Shadow ueen The Shadow Court Harem #1 part 1

Shadow ueen The Shadow Court Harem #1 part 1[Read] ➵ Shadow ueen The Shadow Court Harem #1 part 1 By Harlow Thomas – I'm the lost ueen of the Shadow Court and I'm the difference between my people living and dying The problem is I've spent the last twenty one years thinking I was human Now I'm surrounded by fae who s I'm the lost The Shadow PDF/EPUB ê ueen of the Shadow Court and I'm the difference between my people living and dying The problem is I've spent Shadow ueen eBook µ the last twenty one years thinking I was human Now I'm surrounded by fae who say they want to help me but I don't ueen The Shadow PDF/EPUB ✓ know who to trustWith powers I don't understand I'm unsure if I can rule I'll have to rely on the two men who've been ueen The Shadow Court Harem eBook µ by my side since before this began I have to claim the crown or renounce my title Either way the fate of the Shadow Court hangs in the balanceLong live the ueen. I received an ARC via author This was a great start to a new RH serial My only issue is that I feel like we were just thrown into the story I also would have loved to see interaction between the characters I hope we get a lot uestions answered in book two I can't wait to see what happens with Maeve Finn and Jenson This is a great start to a new series Maeve’s new room mates are gorgeous but strange they keep themselves to themselves poor Maeve is confused by the pair and her feeling bugs towards them I am enjoying the storyline it is exciting and well paced the relationships between the characters are growing nicely but yet I still have uestions awaiting to be answered which is keeping my interest piued I am very looking forward to the next instalment Hidden among humansMaeve enters the world during a battle to take over the Shadow Court Her mother's dying words send 2 guards with her to a fae witch to hide her until she turns 21 and comes into her full powers The witch binds the 2 guards to her for protection and as she turns 20 they come to the human world to protect her as her powers awaken Forced to hide their identities Maeve feels understandably betrayed by them Upon her arrival back into fairy the rather chilly welcome by her 2 aunts leaves her less than thrilled with her circumstances And all that is before she finds out that she is already betrothed when her heart already belongs to her 2 guards Welcome to madness and mayhem There was a lot left out about the rebel attack that killed her parents We don't know why they attacked their cause Especially since it's explained that Maeve is supposed to be their hope Why were these 2 guards aging halted? Why not just select fated mates among the court members? Why did her aunt's not see to her upbringing or watch over her from fairy? Why is this witch so powerful that her mother had her hide her instead of raise her and hide her in fairy? See? I have so many uestions I need answered lol Hopefully book 2 explains things better I will say that although Maeve is young at least she isn't bratty Understandably upset at the deception that has ruled her life but not throwing fits about it She doesn't ask about her human parents though and that bothers me She was from all accounts very attached to them and had no clue they weren't her birth parents But upon discovering her heritage she never once asks about them This book was amazing This story progresses very organically Nothing about the storyline is rushed and the relationships between the character seem to progress at a real life pace I loved how the story moves at a realistic pace and isn't all about instalove Onto the menJensen took a bit for me to like He wasn't an easy character to loveat first By then end of this book I strongly liked Jensen Now Finn is a different story I liked him from the start and his character is my favorite and is hope we get a lot Finn in book two The fae ueen the best part for me was that she doesn't know who she is or what she is capable ofIf you are looking for a new series to read and love a good Fae story this is the book for you I can't wait for book 2 I normally don’t go for serials; I read them too fast and then the wait for the next installation feels so long This one was a nice uick read I was able to get into the characters the progression felt natural and the story left me wanting like yesterday I’m waiting for the reverse harem aspect to come to fruition but the foundation is being laid nicely I’m eagerly awaiting the next book Let me start by saying I love books centred around the fae and this serial is no different Maeve is our MC and oblivious to her heritage until her 21st birthday She's the destined ueen of the Shadow Court and with that comes a hell of a lot of responsibility saving all of the fae realm for one And little did she know her secret lifelong protectors would come to mean so much to her But are their burgeoning feelings doomed already? A great start to an intriguing world This was very interesting and entertaining I look forward to from Maeve Finn and Jensen I think this is gonna be an interesting serial Maeve has just found out she's fae and has been living with her two guards for a year Now everything has changed She's back in the fairy kingdom and her aunts want something she doesn't want to give Jensen and Finn are torn with what they want and what they feel is right Good start and I'm looking forward to reading While it's alright it's neither good nor great It seems too much like Harlow Thomas and Anastasia are riding the waves made by Chosen Their Vampire Princess Crowned Their Vampire Princess A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance Book 2 Turned Their Vampire Princess A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance Book 3 and Mated Their Vampire Princess A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance Book 4I know this is a spin off but I had hoped it would at least be a little bit different However except for the main species being Fae here I don't see any difference at all This was a really fast read due to its length I felt like in the later part of the book the relationship between Maeve Finn and Jensen was holey since the reader didn’t get to see their relationship growing It moves from one part of the year to the next and I as a reader would rather be shown the relationship building and changing then be told that it happened some place It gave the relationship a rushed feel because so much of it happened off page kind of like off screen in a movie but well off page since we are told and don’t read it ourselves I would have liked to see a build up between the characters and understand how they get to the end I have been left with some uestions that I don’t feel were addressed Hopefully in book 2 I will get answers and the book might explain TO read the complete review check out wwwunderthebookmarkcom