Killing Lazarus

Killing Lazarus❴Reading❵ ➸ Killing Lazarus Author Nick Moseley – Getting a well paid nine to five job is pretty difficult when you’re over a hundred and sixty years old your CV is a list of noteworthy murders and you shot your last boss Which is why Ezekiel Barke Getting a well paid nine to five job is pretty difficult when you’re over a hundred and sixty years old your CV is a list of noteworthy murders and you shot your last boss Which is why Ezekiel Barker is spending most of his time hiding in a draughty flat in Whitechapel consuming gin at a rate that would make even Oliver Reed raise an eyebrow He’s a wanted man and it’s a race against time to see what’ll kill him first the booze or the Custodians the United Kingdom’s supernatural police force They’d like a uiet word with him about the whole “noteworthy murders” thingBut he’s not as well hidden as he thought because one night the telephone rings and an anonymous caller offers him a job It’s an offer he can’t refuse; fail to complete the job and his location will be revealed to the Custodians At first glance it seems uite straightforward – travel to a remote Cornish fishing village and retrieve a stolen artefact But Barker uickly discovers that he hasn’t been given all the details The thief is a man with homicidal tendencies an unusual talent for disguise and a ridiculous name Gary Lazarus He knows all about Barker and has very specific reasons for wanting to meet him He wants to play a game A game only one of them can possibly survive. Now I'm getting author ENVY Grrrrr Can Nick Mosely write yes he canThe only flaw of real note in this book is the length it's just not long enough I want to see of Ezekiel Barker bereaved warrior deceived and misused as an assassin and now finding a new path in lifeI'm left wanting Mr Nick Moseley get ye to thy keyboardNote this is a short novella read in a dayA ripping good time with this seriesRead for a second time with the fine folk over at Fantasy Buddy Reads at 'I'm afraid sir that I am of the opinion you are uite insane''There was never any debate on that score Mad as a hatter old man' A nice addition to the Brackenford Series this short novella gives readers a little insight into the head of the infamous Ezekiel BarkerTold from his perspective this story has a different tone from the rest of the series Not as funny and funky and a lot darker Ezekiel Barker is after all a killer in every sense Set free after being kept for years on a tight leash by a ruthless master preserved in a cryogenic state and defrosted only at need; Barker now struggles with a heavy conscience and tries to find absolution at the bottom of a bottle Except that absolution doesn't want to be found and to make matters worse he is suddenly forced to choose in between being handed over to the Custodians and accepting a bizarre job for an insane amount of moneyWith no choice left but to accept the shady deal Barker needs to set the bottle aside get himself together and get moving After all he'll need all his wits about him since the whole scheme is absolute madness Faced with an opponent who's mad as a hatter Barker will need to confront his own conscience and make a choice Turn tail and flee in the face of past mistakes and a seemingly useless future; give up the fight and let it all go; or grab the bull by the proverbial horns gritt his teeth and press onFor those of you who haven't read any of Nick Moseley's books this short story can be read as a standalone But you will enjoy it a lot after having read the first 2 books in The Brackenford Cycle And it does not provide you with a clear taste of this author's writing This one is much darker than his other works and by far not as funny It also set down a few key elements for future booksI did enjoy the change in pace and style and am now looking forward to the next book in series Fingers crossed it will have Ezekiel Barker in it He'd make a nice addition to team Trev Especially in bringing the smart mouth down a notch or two Find this review and on my book review and cover art blog The Magic Book Corner I look forward to reading that confrontationI love that the Brackenford Cycle has grown to include non Trev POV First The Ghost’s Story substantially told by Agatha and now Killing Lazarus told completely by Ezekiel BarkerI’m a big fan of fleshing our secondary characters often I like them than the main charactersAnother win from Nick Moseley This was an excellent novella I enjoyed reading a story from Ezekiel Barker's point of view It was very cleverly done They’re pieces of me he thought drifting among them I was very intrigued by Ezekiel Barker in Hangman's Pond but then I am always very intrigued by mysterious brooding men with dark histories and unclear intentions So it's probably a given that I really enjoyed this novellaBarker is a man detached in time Born in the 1800s cryogenically frozen and only defrosted when his master reuired him he suddenly finds himself in the 21st century masterless friendless hunted by the supernatural police and most significantly alone He's contemplating the idea of ending it all when he's hired by a mysterious party to find a stolen object Naturally things aren't that straightforward and Barker finds himself in a fight for his very soulThis is a very welcome addition to the Brackenford Cycle Trev is fun relatable and well trying his hardest to be a hero when pushed sufficiently But Barker brings an element of conflicted ruthlessness to the world showing the darker side of what Trev is still learning about I really hope we'll see Barker in the future either as an ally of Trev's or his enemy Perhaps even as a frenemy ;Highly recommended And can be read as a standalone though reading the other books adds depth to the world and explains the few asides about that Irwin chap as well as being very worthy reads It was nice to see Ezekiel Barker again albeit only in a shortish story after his escape from the custodians and the reveal of his wifes death he doesn't have much to live for and someone is keen use that Ezekial is an interesting character who has obviously done wrong and is trying to come to terms with his previous work where he was duped into believing he did it to keep his wife alive He is a good example of the good guy who has fallen into hard times and you sort of want to believe he wants to re join the right side but he seems to be entangled with the bad guys to easily get outThe entity 'Lazarus' is something different to what weve seen previously in this series and his toying with Ezekial and then putting a pretty poor choice to him underlines how bad Barkers life has become The fact that he come through it with some form of morals and a want to seek out his ex employers is a good pointer that perhaps he and Trev might be on the same side next time they meet or at least sharee common goalsAgain this all heavily ties into book four build up can't wait to see what the actual story will be now all these little side tales are linking in