597328