Unknown The Secret Life of Cassie Martin #1

Unknown The Secret Life of Cassie Martin #1➹ [Download] ➵ Unknown The Secret Life of Cassie Martin #1 By L.A. Kirk ➼ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Cassie Martin is used to being shuffled around in the foster system so when her newest guardians want to send her away to a camp for “exceptional youths” she sees it as their way to deal with a tr Cassie Martin is used to Secret Life PDF/EPUB ¾ being shuffled around in the foster system so when her newest guardians want to send her away to a camp for “exceptional youths” she sees it as their way to deal with a troubled teen She never could have guessed they were telling the truth Soon Cassie finds herself surrounded by other kids her own age who display unusual aptitudes for learning Faced with a camp bully and hot guys who seem determined to get Unknown The Kindle - to know her better Cassie’s life has just gotten a lot interesting but maybe not for the better Unusual things are happening at the camp and the counselors are determined to keep everyone in the dark But in a camp designed to encourage brilliant minds it’s only a matter of time before the truth will be revealed. It’s rare I return ebooks for refunds especially when they’re only 299 but this one offended me The sample was okay so I downloaded the full book But I wouldn’t really call this a book it’s a serial installment that follows an extreme Mary Sue character around while nothing happens at a summer camp for gifted teens The writing uality takes a pretty steep dive downhill after the sample section and there’s no real plot There’s some random mysterious gun shots jealous bitchy girls convenient mixups regarding the MCs gender that lands her on a team of hot guys who insta love her and then it stops They do some “challenges” that are supposed to be important but are boring then the MC and her team fall asleep together Book ends Da fu? The MC has an interesting back story but she is such a Mary Sue character that it’s kind of all hard to believe I get it the reason you’re at the camp is because you’re gifted but she is level 1000 skill points at everything Photographic memory super beautiful but gets upset at being told that perfect singing voice accomplished dancer and gymnastffs And please tell me how a child who has been shifted between lots of foster homes and taken abuse at several of them has been able to develop advanced skills in dance gymnastics etc etc from classes? Riiiiight Oh but she can’t swim so that probably makes up for it #eyerollrefund I really liked the concept for this book and I was pretty sure I would really enjoy this one But in the end it just fell a bit flat for me There were parts I really enjoyed but overall I felt like the book didn't fully came alive for me I liked the camp setting for some reason I just like reading about camps and the setting was one of the things that caught my attention about this book Unfortunately the writing style didn't fully work for me and I didn't get that camp feel as much as I had hoped I also went in with slightly wrong expectations as I thought the mystery focus would be stronger But it's really minor so far The book isn't that long so it's possible we see of the mystery in the next book but so far it failed to really make me curious It just wasn't really intriguing to me yet While it's a relatively short read the pace can feel pretty slow at times and then at other times it almost feels rushed with how there is a skip over some scenes that I thought seemed important like their first day of tasks Or some scenes in which they get to know each other slowly Or maybe the book just felt a bit slow as it didn't fully grab my attention Overall I did enjoy it while reading even tough I didn't like it as much as I would've likedCassie has grown up in different foster houses never finding a place to belong Her latest foster parents send her off to a camp for smart kids She's not too happy about being sent to a camp but she uickly finds out she enjoys it than she thought They somehow have her listed as a boy at fist and while she changed her cabin she ends up with a team of four boys I am still not sure how the mix up about her gender happened but it's essential for the plot so I just went with itCassie seemed like a nice enough main character she has this sad backstory that explains a bit about her personality and she can stand up for herself But somehow I never full warmed up to her I liked how she acted in some scenes and then in other scenes I didn't like her behavior I also didn't care for the whole protection thing with the boys wanting to protect her and she insisting she can take care of her own I also felt like we got to know the boys better than her while she is the main character I feel like we only learn a few tidbits about her past and her abilities and I just would've liked While I never fully warmed up to Cassie I did like the four boys The author did her best to give them all a different feel and while at first it was a bit difficult to keep them separate once we got to know them better it got a lot easier I am just a bit sad much of the main getting to know each other part felt a bit forced with a scene were they are all telling something about their past I felt like it could've had impact if we got their stories spread out throughout the book instead of all at once We also get a feel for each of their individual skills and some of their personality is centered around that skillThey really grow close as a group but there's not much romance yet It's close friends who trust and feel very comfortable with each other but I think it will steer in the romance direction in the next book The epilogue hinted that some of the boys are developing feelings for her It was interesting to see how the reverse harem aspect was handled with this being a YA book and the set up with them working as a teamTo summarize I was really looking forward to this book but sadly it didn't fully came alive for me I liked the camp setting and how each of the boys has their own personality The writing style didn't fully work for me and felt a bit off at times and I felt like we didn't get to know the main character as much as I would've liked This is mostly the start of the romance as it doesn't really move yet into the direction of romance yet I did like how the character are very close and have to work together as a team The mystery is pretty minimal and failed to really intrigue me So there were parts I really enjoyed and also some parts I liked less Not yet sure if I will continue the series does a little happy danceThis book may have some of the same language issues as the other LA Kirk stories I've read see my Divinity Saga reviews but it benefits greatly from the increased length It has much solid structure is less rushed and has better transitionsOverall it has its issues such as really silly decisions by some of the characters a lot that isn't very realistic and five nearly perfect MC's that have lots and lots of special skills I can live with it all though at least for now since the premise is they are at a camp that specializes in training special kids Whether that enjoyment remains depends on where this ends up going Right now I have no idea what's really going on Hell not even sure if this is a paranormal RH or a real world one If the latter things become unrealistic In some ways so far it is reminding me of the Ghost Bird series and the AcademyAs with Divinity Saga there is some evidence of purple prose creeping in though not nearly as freuently Clearly Kirk has a thing with eyes though in this book it is electric blue lightning bolt shooting eyes LOLThere are also a few parts that are very juvenile though I suppose that fits with a camp for 13 19 year olds even if they are supposed to be geniuses The tone mostly suits the subject matter so I can let it slide But the boys are dreamy despite their youth and they have that perfect sort of caring interaction with the MC that I like I also like the very slow burn nature of thisIn general this book gave me all the feels You know those times when you are reading and you have to pause a moment just to giggle and shake your hands in delight? Despite its potential flaws this book made me giddy and I am utterly bummed there is no seuel or sight of a seuel on the horizon Note Though I categorized this as a school setting it isn't It's set at a summer camp for uber intelligent kids But it is pretty close in tone and feelUpdate notes1% Oh lordienot even a chapter in and already there is the dreaded look in the mirror and describe the MC cliche Ugh Sigh such a great read I need Hooked from the beginning Cassie has not had a great start in life however she is feisty and strong She is sent to camp and is not particularly happy about it She is not a people person and plans to run away if she does not like itHowever she is enjoying herself than she thought she would she has made some female friends and her team mates really click with her but there are strange things happeningWell written this story captured my interest from page one and I was sad when it ended as I just wanted to carry on reading it I will be getting book two for sure I highly recommend this awesome read I absolutely loved it This one was great Need the next one Great concept i will read the next one ofc So if you like a slow and YA RH this one is for you Possibly the worst book I’ve read that’s written in 1st person view I think it might have been better from a third person or at least a change of 1st person through the book The epilouge is a nice change The dialogue is lousy the characters actions often unrealistic and weird There is no real character development and the main charactar is uninteresting which might be the doom of the book since it’s told from her point of view The idea of story is good but the result is sadly lacking in everything Interesting Man i wish i could go to camp all summer Good book and good set up for series It ends when things start getting real interesting Ill be reading the next one Cassie is a product of the foster system Her latest family is a good one but they want to send her to a camp for the gifted She assumes that is just a codeword for troubled but when she gets to the camp she soon realizes that the campers are indeed gifted She doesn't settle in without a glitch or two The camp has her listed as a boy so her room assignment and team assignment are with guys not girls The room is easily changed but team assignments are set This is fine with Cassie as her teammates all went out of their way from the first moment to be friendly They are also all easy on the eyes which just makes everything better Cassie and her team all complement each other and are accomplishing their tasks nicely They rank among the top groups and are getting closer each day However the camp holds secrets Someone is shooting at the campers and the people in charge are keeping secrets Cassie's team believes that somehow someway Cassie is at the center of the mystery and is in danger They are determined to find answers and keep their girl safe I am a fan of LA Kirk's writing and this is by far my favorite book of hers so far I loved it Cassie is such an unknown entity hence the title We know so little about her She's smart has a photographic memory clever careful of her surroundings She seems nice but definitely not a push over and she maybe screams too much The instant chemistry between her and the guys is natural and believable The guys all know each other well and Cassie fit right in Jay Parker Lucca and Noah each have their own strengths and together the five could be incredible I loved the storytelling as a way to get to know one another Very moving I love that every character is intelligent I think this makes the characters very sexy A clever story is a compelling story I couldn't ask for a better start to a new series and look forward to much More mystery team time eventually There are so many things I like about this reverse harem series starter I adore the concept a summer camp for gifted teens examples include knowledge of multiple foreign languages hacker level computer skills or prowess in a physical pursuit such as martial arts etc where they are assigned teams and then complete tasksassignments to earn points towards being the winning team at the end of the summer The reverse harem aspect is solidified when the heroine Cassie is assigned to a first ever team of mixed sexes her and four boys There is an underlying mystery about the camp and the motives of its counselors that piues my interest and I even like the cliches of a jealous female enemybully and over protectiveness and insta love behavior that the boys showUnfortunately my dislikes almost overwhelm all of my likes I don't care for the heroine and as all but the epilogue is told in her first person POV this became a problem for me It was clear we were meant to find her strong by certain sentences and actions on her part most of which I actually found to be impulsivereactionary and immature which didn't seem to fit my idea of someone with the combination of a tough upbringing and high intelligence Conversely there were several instances of a near opposite total weakness perhaps meant to signify her vulnerability that I instead thought came across as an inconsistency of character I know in real life we all have moments of strength and weakness and very contradictory emotions driving our actions myself included but I just didn't like it here Additionally I found the dialogue unrealistic and both it and some narrative sentences very stiltedabrupt especially in the beginningSo all in all pluses and minuses as in most stories and everyone will have to decide for themselves as I can see some people really loving this one but it averaged out to a like for me