Delas Hunters The Harem House #1

Delas Hunters The Harem House #1[PDF] ❤ Delas Hunters The Harem House #1 ✮ Charissa Dufour – Note from the Author This is my first attempt at a Reverse Harem book Since it published I have come to realize this is not my genre I am rewriting this book as a straight romance This version will be Note from the Author This is my The Harem ePUB ☆ first attempt at a Reverse Harem book Since it published I have come to realize this is not my genre I am rewriting this book as a straight romance This version Delas Hunters MOBI :¼ will be taken down on December st Thank you for understanding and your continued support We never stop learning do we The Great Extinction an event that clearly defined Dela—and the female population Her only goal in life now Hunters The Harem ePUB ´ is to avoid getting caught and being sold to a Harem House like livestock She does not want to live her fertile years serviced by five husbands even if it means repopulating a dying world Dela has no choice now She must evade a pack of Hunters determined to catch her or become the next Birther Can she elude capture before time runs out. The premise was great The story had great potential but fell flat MediocreThis is book one of a reverse harem seriesOverall it was alright Not the best book I've ever read but definitely worth the read I'm not sure if I can recommend this series at least not until it's completed I enjoyed the author's take on the dystopian world and backstory leading up to females being so scarce however the story felt lacking There was no heat in regards to the romance in this story just a couple of kisses So could it possibly be considered a slow burner?Unfortunately we don't learn a lot about Dela's Hunters There's no depth displayed and too many unanswered uestions surrounding them I was unsure if they were the good guys or the bad guys; and at the end of the first book I felt no closer to understanding them then I did at the start of the storyAt the conclusion of this book I was unsure if the series continues with these same character if it continues within the scope of the dystopian world or where exactly this series is going DisappointingI wanted to like this book but I found it incredibly dissatifying The author labeled it RH but honestly I'm not sure she understands the concept The men were disrespectful and dismissive of the MC I think they were supposed to be the good guys but I just felt like they were only slightly less awful than the bad guys We never learn much about their background stories that might explain their behavior There were a number of grammatical errors and typos A lot of words left out of sentences so I had to guess what the author meant She constantly confused your with you're and after the tenth time I was ready to scream I really wish I had a better review to give because I truly respect anyone who writes and completed a book But I just can't recommend this Through the whole book I kept wondering if she had ever ready an RH or if she didn't like them and this was here satirical take on one Overall disappointing and mildly offensive to RH So I read this story before it was taken off of and was a RH genre bookI have since heard that the story will be rewritten to where the heroine will only choose one male to have a relationship instead of the four originallyI hate to hear that but realize it is the authors decision on how she wants her books to goI personally loved this story and thought it was a different apocalyptic taleI haven't read many stories surrounding dystopian era but I had seen this book being advertised a lot in my RH group on Facebook and decided to give it a shotI'm so glad I had read it when I didDela is a woman in a world where woman are scare and sold into Harem Houses where men share a wife Not wanting to live a life where she is forced to have than one husband Dela lives her life hiding away from the world with her adopted brotherWhen he goes missing she breaks every rule they had ever set to search for him What she didn't realize at the time was that he had sold her out Heading into the dead zone he had been searching she runs into a group of Hunter's who are there to capture her and bring to the nearest Harem HouseShe fights most of the time but somewhere along the way she finds herself attracted to the men Even falling for themWith trials of completing their mission popping up everywhere the men find themselves falling for their bounty as well When everything is said and done Dela realizes she doesn't mind sharing herself with multiple husbands as long as it is her hunters she has I thought this was an interesting book and I loved the charactersI felt their chemistry was genuine and help set the scene for the bookIf it was still available I would definitely recommend it to readI also think I will buy it again when she puts it back up with the changes to see how it comparesI'm interested to see how the dynamic will change between the heroine and the hunters This is a post apocalyptic dystopian reverse harem It doesn’t give you the warm and fuzzy feels that usually accompany this genre as in this future women are treated as chattel due to their rarity rather than valued There should be some trigger warnings due to rape and assault However the book is well written and the characters are complex I know the author plans to rewrite but I say leave as is AwesomeI've always liked books that have these theme and to be honest this was pretty realistic on what I think would happen Well done the characters were well developed and the world was done well I just really enjoyed this AmazingI wasn't sure about this being a stand alone But it definitely came through on a slow build depth of characters and left me wanting of this world I will always love the RH version even once its rewritten D I hope you give RH another try in the future This was a great book I liked dela Charissa dufour did a great job writing a post apocalyptic world I will definitely be reading of her books Huh?I thought this was a reverse harem? What was with that disappointing ending?? Although I did like the main heroine there was just not enough relationship development