Never Never The Neverneath Series #1

Never Never The Neverneath Series #1[PDF] ❤ Never Never The Neverneath Series #1 By S. Bruner – This is a Reverse Harem Novella Series This book is for readers 18 due to mature content Gwendolyn Ivers hasn’t been the same since she left Pen in Neverneath She doesn't have time to dwell on her s This is a The Neverneath MOBI ó Reverse Harem Novella Series This book is for readers Never Never Epub / due to mature content Gwendolyn Ivers hasn’t been the same since she left Pen Never The Neverneath ePUB ✓ in Neverneath She doesn't have time to dwell on her sadness while taking care of her sick mother but she plans to return to Neverneath and Pen once her mother is well However she starts to lose hope The longer she spends away from Neverneath the she continues to age All the while Pen stays suspended in time Seven years later Pen has been aging at a normal rate ever since Wendie left The island’s witch believes he is cursed The witch has dispatched Belle to retrieve Wendie in the hopes she can break Pen's curse with True Love’s Kiss Once Wendie arrives back in Neverneath she will be forced to battle unseen enemies to save Pen and everyone she loves. I think I went into this book remember it was going to be longer than it was so the ending caught me as abrupt since I was in novel mode This is like a longer serial so be prepared for that and I think you’ll be in a better place in the end than I wasI wanted to like it than I did Maybe because it was a serial ish type novel and I can never never get into them I need time to connect with characters The world seemed interesting not sure about the boys I feel like I don’t know anyone? Also kinda feel like the sexy times came out of nowhere I mean I love me some sexy times but I had such a hard time buying the lack of lead up Will I read the second book? Hell yes I will Did it blow me away? No But I want to see where she takes it and how she develops the characters Never neverWow what I can I say? I love this book It is a retelling of all our favourite characters in neverland with new characters too Though they all have different names and are all grown up I have often wondered having still the love of Peter Pan what would happen if the lost children became adults? What would the lost boys be like as men?  What would happen if Wendy came back as a beautiful young woman and Peter Pan was a young man and not boy? This story has filled that void I have had for years and it is beautifully written What draws me in is that this book is competetly original and so different from the one we all know and love that it feels brand new yet no less mesmerisingThere are real life problems like the affect of a parent dying can have on one so young while the other parent is chronically sick so the oldest sibling has to step up and provide for the family inadvertently having to grow up fastThe world in 'neverneath' has been written really well and though has some similarities to neverland it feels different but has the magical uantity that is neededOver all I love this first book from this debut author and cannot wait for the next one Is it odd that I've always wondered what it would be like if Peter Pan and the gang we're all grown up and totally sexually frustrated? Wellif you're odd like me congratulations We finally have that deliciously sexy revamped fairytale complete with endlessly sexy Lost Boys aherm MEN and even a very sexy pirate By the time you reach the end you'll be craving and wishing you could suddenly learn to fly and find your own sexy island full of hot men focused on only YOU I need the next book meowTakes on classics are always a bit nerve wrecking for me as I never really know what to expect Bruner is a freaking goddess and she needs to come out with book #2 because holy smokes I need The story takes place about seven years after Wendi went to Neverland Pen has a curse on him that only she is able to break She has a rocky re entry into Neverland and her journey continues from there I really appreciated the diverse characters as well as the magical take on this 👌 Such a wonderful start I was kept on my toes the whole time Pen is my absolute favorite what's not to love about a man who knows exactly what he wants??? and I can't wait to continue getting to know the characters I was not ready to run out of pages I would absolutely recommend this to all my friends A big sexy twist on a fairytaleIf you think this is going to be a sweet book it’s not If you like lots of hot men a fierce FMC sexy time one mean fairy and a twisted fairytale that will have you begging for this is the book for you This book sent me into a book hangover and I can’t wait to see what this debut author has up herhis sleeve next I dont have wordsIts a good thing I promise This book was amazing What a great twist on one of my favorite childhood stories And a very steamy twist at that I really enjoyed the fast paced movement in the story and you will never hear me complain about steamy sex scenes with hot men It was a great read Need Fun uick readI wasn't sure what to think when I first got it but it's RH and we are a tight group community so I had to see what it was all about S Bruner did an amazing job for her first time out and I can't wait to see what happens with the next one Everyone knows the story of Neverland and this was a fun twist An amazing updated reverse harem taken on the children’s story Peter PanWith amazing characters who have awesome chemistry and action adventure intrigue romance and humour this is a fabulous story and I am eagerly awaitIng the next book Good but I feel a bit lostWas there a preuel to this somewhere? It keeps referencing to things that happened previously and I don’t recognize it Book was awesome if short and I look forward to