Besting the Billionaire

Besting the Billionaire➹ [Read] ➵ Besting the Billionaire By Alison Aimes ➼ – Billionaire Alexander Kazankov always wins But he didn’t count on high heeled drop dead sexy Lily Bennett getting in the way of his latest deal She’s a distraction he doesn’t need not when he’ Billionaire Alexander Kazankov always wins But he didn’t count on high heeled drop dead sexy Lily Bennett getting in the way of his latest deal She’s a distraction he doesn’t need not when he’s so close to making things right for his familyLily may walk and talk like a Southern piece of fluff but she’s been underestimated before She's determined to succeed—and no entitled arrogant asshole especially the too gorgeous for Besting the Epub / his own good kind is going to get in her wayOil meet water Gasoline meet spark It’s all out war as these two enemies go toe to toe in an ugly take no prisoners battle to prove they’re the right choice to be CEO of the same company All too soon playing dirty in the boardroom leads to playing even dirtier in the dark It’s destined to end in personal and professional disaster So why the hell can’t they stop. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of the bookI so loved this book If you're a fan of Christina Lauren's Beautiful Bastard and Kresley Cole's The Professional you too will LOVE Besting the Billionaire Alexi and Lily were so wonderfully and evenly matched and the tension that builds between them throughout the book is palpable believable and utterly delicious I love that their relationship is a natural progression and that the plot surrounding them is just as entertaining and riveting Both Lily and Alexi were layered characters and I really enjoyed getting to know them and watching their relationship evolve I will definitely be looking for books by Alison Aimes 5 out of 5 wine glasses Besting the BillionaireBy Alison Aimes4 StarsAlexander Kazankov has been working for years on this latest deal One that will bring satisfaction for everyone A deal that Alexander has stopped at nothing to acuire There is history of why he must gain control of this company Lena raised Alexander like he was her own child He must do this to finally bring closure to the loss Lena sufferedLily Bennett recently lost her husband A marriage that was of a rescue than one of love With a past that has hopefully been buried deep she is now in the top position at her late husband’s company One final step getting the board to vote to allow her to be in control Loved reading about a head strong woman who stands up for herself Pushing aside the ‘good ole boys’ and making a name for herself When Alexander and Lily go head to head sparks fly With these two though only one can win Who will become the head of the company? Follow us onFB – Hero is a billionaire and wants to buy a company for revenge purpose Heroine is the CEO of that company Her husband much older left her that company after his death She is already fighting off her stepsons and other board members from taking over the company Now the hero wants to buy that company too Enemies to Lovers Book Put in a Hot Hunky Billionaire A very usual story but surprisingly we got a strong heroine Note I received a free e copy of the book via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Special thanks to the author and publisher for giving me a chance to read it This is the first book I’ve read from Alison Aimes and I am hooked Besting the Billionaire was not the book I expected when I reuested to read it from NetGalley but once I started reading it I was just glad I did It exceeded my expectations it had a little bit of everything romance comedy steamy scenes and mystery It was no wonder I couldn’t seem to put this book down Both Alexi and Lily had tough childhoods and horrible past but those experiences has made them both hardworking take no prisoners survivors and fighters against things that they believe in I really loved this book and I can’t wait to read of Alison’s books I was given this ARC by NetGalley as an exchange for an honest review I don't read a lot of billionaire romance because I don't find it convincingly written having worked in a big corporate setting myself However I'll happily read billionaire romance written by this author because she's done it so very right The characters' motivations felt real they are each driven to succeed for compelling reasons Without giving away the ending I absolutely loved that there was a resolution that didn't reuire the heroine to sacrifice her goals The sex scenes are steamy and further the plot There is so much to like here Highly recommended It makes me proud when an author sees fit to give her alpha male a taste of his own back For that reason I loved Besting the Billionaire Lily is a worthy adversary for Mr King of the Mountain When these two cross paths what follows is an intense battle of the minds hormones and sexes Backing down is not an option and missing out on this magnetic read would be a mistake What a storyI think the billionaire actually went home with the best ‘win’ Alexi is a man on a vendetta The prize Winslow Industries Newly named CEO of Winslow Industries in her husband’s will Lily is faced with a formidable battle to retain that title She’s uite a woman Hardly anyone believes she has what it takes to pull the company up from its about to fail position She is strong diligent well educated and determined to succeed Alexi a cold blooded vicious businessman who will use whatever it takes to achieve his goals It’s an incredible story to watch unfolding Maybe the best part is seeing Alexi transform from ‘Iceman’ into a protective far appealing man You’ll love this love story I did For once the woman holds the leverage in a Billionaire love story Alexi doesn't seem to broken hearted about it though Lily shows her worth time and again This is a very different take on billionaire romances In this instance Lily Bennett’s elderly husband died and chose to make her the CEO of his family business much to the annoyance of one of her two step sons Her husband had been ill for some time and there are secrets about their relationship that his sons are unaware ofLily is determined to rejuvenate the business and make it a success again but she’s not just up against her stepson Russian billionaire Alexander Kazankov is also determined to take control of the business but his reasons are to right a wrong he believer Lily’s husband made decades ago Lily isn’t the pushover or fluffy airhead that everyone assumes She’s a feisty determined young lady who is out to prove to herself that she’s so much but will the members of the board give her the chance to do so?The attraction between Alexi and Lily is hot their encounters range from steamy to laugh out loud hilarious but the angst and turmoil keep this story a real page turner and great read It is only as details of their earlier life unfold that the reasons for their determination are revealed However there is another person secretly working to thwart them This is a story of opposites a battle of wills resistance v attraction love v hostilityI reuested and received a copy of this novel via NetGalley This is my honest review after choosing to read it Besting the Billionaire is not your usual tale of the billionaire businessman finding love nor does is have the same type of heroine Instead this book is a tale of two strong and independent business minded people who want the same company One who currently has the legal right to it and the other who will stop at nothing to get it back under his control They both have thier reasons for it but one things for certain things are about to get interesting in the board room Lily Bennett has something to prove to the board of the company her late husband left her to helm as CEO They don't believe she can handle the business and keep it stable simply because she's a woman But Lily isn't one to back down and she's been through enough in the past to know how to stand firm and hold her own Except for when her heart and head are at war and her body is thrumming with sexual tension and she's met with her match in both the bedroom and boardroom Alexi also has his reasons for wanting the company and he's willing to play as dirty as he has to to make sure that it falls into his hands he'll get what he wants But then his head and heart decide he wants the formidable business rival he never expected in Lily and that's when the trouble comes in When business mixes with pleasure it's never as simple as planned I loved getting to the heart of these two characters and not only understanding their motivations but also feeling their emotions about them They both have an internal struggle of sorts that pits their heart agains their brain and their end game and things couldn't get twisty or maybe they could Alexi and Lily are firey hot together both in temper and physicality which makes their tryst all the compelling sucking me in and making me wonder what exactly I'm rooting for in the end Will these two find a way to make it work? Will the business tear them apart?