Sold to the Beasts Captive Brides #4

Sold to the Beasts Captive Brides #4➼ [Download] ➹ Sold to the Beasts Captive Brides #4 By Sara Fields ➹ – Having grown up with parents who were interested in their various criminal enterprises than they were in taking care of her Michelle Carter is used to feeling unwanted but it still hurts when she trav Having grown up with parents who were the Beasts ePUB ↠ interested in their various criminal enterprises than they were in taking care of her Michelle Carter is used Sold to PDF/EPUB or to feeling unwanted but it still hurts when she travels to another world as a bride for two men who turn out not to even want to the Beasts eBook ↠ one Roan and Dane lost the woman they loved and they swore there would never be anyone else so when their butler and closest companion arranges to the Beasts Captive Brides PDF \ for a beautiful human to be brought to them as a bride they reject the match But though they are cursed to live as men who shift into beasts they are not heartless so they offer Michelle a place in their home alongside their servants Despite her situation Michele cannot help falling in love with the two handsome aliens and they soon find that she has claimed a place in their hearts as well But when the same enemy who took their first love threatens to tear Roan and Dane away from her will Michele dare to intervene. A future where third children are illegal Outrageous right? Michelle Carter may be an adult but she's still a third child And to her family members she's only an asset to be sold Not exactly a mixture to inspire trust After being taken into custody she's sent to the detention facility at the edge of the galaxy and uickly ends up in major trouble with the authorities Punishment for misdeeds at the detention facility comes swiftly and without recourse Michelle's soon sold as a bride and sent to the planet Sahiba But there's hope right? Dressed in the most beautiful gown she's ever seen she's gorgeous Excited by her future Michelle's full of optimism But this is no fairy tale ending for her On arrival she meets her so called mates Roan and Dane One look at her and the resentment and fury in their eyes shatter Michelle's hopes into a million shards What's she done? Why do they hate her so much? But there are real reasons for Dane and Roan's reactions to her A traumatic loss at the hands of a vicious psychopathic insane madman and an incurable curse has driven the brothers into exile That curse is very real While it gives them powers it also turns them into beasts with the potential to kill with no control over their actions But fate seems to have brought Michelle to Sahiba for good reason Her very spirit calls to both brothers and she feels a connection to them like nothing she's ever known before As an uneasy truce forms between the three the brothers' old enemy reappears to threaten everything the brothers have built They have no choice but to face that evil jeopardizing everything Unknown to Roan and Dane their little troublemaker has no intention of being left behind She has secrets too But is the evil they face truly what it appears to be? War is brewing and the brothers have no idea what awaits them Even with their powers can they truly make any difference? And what about Michelle? What can a tiny slip of a human woman do against incalculable odds? As Dane and Roan are drawn deeper and deeper into a maze of dishonesty treachery and true hatred can Michelle do anything? Is there anything that can pull these three seemingly incompatible people together? Or will the insanity and lunacy of the sociopath hell bent on destruction win? Can Michelle Roan and Dane find a way to save not only the planet but their own potential future?Sara Fields is absolute perfection She's again woven elements of futuristic sci fi with mystical supernatural action adventure danger mystery new planets cultures and very erotic romance into a suspenseful and very special story I absolutely loved the relationship between Michelle Roan and Dane from its beginning full of anger and fury to a wary and uncomfortable coexistence to allies At times their connection is heartrending At others it's full of promise and hope Ms Fields' imagination has created a future complete with alien worlds aliens with both very human ualities and vast differences The descriptions of the planets the environment the alien species are all breathtaking She also has a very uniue ability to create supporting characters who are absolutely integral to the story The story wouldn't have been the same without Anna Sir Gregory Sheena Alesar and so many others The psychopathic evil just jumps off the page and grabs you She has done a masterful job of creating one of the very best sci fiactionromance stories I've ever read Ms Fields truly demonstrates her mastery of this genre I was totally captivated from first word and couldn't put this book down This was a real treat to read I give Sold to the Beasts five stars without reservation Kudos Ms Fields You have surpassed yourself once againOne final note Please be an informed reader and consumer This is an ADULT book It contains explicit language and sexual scenes If you don't enjoy this genre think hard before buying any book you know you won't enjoy There are book synopses and reviews available on Goodreads and all booksellers' websites Use these resources DON'T LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WON'T ENJOY THE BOOK It's not fair to the author She works extremely hard to provide a uality work product If you know you'll object to the book's subject matter before you buy it you're doing yourself and the author an extreme disserviceThanks for reading my review and happy reading Michelle is the third child of her parents and since couples are only allowed 2 children she is removed from her home and placed with other women in the same predicament as she is When she misbehaves she is sold to a man for his 2 masters Roan and Dane have loved and lost their mate and have no plans to ever love anyone again When Michelle shows up things change really uick Over time she gets to them but will they ever truly ever love her? This was a great little story and I enjoyed seeing the dynamics of relationships like this The story kept me interested the whole way and I loved it Beauty and Her BeastsWith a thoroughly captivating story line “Sold To The Beasts” features not one but two hot dominant heroes with a uniue twist Usurped from earth the willful heroine with a painful past confronts unexpected challenges all while adapting to an unfamiliar alien environment Professionally written and fast paced “Sold To The Beasts” features excellent world building great characterizations along with a bit of intrigue and suspense Although the fourth installment in the Captive Brides Series “Sold To The Beasts” is a complete standalone novella featuring; total power exchange domestic discipline and MFM I voluntarily received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review A Spanking Good TimeSpankin Edging Smoking' hot sex Oh my Sara Fields is an amazing wordsmith keeping the reader wanting to turn the pages Beautiful HEA Beauty and the Beast NC 17 versionI chose two stars because the writing was okay I did highlight a couple errors I noticed but for the most part I skimmed through this book She took the story of Beauty and the Beast and put her spin on it and I didn't really care for it Dane and Roan lost their first mate Rose when she was brutally murdered in front of them Their long time servant thought to try and help them by purchasing them a human female from earth When Michelle arrives at her new home the men get seriously pissed off and rip her dress from her body and they tell their servant to return her where she came from He puts her up in the library that's where she ends up living and the masters of the house decide to give her a break and offer her a job as a servant On her first day she is punished in front of the whole staff because she snuck out of the house and tried to rescue an injured animal After her punishment she befriends a fellow servant Clara and she tells her Never enter the east wing it's off limits and eventually curiosity gets the better of her and she goes anyways and finds Rose diary and how she died She also ends up falling through some boards and is almost killed but thanks to her Shenka or whatever that animal was called she saved her from the brunt of the fall and the men were able to rescue her Then of course a light bulb comes on and they realize how much they care for this hard headed nosey woman So they punish her for disobeying them and they mate with her The book goes on and they live happily ever after spanking her behind again and again and again These books could be really good if there wasn't so much of the spanking she really does go over board with it BEAUTY AND HER TWO BEASTSThe earth is overpopulated there are rules in place that only allow a family two children and if the government learns of a third illegal child they will be taken away and sent to the Earthen Third Child detainment center From there they will remain incarcerated and trained then sold as a bride to an alien from another planet For Michelle Carter she has never had a good home life with parents and brothers that are involved in illegal activity being captured will be a blessing and a curse all in oneMichelle along with a couple of other girls at the Earthen Third Child detainment center will be involved in a nasty food fight along with trying to cause problems with the Warden Each of the four girls will be sold immediately as a bride to an alien or in Michelle’s case two aliens from another planet Sahiba Sir Gregory will meet the spaceship that will deliver her to her new masters Sir Dane and Sir Roan and have her dressed in a special blue gown But things don’t proceed as she is expecting and instead the brothers are furious with her tearing the garment and banishing herThe plot will have Michelle arriving at Rose Manor and rejected by Sir Dane and Sir Roan the two alien men she was told she would be married to There is plenty of mystery and suspense as to why these two men don’t want her and eventually she will learn The men are Drazrian which are different from humans the Drazrian males can shift into wolf form During the full moon phase the men will have to be locked away to keep them from harming anyone “Another feature of being a Drazrian is they have an unnaturally long life Roan and Dane are probably close to one hundred fifty years old”Slowly Michelle will work her way into their lives first with Roan and eventually with Dane She is a strong willed determined woman and at times it is her saving grace and at others it leads her to punishments “She submitted to their dominance their control and their desire to protect her” “The punishment will make you remember that you are not in charge little beauty We are and if we have to spank your bottom every night in order for you to remember we will Now that we’ve found you we don’t want to lose you”The story is like an alien version of beauty and the beast except she will have two beasts to contend with Their dominance will rule and she will willingly submit to them and their punishment The story has many punishments spankings along with explicit sex scenes including ménage à trios scenes sadomasochism and anal play Each story in this Captive Bride Series will read as a stand alone and each story is completely different and creative Review Rating 50 out of 5 starsThe beasts get a second chance at love with their little troublemakerI received an Advance Reader Copy for Sold to the Beasts Captive Brides Book #4 written by Sara Fields and voluntarily reviewed this book Michelle Carter was the third unclaimed child of a pair of very successful human trafficking parents who had also featured their very own daughter in their brothel before she was discovered as a victim Now Michelle finds herself in a detainment center where she has been trained and prepared to be purchased as a bride for a pair of alien war veterans Masters Roan and Dane To her utter disappointment and dismay she discovers she was not wanted as a mate and that this pairing reuest had not even been tendered by the pairThe two Drazirian men had loved and lost dearly and were not willing to do so again They had made an enemy and he was the one who had taken their love away When Michelle shows up in their mansion the shock of seeing someone so like their one and only past love rendered them angry and frustrated and held them firmly locked to their pasts Instead Michelle was instantly relegated to doing housework and to stay away from them But she slowly chips away at their hearts because even isolated and cursed they had not choice but to take notice of her kind heart and adventurous spirit When a mating fever strikes her as it does every so often between their species and humans they had to take her literally into their hands and appease her suffering effectively bonding themselves to her But the past has a way of repeating itself and this time around Roan and Dane were not going to let another woman fall prey to their enemy if they could help itThis story was even enjoyable than Book #1 I enjoyed the introduction of the shenkah species and Sheena and the mystery of the men’s curse added yet another layer to the storyline with added action and a bit of suspense Of course when the three came together the author delivered hot chemistry besides the regular punishments when she misbehaved or disobeyed Looking forward to of this series definitely Dual Spankmeisters✋✋✋ Find Love💘 AgainARC received for a voluntary and honest reviewParanormal Alien Erotic RomanceFuture Earth🌍Michelle is an 🚫illegal third child raised by parents who care nothing for any laws She is taken from a human trafficking ring and shipped off to a space station training center for human brides👰 being matched and sold to Alien men🐺🍆🌋✋ She's appalled The woman are regularly spanked✋✋ butt naked in front of the other trainees by the guards It's humiliating and embarrassing It's barbaricShe is given a reprieve she thinks when she's called to the Wardens office and told she has been bought by two Drazirian war veterans🐺🔫🔪 living on the planet🌍 Sahiba She's sent off almost immediatelyWhen she arrives the two brothers Dane🐺 and Roan🐺 want nothing to do with her They rip off her clothes and send her away to her room to become a household servant The man who sent for her is their manager Sir Gregory He knows the brothers are broken hearted💔 after the loss of their last human woman Rose They'll come around eventuallyMichelle👰💋 wants their attentions and to get that she disobeys the two huge men She'll take an erotic spanking✋✋✋ anytime The alien men🐺🍆🌋✋ begin to warm up to her feisty but sweet nature💋 as they spend time warming and reddening✋✋✋ her butt cheeks for her disobediences It's all goodYEHAW Ride em Bareback🍆 Cowgirl🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎When you get a book with two hot alpha alien men and one pretty little human woman you pretty much know what you're gonna get Spankings two men at once sex lots of oral Yeah they're veeeeerrrrry baaaad naaasssty alien menConsent is nebulous💫 at times and non existent at other times Aliens don't have human consciences or human values Don't read this unless you're alright with the lack of human morals in the alien characters Wow what a great book Sara Fields you are an amazing writer I really enjoyed this 4th book in the series Michelle is a third child of earth and under the law this is not allowed so she is taken and then sold to two brothers Dane and Roan of the planet Sahiba upon her arrival she doesnt get the warm welcome she was told she would get and they refuse to have anything to do with her Michelle is heart broken by this turn of events and doesn’t understand what went so wrong later she is told by the butler Sir Gregory that he brought her for this masters because it time they moved on from the dark past that haunts them still to this day Rejected by them she is kept on as part of the staff and soon learns that disobedience is dealt with a embarrassing bear bottom spanking in front of all the staff by Dane and Roan and this happens uite a bit to her Trouble seems to find her and she is warned not to go in to the forest by herself but she doesn’t listen and finds a cat like creature stuck in a trap and try’s to help it but carn’t open the trap so Roan who is watching her decides to help set it free and then she is taken back to the house and told she will be punished if she goes out again but she couldn’t leave the poor animal out there on its own so Michelle sneaks out again to get it after some time she finds it and brings back to her room and Roan is waiting for her and he helps heal the cat for her and wants to keep it Roan agrees and helps her feed it but she must kept it hidden from Dane so she names it Sheena omg I’m giving to much away Does Michelle get caught out do the brothers finally except Michelle as there mate and do they get there HEA read this book to find out I strongly recommend it So Sara Fields has brought us another book in her Captive Brides series This series is just so This book features Michelle who is being sold to Dane and Roan to be their bride Michelle is a 3rd child Her family were big crime lords running women and drugs They tried to turn Michelle into one of the women they were going to run Luckily she was rescued right before that fate happened That's when she got busted for being an additional child and was sent to the training center so that she could be sold to aliens as a bride Unfortunately while she was there she got caught up in some trouble That meant that she had to be dealt with uickly Luckily there was an order that she perfectly fit so off went Michelle Dane and Roan are brothers On their planet they share a mate They don't currently have anyone and they aren't really looking That's why they are so surprised when Michelle turns up Turns out that their friend Sir Gregory signed them up for a bride without telling them which whoops I love Sara Fields' books and especially this series I have enjoyed each book than the last and that's saying something That said I have never been so angry at her heroes as I was with these guys I wanted to walk into the book and smack their heads together a la the Three Stooges They redeemed themselves so I didn't have to figure out a way to do that But I think that that amount of upsetness really drew me into this book than I have the other books Totally loved it