10 Lies the Church Tells Women

10 Lies the Church Tells Women❰BOOKS❯ ✭ 10 Lies the Church Tells Women Author J. Lee Grady – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Today Christian women are held captive by demeaning patriarchal attitudes that are that are sick and perverted certainly not scripturalThis fresh and timely book by the Editor of Charisma magazine J L Today Christian women are held captive by demeaning the Church PDF ↠ patriarchal attitudes that are that are sick and perverted certainly not scripturalThis fresh and timely book by the Editor 10 Lies ePUB ✓ of Charisma magazine J Lee Grady takes a clear look at the unscriptural attitudes within the church that have viewed women as second class citizens This powerful book Lies the Church PDF/EPUB å will uplift and free women to be all that God is calling them to be according to God's Word. This book has been a great clarification tool for me I felt like the title was a little severe initially but then had to agree with the male author that wrongs done need to be acknowledged and owned up to before healing and restoration can take place His explanation of commonly misused or misinterpreted scripture were enlightening from a historical and cultural standpoint as well as from the angle of scriptural study I'm fortunate enough to have been subject to only very mild forms of female repression within the church I grew up in but I've been witness to plenty of ridiculous things in recent years that left me with the desire to cram a little biblical and cultural 'education' down the gullets of certain haughty and legalistic folks I've encountered Second hand righteousness with no love attached to it has got to be one of the deadliest most distorted representations of the church and one which far too many people have been injured by over the years It's little wonder why Christianity gets hurled with no small amount of hostility into the 'discard' pile any time someone brings up the thin blanketing concept of organized religionWhile a bit dry in some places the overall content is to the point and well researched He brings up biblical accounts that you won't ever hear read or explained in most churches The structuring of the chapters gives you the freedom to skip around and address the 'lies' and perpetuated issues that you personally have the most interest in They do build on themselves to some extent but they also stand alone This book is excellent for Christian non feminists who have little to no understanding of the issue If youre like me and you're a nerd for anything having to do with philosophy hermeneutics and feminism then this book is going to be pretty basic for you While the author certainly takes modern evangelical culture to task the writing style is very gentle and most complementarian folk would probably not find it too threatening I would say the author himself has a pretty conservative down to earth attitude so they won't feel like they are being talked down to It's very simple lucid easy to read and touches on some legitimate uestions people usually have If you've never studied this topic before then chances are this book will help you learn a lot about the Bible and church history that you didn't know It's also a great book for teens I was enjoying this book until page 35 when he talks about poverty being the tragic curse that rules every pagan culture He goes on to say the curse of poverty on man was reversed through Jesus' work on the cross At this point I realized Lee Grady who I've never heard of before must be a health wealth prosperity teacher I had no interest in continuing his book so I abandoned it This book is not needed or helpful; in fact it is probably destructive The author states his opinion in the first chapter then uotes himself throughout as though he has proven something The uotes he uses at the beginning of each chapter to show evidence of each lie are archaic or taken from obscure teachers The examples given of lives affected by the lies are people taking things to the extreme Any verse in the bible can be used to justify ungodly behavior but that doesn't change the truth of God's word I find it hard to believe that any of this is being taught in churches outside of those that could be considered a cult Several of the ministries the author praises for their great numbers have uestionable doctrines and practices Touting large numbers seems to go against the idea of a local church that can hold members accountable The one lie that would be the exception is leadership in the church That is so very clearly outlined in God's plan for the church that there can really be no other interpretation Women who want to preach have an infinite number of opportunities outside of pastoring a church God in His wisdom set up men as leaders in the church That in no way makes women less than or inferior to it just makes them subject to God's authority I rejoice in being a woman and am thankful that I have never been made to feel second class I'm sorry for the women that have but this is absolutely not the book to address those needs I learned a lot from reading this book Some of it seemed to drag on probably because I read it with a group over a period of weeks I think the author needed to stick to his main thesis in each chapter and not rehash the same material in each one I think the book could have been concise and in turn powerfulI very much enjoyed and was inspired reading the historical portions on how women influenced churches countries and ultimately the world for the Kingdom I was convicted to say the least The author tended to think of the church in two categories blasphemous churches and liberated churches I think there is nuance to each individuals walk which in turn means all churches will vary in philosophies even well meaning and godly ones Not all churches that desire only male leadership go home and beat their wives There are so many grey areas and circumstantial issues that play into our relationships with each other that will need to be dealt with in prayer not stereotyping Overall I would agree with the crux of what the author is saying; but I have read better books and articles that portray these truths with compassion and understanding Even though I cannot agree with everything the author wrote I enjoyed reading it The author is very sincere and appears to be well researched While he does not bother to hide his prejudices he does not excuse them either I completely disagree with his contention that all secular feminists support abortion That's like saying all Christians believe in stoning or all Christians prefer the Old Testament to the New Greatly enjoyed reading this book Some of these are lies I've had to work through over the 20 years as a Christian because they are lies the church has taught many of us The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I don't necessarily agree with every single aspect AND the one thing that drove me nuts in this book was his use of the word Palestine to describe the area where Jesus lived No Palestine would have been incorrect then and now So this is a bit of a tangle to review; on the one hand it's super fabulous that this is written by a white evangelical for white evangelicals to prove that women are gasp real people really called by God to really lead in the real Church And he also tackles the idea that women are in some way incomplete without a man and how that is so short sighted for God's power among God's people an argument that the whole of the Church often misses as it shuffles unmarried women around because it doesn't know what to do with them And he dismantles the idiocy of the Proverbs 31 concept of womanhood which I will clap for until I can't feel my hands any because that drives me nutsOn the other hand it's written by a white evangelical who goes way right sometimes actually talking about modern feminism as man hating infanticide at its heart and other such fallacies So I can't really cheer for that which is why this gets the relatively neutral three starsBut oh how I can cheer for the fact that this guy finally figured out that God calls women on purpose and is telling other guys on their own level That's one of the things that is missing from a lot of liberal theological discourse Scriptural explanation for premises But this totally takes the main verses used to silence women in church and dismantles them within Scriptural boundaries six million cheers for thatSo it's a mixed bag and if you can't handle anything right wing stay away If you can't handle anything right wing there's something wrong that isn't this book But this is a fabulous way to talk about the rightful place of women in Church leadership and I would recommend it It has crap discussion uestions after every chapter that you're welcome to ignore but the main text is solid This is a good book basically an argument in support of women's ordination from a Pentecostal perspective but it also has some great thoughts about male pride domestic abuse and prejudice against women in the church in matters that do not concern ministry leadership Recommended to Christian women who want to be all God created them to be but have been stifled by their churches and husbands Would also be helpful to men who are curious to know about how women really feel when they are looked down upon and treated badly and it's written by a man who has not experienced this personally so it isn't judgmental wow the truest incredible eye opening thing i have ever read everyone should read this men and women especially women and young girls completely changed my life and i cant go back or ignore it

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