Fingerprints and Phantoms

Fingerprints and Phantoms✵ Fingerprints and Phantoms Epub ✸ Author Paul Rimmasch – In a profession dominated by logic law evidence and science are there some things you can't explain Join a veteran crime scene investigator exploring 26 chilling experiences spanning two decades His t In a profession dominated by logic law evidence and science are there some things you can't explain Join a veteran crime scene investigator exploring chilling experiences spanning two decades His true stories will leave you wondering if it is a criminal or something else going bump in the night Meet a young girl who receives a visit from her motherthe day after her mother is murdered Find out whether spirits follow those investigating their deaths home and then stay Discover whether it Fingerprints and Kindle - is possible for someone who is not dead to be haunting his own office and investigate a child's toy telephone acting as a link to the other side Can you believe in something incredible This collection of strange and frightening tales is perfect for any campfire experience. Book received from NetGalleyThis book is one of my guilty pleasures; I have a thing for true ghost stories This book was a bit different than what I usually read though I like to find ghost books in an area that I have been to and read up on the folklore This book however looks at many different areas in and around Utah It is also from the point of view of various law enforcement members who have seen things that just can't be explained while doing their jobs I enjoyed reading about the different apparitions and unusual occurrences that were discussed; the plus was that I don't think I have heard any of these stories mentioned in other books It's always nice to hearread something new in this genre This book would be a great one to pick up especially now that it has hit October and the spooky time of year This review originally appeared on The Magical Buffet's website on 10222018It’s hard to reinvent the wheel when it comes to “true tales of the paranormal” And I’m not here to tell you that “Finger Prints and Phantoms True Tales of Law Enforcement Encounters with the Paranormal and Strange” by Paul Rimmasch does that However I’m happy to tell you all the wonderful that it is“Finger Prints and Phantoms” has loads 26 to be exact of assorted stories of a paranormal theme Rimmasch a crime scene investigator by day has a real knack for storytelling It seems like he’d be a good guy to join for a beer Now although his book doesn’t reinvent the wheel Rimmasch’s background and access to the police does allow him to give the reader a uniue perspective on the day to day life and workings of a police officer And THAT was just as interesting if not even than the stories contained withinIf you enjoy tales of the paranormal and would like a bit of insight into police life I would recommend checking out “Finger Prints and Phantoms” by Paul Rimmasch An interesting and fun to read book about paranormal and crime investigationsIt's well written and I liked the different stories about unusual or paranormal occurrencesRecommended if you like ghost and paranormal storiesMany thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC I suspect the marketing strategy of this book might result in disappointment for a lot of potential readers It seems to me that the title blurb and the cover all strive to give the impression of a chilling expose of paranormal happenings Such is not the case Most of the stories here fall firmly into urban myth or folklore territory Something good to tell around the campfire or with a flashlight held under the chin during an unexpected power outage The kind of story that is absolutely positively true because it happened to my friend's brother's roommate's cousin Fun in the moment with no real follow upAbout halfway through the book the author changes it up a bit by giving set up to each story framing them around the experiences he's had as a longtime member of a CSI team These fact vs fictional perceptions really save the book from being just a tedious retread of run of the mill ghost stories It's those sections that really come alive and make it interestingThis is an okay book If you want some old school ghost stories told in a milder way it might be right up your alleyThere is no foul language With the exception of some brief crime scene descriptions there is nothing particularly graphic Suitable for all but the most sensitive readerThanks to the author the publisher and to NetGalley for allowing me the opportunity to read and review this title Told in a folksy downhome style this is a collection of stories purported to be encounters with ghosts and such although many lack any Much of the first chapter has nothing than “feelings” backing up the title I’d hoped it would get better in that respect but in the first third or so the most we get is a haunted hotel elevatorThe best chapter was the one about the shape shifting dogs of South El Lay It also seems to be the only unexplained phenomenon that didn’t happen in UtahOne story involving a Halloween laden murder might have been creepy due to the surroundings but also had no paranormal trappings to it So why is it in here? Similarly there’s a story about a woman who died for no apparent reason—at the time; autopsy findings are not mentioned—on a sidewalk after a shopping trip that cost the most famous three digit number around That superstition is the most ghostly thing in the story It feels like cheating; it annoys meIt isn’t till the end that the author mentions this is of a book on folklore than actual paranormal I will agree that his intention was not to prove ghosts exist but after reading the title and subtitle it seems disingenuous 25 starsI really like what Rimmasch was attempting to do with this book Unfortunately the issue is about execution than anything else It's not that his approach is too scientific or anything like that It's that for a book that is ostensibly meant to be like sitting around a campfire telling stories there are a lot of tangents I have some sympathy for it I have a terrible tendency when I'm telling a story to tell too much backstory or give too many details that aren't necessarily crucial to the story itself And that is essentially the impression I got here It wasn't uite fluid and had the effect of feeling like a number of facts strung together with some odd and sometimes uite funny occurrences both paranormal and perfectly normal The overall feeling was disjointed As a book that looks into the culture and experiences in law enforcement it's a fantastic peep into that world As a book of stories it falls a bit short That said I still recommend it It has plenty enough of interest in it to keep you reading just curb your expectations even when he explicitly states them that it will feel like comfortable story telling I reuested and received this book for free from NetgalleyThis book calls itself a collection of folklore and alludes to these stories being like campfire stories than actual scary or explain away with logic stories It does fall somewhere in the middle or at least it did for me Because I can kind of be a giant chicken ymmvThat said I found this compulsively readable and really enjoyable The author's voice comes through in the stories really clearly but I think this works in the book's favour It's like being told stories by a very friendly acuaintance or stranger The fact that this takes the viewpoint of and shares story from those involved in law enforcement adds a certain level of interest as well or at least it did for me someone who watches Criminal Minds entirely too muchI consider this a solid and uick 4 star read and would be interested to read book like this in future Even just stories from those in law enforcement without the ghosty bits This is an interesting book It's a bit of a slow read but it's still good I like the supernatural and I like cop work so this book seemed perfect for meNot all the stories are supernatural Some are just every day happenings that seem supernatural at first if that makes sense Some are just normal tales Not all stories come from the authors point of view A lot of the stories come from colleagues of the author They are all interesting stories though Some had me laughing and some had me scratching my head wondering if that could really happen since they were spooky storiesI would recommend this book but I'd say it's better for as a book to read while sitting on the toilet or waiting on a traincabfriendetc The stories are all short and easy to readThank you to Netgalley for letting me read this for free in exchange for an honest review Frightening? Not really Strange? possibly I think the blurb is horribly misleading I wish that the forward would have been the blurb for Fingerprints and Phantoms instead of what the publisher put on the back I think it does a better job of summarizing and expressing the feel of the bookThe forward from the editor reads “The author’s light hearted insights into and experience in the world of crime scene investigation make this read doubly fascinating He is a sort of James Herriot for the CSI world” It also states that the reports “make few claims” and “sometimes they poke fun at themselves”Read the rest of the review Cats Luv Coffee Perhaps not the best collection of spooky stories some amount to little than somebody had a strange feeling in a spooky place but the writing was good anyhow He weaves together factual information regarding the job some humorous stories and some spookier ones It's a light read and uick Don't expect hard evidence even though it's from an evidence devoted career field This book is about the fact that unexplained things happen to everyone the rational and logical among us included

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