Liniste vreau sa dorm

Liniste vreau sa dorm❆ Liniste vreau sa dorm kindle Epub ❤ Author Katy Hudson – Încă o poveste amuzantă și plină de farmec semnată de autoarea îndrăgitei cărți Prea mulți morcovi BROAŞTELOR ŢESTOASE NU LE PLACE IARNA De ce Pur şi simplu nu le place De aceea îşi pe Încă o poveste amuzantă și plină de farmec semnată de autoarea îndrăgitei cărți Prea mulți morcovi BROAŞTELOR ŢESTOASE NU LE PLACE IARNA De ce Pur şi simplu nu le place De aceea îşi petrec toată iarna dormind Dar ce se întâmplă când Broasca Ţestoasă nu mai găseşte un loc liniştit unde să aţipească Oare prietenii ei o vor convinge că iarna nu înseamnă doar ger şi zăpadă O carte încântătoare despre bucuriile iernii împărtăşite alături de prieteni. A Loud Winter's Nap by Katy Hudson is a children's picture book follow up to Too Many Carrots Tortoise is ready to settle down and sleep for the winter but everyone else has different intentions Follow along in the story to see if Tortoise ever get's his winter sleep We loved this book It's a perfect short and simple story for young readers The illustrations are so vibrant and detailed Thanks to Netgalley for sharing a copy of A Loud Winter's Nap with me 5 Translation widget on the blogRecenzia mea aici 5★One of the most attractive children's picture books I've seen in a while Cute story and gorgeous illustrations The cover hasn't been released I guess so it might change but this is the cover of my preview copy BookcoverIt's a simple story of a tortoise who just wants to hibernate and take a LONG not a LOUD winter's nap Is that too much to ask?Apparently so He is interrupted with invitations to sing alongs snowball fights and all kinds of winter play But he's determined to find a spot and keeps trudging along and finding new spots Tortoise trying to restEventually he wanders somewhere that causes him to slip and slide a bit and experience a bit of winter than he intended Good funJust beautiful Thanks to NetGalley and Capstone Publishing for the preview copy from which I've pinched these delightful illustrationsIt's due for release in September 2017 Tortoise wants to sleep during the winter He keeps saying tortoises don't like winter Turtles actually do hibernate but underground in muddy banks not trees Every place he finds to sleep he is disturbed by one if his friends and asked to participate in some type of winter activity Tortoise is not happy about this and he keeps looking for a uiet place to nap When he accidentally ends up on a sled going down a hill he realizes how much fun it is and decides that some tortoises like winter This is a cute humorous story that little ones will enjoy It touches on friendship as well as all the fun things you can do in the winter I loved the illustrations All of tortoise's beds are drawn in a fun way I love his sign that appears in each picture The other animals are drawn having fun and with great facial expressions This is a great book for a kindergarten classroom or home library The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via netgalley A very fun to read children's book A Loud Winter's Nap Written and illustrated by Katy Hudson Children’s Fiction Print Length 32 pages Published by Capstone Young Readers 01 September 2017 Kindle edition 5 StarsBoth young and old may enjoy the delightful and colorful winter scenes in this cozy children’s picture book where a tortoise finally discovers that there are better things to do than hibernate during the winter Highly recommend This is one fun picture book Tortoise is having so much trouble finding a uiet place to hibernate The illustrations are colorful whimsical and sweet Look carefully at every inch of the page It is a great book to share with students while studying hibernationwinter themes Kids will laugh out loud as the poor tortoise keeps trying to get his snooze on I loved it and can’t wait to share with my students in January Highly recommended for Grades K 2 Tortoise just wants a uiet place to sleep during the long cold winter But when he finds a uiet spot he is disturbed by a robin and then a rabbit and then by suirrels and then by a beaver each time forcing him to find another uiet spot He finally finds what he thinks is the perfect spot but he is in for a big surprise What happens next will make you smile The great illustrations and the wonderful repetition make this a wonderful book for kids I received this ARC from Netgalley for an honest reviewThis is a great book about the tortoise who is ready to settle down for his long and uiet winter's nap One by one his friends interrupt his sleeping and attempt to persuade him Eventually he gives in and joins all the fun Cute book great illustrations an all around a great picture book This book has cute illustrations