The Realest In The Game 2

The Realest In The Game 2[Download] ➻ The Realest In The Game 2 By Ashley Marie – The timing for things to go haywire couldn't be off Still fresh in their courtship but the drama is flowing at high speeds With Shelia back in the picture Monica is nolonger sure if she can deal with The timing for In The ePUB ☆ things to go haywire couldn't be off Still fresh in their courtship The Realest PDF \ but the drama is flowing at high speeds With Shelia back in the picture Monica is Realest In The ePUB ↠ nolonger sure if she can deal with all that comes along with Vice She likes him but his baggage is way than she anticipated Across town Kayla has been sulking in her misery while preparing to start her prison term While in custody she reaches out to Yoda who actually isn't against speaking with her How could he be after the unthinkable things he's done to make him flee the states a familiar face is welcomed Continue part of this fast paced hood drama Where loyalty flies out the window hard decisions are made and death is imminent. Picked right up where the first installment left off with nothing but drama and drama Throw in the lies secrets action jealousy envy and betrayal made a interesting read The storyline and plot flowed so well at a fast pace and had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was happening next Enjoying the growth and development of Monica Vice relationship she balances him Can't wait to see how it all unfolds and how the snakes get dealt with Job well done Ashley Marie Great ReadReally loving this series So glad Shelia got what was coming and Marco too Don't want to give anything away but should get this series It really keeps your interest and doesn't get boring Hope I don't have to wait for part 3 I like how Vice changes when he's with her GoodFast paced Like a complete 180° degrees from part 1 What could the future have in store for Vice and Monica now? Hopefully Monica will be alright from that slip Otherwise Yoda may as well REALLY kiss his life good bye Btw do I see a beef coming on between Monica and Kayla? Whhhhyyy I can't take that ending See now I need book 3 asap Poor kayla don't even know she just signed Yoda death certificate Why was Marco so dumb but I guess karma is aSheila was dumb too she should have just left well alone but no I hope everything is ok with no but I guess I gotta wait for book 3 to find out I'm happy for MonicaVice i hope the baby is ok especially since this is their first child together with all that's going on they do need a little happiness in their livesI'll be glad when the catch Monica ex he a crazy azz man I just hope her friend don't get hurt caught up in his nonsense Great readI hope the baby is okay But the next installment is going to be epic with Vice oh crazy behind Lord knows he has been planning Yodas demise for the longest smh I hope Kayla behind get caught in the crossfire great story line2 down and 1 to go I'm rushing to see what happens but I don't want it to e d do soon Kayla trick ass smh Yoda needs to get got sooner than letter Ready for this finale bye gone reading The realest in the game 2This book was good I was glued to my kindle from the very first page Vice and Monica have been through so much but still stand strong Sheila gotten exactly what she deserved I'm definitely reading part 3 I need to know what happen next Loved itO please don't let her miscarry the baby I love Vice and Monica together their love for each other is amazing Hopefully Kayla doesn't get killed when they come for Yoda On to book 3 ExcellentThis book was good from the beginning to the end I really enjoyed this book I would recommend this book