The Evidence of Things Not Seen

The Evidence of Things Not Seen[KINDLE] ❄ The Evidence of Things Not Seen Author W.H. Murray – Pioneering climbing in Scotland the 1930s combat against Rommel's forces three years in Nazi prison camps and a near fatal alpine accident marked WHMurray's early life Three exploratory Himalayan vent Pioneering climbing in of Things eBook ↠ Scotland the s combat against Rommel's forces three years in Nazi The Evidence eBook ´ prison camps and a near fatal alpine accident marked WHMurray's early life Three exploratory Himalayan Evidence of Things PDF ↠ ventures followed including the critical reconnaissance trip that established the route by which Everest was climbed two years later Thereafter he built a reputation as a writer and environmental polemicist and was deeply involved with the struggle to protect the Highlands from commercial exploitation. Loved this book While it contained many climbs that Bill Murray had attempted and completed he also talked about writing his wife conservation living in a prison camp for three years the kindness of some of the German soldiers as well as cruelty of the Gestapo My favorite memory was how kindly he remembered the porters that helped him and his team in the Himalayas; a sharp contrast to when I was growing up The term coolie was derogatory usually aimed at uncouth behavior from children who should know better a relic from my dad's experience with the cast system Murray shines a light on these strong brave men who leave their families to support the sahibs mission of mountain climbing I had gone with my family to India and uite honestly the working class impressed me with their strength Another oddity was his acceptance of his role as a trailblazer making easier pathways for other people to follow behind him rather than a peak bagger which forms the crux of so many of the books on the Banff Mountain Book Festival list It was refreshing to read something different though he experienced many of the same dangers including a bad climbing accident that seriously injured him and killed one of his friends WHM's story is a fascinating one The initial chapters made me worried that the climbing bits would get too technical or his writing too philosophical for my taste but that wasn't the case He also has a way of describing beautiful scenery and sweet moments in a way that really touches you As always with hikingclimbing stories written by somewhat older men there are bits that I disagree with or atleast see differently but that doesn't detract from the book It just means I need t find some of these books written from different perspectives A great auto biography It appealed to me because of Murray’s reputation as a Scottish mountaineer and the story of how he helped to identity the route that was eventually used to summit Mt Everest In reality his life is much interesting He served in North Africa in WWII and spent several years as a POW His work in conservation was immense He wrote the book that rebranded Rob Roy McGregor a hero rather than a brigand based on original research I think we can say this autobiography shows a man who is not afraid to tell how climbing has influenced a life not only putting scottish ice climbs on the world map but scottish himalayan expeditionsHis ability to deal with war and its atrocities and how he wrote on toilet paper only to have it destroyedHis observations on life are insightful and refreshing W h Murray was a Scottish climber who was active before world war 2 and after This book covers some of his earlier climbs and his time spent in the war but mostly his time in the Himalayas and some work he did looking at a possible route up Mount Everest His writing is fantastic and his story I enjoyed this book and also his books about climbing in Scotland Extremely strange and scattered but with fascinating passages Murray's accounts of his wartime experiences are particularly enthralling

The Evidence of Things Not Seen eBook ✓ of Things
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  • 392 pages
  • The Evidence of Things Not Seen
  • W.H. Murray
  • English
  • 23 November 2015
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