Sage Club Nymph #3

Sage Club Nymph #3❰Read❯ ➵ Sage Club Nymph #3 Author Abby Gale – I used to be Veronica; an innocent kid a daughter the girl who lived in the darkness Then I saw the Sun learned how to laugh and shared chocolate under the firework covered sky I was Nikki then; an in I used to be Veronica; an innocent kid a daughter the girl who lived in the darkness Then I saw the Sun learned how to laugh and shared chocolate under the firework covered sky I was Nikki then; Sage Club MOBI :¼ an innocent girl who smiled at only one person a girl with hopes and dreams Then I lost everything First God left me and I lost my faithMy innocence followedFinally my hopes and dreams went missing along with my smileNow I'm Sage; a strong woman who wears her pain and loss like an armor I’ve suffered through the seductive sway of my hips and sensual beats of the music And he came back bringing the Sun with him But this time he hasn’t come to light up my world this time he’s come to eclipse it. That prologue OMFG My attention was instantaneous jaw dropped and ready for I’ve read the two previous books in this series and I’ve been dying to hear Sage she was always a bit of a mystery and after reading her story now it all makes perfect sense as to why We’re given a dark twisted romance that will keep you on the edge looking for what’s to come next We’re brought back to the past throughout the story with both Sage and her mother as well as Nick I feel that it makes the storyline that much stronger you’re able to relate and understand Sage then before Her mother I can’t even formulate words for how I feel about her There are scenes that I’m brought to tears for and others that leave goosebumps I loved every second from beginning until the very end Highly recommend reading Sage’s story as well as the previous girls too I feel they can be read as standalones but would be better reading in order This is my unbiased and voluntary review Abby Gale is such a amazing author and she has done it again with Sage If you have read Violet then you had to wonder about Sage as I did Reading her story almost broke my heart The things that Sage went through would break just about anyone but not Sage Nick is just trying to do the best he can with the secrets he has But how can they get back to where they need to and can be? Do not miss this story DISCLAIMER I REUESTED AN RECEIVED AN ADVANCE READER'S COPY OF THIS BOOK THROUGH THE AUTHOR AND ENTICING JOURNEY BOOK PROMOTIONS THIS IS MY HONEST VOLUNTARY REVIEWIf you thought ANGEL got to you you thought wrong SAGE will blow you away with heartache the tragedy and the emotion When Sage is a younger girl my heart was ripped from my chest Most of Abby Gale's books have had this effect on me I loved it so much I could not put it down My heart is still aching from this book Wow Grab it because you will not regret it CLUB NYMPH SERIES is now COMPLETEAnd FREE in #KindleUnlimited for your reading pleasure#IntheSeriesSage Club Nymph #3 IS LIVE US here to enter Sage to your TBR Club Nymph #1 US CA UK AU Club Nymph #2 US CA UK AU Once again Abby Gale brings some darkness and a smidge of light This is an intensely raw story that takes us on another journey to Club Nymph I've enjoyed the first two books and this is no different This author knows how to pull you into her imaginary world allowing you to experience every emotion along with her charactersIf you like your stories dark raw and downright sinful then you need to read this series Abby brings it in this one and I'm needing This book It is everything and It was long anticipated and well worth the wait Sage's story is not a happy one but she is proof that it doesn't matter how you start but how you choose to end This story moved me and brought me to tears it is a story of inner strength of the power to rise above the circumstances you're forced to love with Abby has such a beautiful way of drawing you right in there and making you wish you didn't have to leave One of my five stars reads of all time Once upon a time I was too bright for you Now I'm just as darkThere is a warning about triggers at the beginning of the book Don't take that warning lightly I have no triggers but the warning intrigued meI've read some dark stuff and this what happened to her in her past was beyond messed up It made me cringe I hurt for herDespite the cringe worthy moments this book was an easy uick read and I really enjoyed it It was also a first for me by Abby Gale I'm definitely planning on going back and reading the first two Club Nymph books #review Sage by Abby GaleFirst Violet brightened the darkness Then Angel fought the Devil and now Abby gives usSage Sinfulness—Agony—Garnering—ExpiationCan a flower grow in the dark? How much can a soul bare when your gods are Evil and your angel abandoned you?When Abby Gale says this book isn’t pretty she’s trying to warn you that the journey will be a walk amongst Monsters that hides not under the bed or in the closet but behind the most unsuspected mask; Masks hiding the ugliest souls no human being—even less an innocent one— should ever encounter in a lifetime Now What the warnings doesn’t tell you is how much Abby will feed your soul in so many ways—even in the deepest darkness—Heaven and Hell crossing over and creating a new purgatory The epiphany is not always a magnificent and glorious Paradis; sometimes its just a ray of sunshine brightening a spot in a greyish garden Sometimes it’s a part of your soul that was saved by memories only Because even the ugliness can be beautiful How? It’s all about how the story unfolds is revealed to you Honestly I was left both speechless and breathless I wasn’t expecting anything like this Yet the only word that pops in my mind when I think of this journey Abby takes us through is Perfectness I don’t care what you like normally; A rapid steamy pace or rather a slow burn there’s strictly no way to be indifferent in how Sage will tie you up to her story I personally fell so hard and instantly for Sage I wouldn’t have changed a single thing in it On everything There’s power in a broken soul and Abby shows us how much it can impact you in so many ways Sage is the epitome of completeness Abby Gale has proven how much of an epically author she is I’ve said this after Angel she’s got a way to make us understand and feel even the most difficult psychological and emotional aspects in a way that you don’t feel the characters you reach their souls Can a book have a soul? I believe this one has Its in the details in their thoughts in the way they not only hurt but how they survived that you feel it That it reaches yours She has this way to have them reflect on us To make us feel deeply enough that we dont fear the shadow lurking in the dark alley in the middle of the night But we gets the cold chills from the perfect masked face in a bright shiny room The connection is unmistakable Sage might not be a pretty book as she says But who wants pretty when you can perfectness? Abby I’m stunned completely unraveled by this book yet I’d take this journey again with you anytime anyway You shook my world my heart my soul and I want to be you when I grow up I would have taken More of the most beautiful thing that was born in the most nastiest conditions Them This book was just as good as the first 2 in the series It was just as dark twisted cringe worthy upsetting page turning and beautiful as the first 2 books I could not put it down until I was finished Can two tortured tormented souls find happiness? Abby does it yet again with another outstanding read No cliffhangers with a heaI voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book Dark and gripping my favourite of Abby’s yet