Gifted Connections Book 1 Gifted Connections #1

Gifted Connections Book 1 Gifted Connections #1❰Ebook❯ ➦ Gifted Connections Book 1 Gifted Connections #1 Author S.M. Olivier – Blake knew she was different for a long time but she had lived in denial for too long Living in reprehensible conditions she didn't think she had any hope of getting out anytime soon with her half sis Blake knew she was different for Book 1 ePUB ¹ a long time but she had lived in denial for too long Living in reprehensible conditions she didn't think she had any hope of getting out anytime soon with her half sister It wasn't until she was confronted by her music teacher and series of events that she was forced to face reality She was gifted with a special power and with the help of the new men that entered her Gifted Connections Kindle - life she would learn to control them At least she hoped she did before her idealistic new life was torn apart by a man determined to use her powers for his own gain Please be advised possible trigger warning. Rating 35 stars Fucking cliffhangerI need the next bookNowThis is exactly why i read RHUnecesary drama messy plot great smiling material That end though I knew Olivier was gonna play me I knew it The story follows our protagonist Blake Thomas She has an abusive step mom who is absolutely trash The woman shouldn't be in charge of her own self much less two children Her horrible personality and actions shaped Blake into the responsible person she is Blake is an okay protagonist I love her relationship with her sister though I felt like it started to crumple when she met her prospective lovers She still cares for her but I felt like they are not as close especially near the end Maybe it's just meview spoilerWhen her sister told her about the prophecy Blake seemed very concerned about the losing the guys and separating from them I however was concerned about her seven year sister who would be back in the hands of her abusive mother hide spoiler There are some baby spoilers in this review When I first started reading this I was so excited It had amazing promise with a main character who had a tragic backstory and abilities that had badass potential as well as a seemingly intricate supernatural element Despite this I couldn't make it past thirty percent It felt like I had been reading for hours getting an almost decent sense of Blake and her story which was definitely not a bad thing but without any real relevant plot information until all of a sudden I was hit with an information dump And that's all that it was Instead of discovering new information being able to draw any sort of conclusions about anything characters plot points etc or building up the suspense of putting the pieces together the reader is immediately told Blake has a weird dream? She promptly asks JaceJax if they knew her while she was at the institute at which point she had no real proof that she had ever even been to this mysterious place that was only mentioned in passing a few pages before And from there they launch into this big explanation As the reader you know that's where the story is heading but the fun is in watching the character figure it out seeing the dissonance as she realizes that what she always believed to be true may not be reality Later Jemmy makes a joke about multiple connections? All of a sudden the boys come clean about a secret they had been hiding for almost a decade without much if any prompting It was very unnatural Not to mention that she is suddenly connected to all six of them and not just Jax and Jace despite not a single indication previously She had the telepathic connection to Jax when she and Jace had physical contact they both felt some sort of odd energy but there was nothing with any of the others even though she had been around them and made contact with some of them I was also a little stuck on how easily Blake acuiesced to literally everything It seemed very out of character for this girl who had spent years fending off pedophiles her abusive stepmother cruel peers etc and raising and protecting her little sister to then allow this group of strangers who were men of which she stated she was highly distrustful many times to come in and literally take over her entire life I'm not saying that that isn't a valid plot point or that they shouldn't have attempted to save her and her sister because I love that trope My problem is that she just went with it She didn't know these men at all Sure she kind of knew Jace and she had spent years talking to Jax but Blake said herself how easy it is for evil men to fool people There is no way that Blake would have allowed her little sister to spend all of this time alone with strange men right out of the gate It felt like the author just wasn't sure how to bridge the gap between Blake's horrible life and her new easier life and instead of transitioning to it she just omitted anything Then there were the girlfriends These men have spent the last seven years knowing that they share a nebulous if that's what it's called for all the explaining that is done not much is very clear Yet they all entered into committed relationships know that not completing the connection could cause death or keep everyone from coming into their full powers It just doesn't mesh with how much they supposedly care for her before even knowing her Olivier had a great concept with this book but in my opinion it just needs to be polished and fleshed out in certain areas Warning Long rant ahead I'm from the minority so feel free to skip this post entirely1 There are corrections needed to be dealt with They distract me from a steady reading but a thorough editing can definitely fix 2 The organization of the settings I haven't really picked up a substantial detail about the gifted community I think I was too busy rolling my eyes and bitching and facepalming to notice them If I'm not mistaken there are random spiels regarding the gifted people the connections among them and whatnot But I think they're mostly tactlessly explained so unless I'm manually listing all trivial pieces of information I don't have any idea how this works at all 3 Its length as in the body of the novel feels tedious for me The same damn conflict repeating itself over and over and over againit's just Let me get to my next point 4 Seriously What the fuckity fuck is wrong with these guys I have never felt this much frustration and distaste for a bunch of six guys First of all spare me the the nucleus is the only girl for me blah blah blah bullshit If what they claim about the heroine is sincere naturally their actions should be in sync with their words I was planning to list each guy and be Judgey McJudge all over them but I'm so tired of it already Just thinking about what doesn't make sense about them hurts my head 5 As a result to my fourth point the romance the chemistry between the heroine and the heroesit doesn't make any sense Sometimes it feels logical Sometimes it feels way off Seems forced I should say the only thing I liked about this whole thing was the reverse harem factor But obviously that one was ruined through it all too Ugh for the record I hate to be the one to post this kind of rant here it was uite fast paced and a little confusing to read at times I really hate cliffhangers Like REALLY hate In this case it was obvious from a mile but I still had hopes Now I am dying to know how everything will be sorted out EchI enjoyed this book immensely cliffhanger or not Even poor editing did not put a damper on it It would have gotten 5 stars if not for the way the guys acted If you claim that nucleus is the bane of your existence and you simply cannot be without a nucleus then why do you need girlfriends? Well ok have girlfriends especially since Blake said she did not expect them to break up but is it necessary to bring them around? And boy are they bitches But still I look forward to reading What bothers me is the unknown about the publishing date of the second book I sincerely hope the story will continueRereadAfter reading the second time I can only agree with myself that there were a lot of mistakes in the book Spelling and grammar did not bother me much but sometimes it was difficult to understand who the author was referring to Eg 'All three were sitting and enjoying the game and then she turned to him and kissed him' Which one is 'him'? And the answer is three paragraph further It just detracts from the pleasure of reading and understanding the storyAll in all I would say that the beginning before she met all the guys was a bit too lengthy whereas once she met them everything evolved very uickly Based on her character description Blake should have been reserved with them Some sort of balance could have been found WellThis book was a good length The formatting was wonky and had a few grammatical errors but i can look past it The story is good and i know a lot of people liked it The characters upset me uite a bit i mean come on Dump your mean petty girlfriends You know your connection is with you now Are you telling me you need to keep them around because ypur sex drive is that high? You will continually hurt you nucleus because sex is important Also the end really left me bummed out I am now going to look for some thing happy to read to pull me out of this funk Soooo good Keeps you in your toes It’s like Xmen RH style Love it Great story but desperately in need of editingIt's a great story but the editing is atrocious and gets worse as the book goes on Subject verb agreement is nonexistent phycoloy is used instead of psychology repeatedly and really now do you think Drake is intending to study child algae? Phycology is the study of algae and seaweed Jemmy is called Jimmy Noah's powers are identified as Troy's even though Troy's powers were noted in the previous sentence The wrong pronouns are constantly used when referencing a character The Oxford Comma is important use it There their and they're are different words with different meanings make sure you use the correct one There are numerous sentence fragments; use comma and semicolons as appropriate to avoid this This would be at least a four if not five star book if correctly edited The author doesn't have a social media page but I'm hoping she reads this before putting out book two It's a great story but these errors really take the reader out of it If you can't afford a professional editor get some friends to read through it for you some of these errors will stand out just from having another set of eyes on it I know of three highly educated people who will be than happy to proof your final draft of the remaining books in the series for you if there is really no other way for you to get them edited Editing is important people I would give this than 4 starsI would give this stars but the editing is so bad Was was used in places that should have read as were Psychology was spelled as phycology There are many grammar and editing mistakes HOWEVER this story pulled me in and wouldn't let me go until I was falling asleep reading I don't give spoilers but I will say to ignore the grammar you won't be disappointed Now to find book 2