Serpents Kiss The Last Serpent #3

Serpents Kiss The Last Serpent #3[PDF / Epub] ☆ Serpents Kiss The Last Serpent #3 By Tansey Morgan – Five men stand between me and the deranged cult that wants me dead but that's not all that's going on When the Keeper asks me to come to London with him I figure all he wants is to show me off to some The Last eBook ´ Five men stand between me and the deranged cult that wants me dead but that's not all that's going on When the Keeper asks me to come to London with him I figure all he wants is Serpents Kiss PDF/EPUB or to show me off to some of his academic friends As the last of my kind I guess I am something of a show and tell project even if no one would ever say that to my face Kiss The Last MOBI ð As soon as I arrive in London however and figure out the truth about what's going on everything changes Suddenly I'm no longer visiting a city I've always wanted to see as a tourist I'm knee deep in an investigation that blows open a whole new can of worms As if having a cult hell bent on killing all of the female supernaturals they could get their hands on hunting me down wasn't bad enough It seems like there's nowhere I can go to escape the people who want me dead but as things start coming to light I realize there are forces at work than any of us had thought and these forces have an agenda that goes way beyond just killing people Time is running out and right now they have the upper hand because we don't know who they are what they really want or where they're hiding but I have to figure this all out and fast because people's lives are on the line and not just my own Serpent's Kiss is the third book in a brand new paranormal REVERSE HAREM series by Tansey Morgan If you love the paranormal romance and urban fantasy genres and want to read something that not only straddles the line between both but introduces not one but five love interests possibly then this is the book for you Disclaimer this book is part of a continuing series of novels all which will follow the same arc over many books but each which will tease into the next expect to be left with uestions at the end As a reverse harem urban fantasy you can expect there to be action magic intrigue and multiple primary love interests Sexual content will also form a part of this series as will swearing and violence If you're happy with all of this then Scroll up hit buy now and dive deeper into Lilith's story. Things are really heating up with Lillith and her men now They travel to England for a little show and tell session but what they don't know is that some on the trip really have a hidden agenda Things get really interesting when it comes to light leading the direction of the rest of the book I cannot wait to see where this is going next as she works things out with the guys while trying to save the say at the same time Great world building and some awesome characters to go in it I really liked it so I give it 45 stars Another action packed book although I’m wondering how many there will be? Seems something new pops up into each new book which just adds to the story Very good book though I really hope Dante becomes #5I really hope Dante becomes number 5 in her haremI'm liking thus story even though I wish the characters were a bit older and a lot less YA in feeling I do like Lilith and I think she and Dante have great chemistry togetherWhat do they have to give each other ? Love what we all when we me someone specialShe felt something the moment she met him just like the other menIt's an interesting story but drawn out a bit too much going at times but not in all the right places and too vague in othersNot a bad like I said but I can't say I'm completely connecting the characters and personally this really have been just one book not 3 but that's just my opinion OMG part three of this awesome series and things are getting very interesting Lillith is still a force to be reckoned with fiesty and strong she is also very smart and I working her way through everything they findHeaded to London to meet the Keeper they also are on the hunt for missing people I love her relationship with Leo the antagonism and arguments between them her relationships with Liam Aiden Vik and Raph keep me happy and Her relationship with Dante is downright intriguing Well written and exciting unpredictable with twists this story is keeping me glued to my Kindle and I am absolutely loving it and highly recommend it Serpent's Kiss is the third book in the series Lilith finds herself right we're book two ended She is surrounded by the four men she wants and a possible fifth one wait ready to strick When the house finds out two of their mentor's are missing Lilith Dante Leo and the guys go to London to try to get some answers And they do get some answers but are still left with many This is a fun and sassy series to read were a women is calling all the shots Lilith is a strong woman and I can't wait to see what she is going to do this is so far my favorite from the series it just felt like everything was making sense and the whole harem thingy was now at least established mostly can't wait for Serpent’s Kiss by Tansey Morgan is book three in her The Last Serpent Series In Serpent’s Kiss the author picks up right where Serpent’s Desire ended Lilith is preparing to head to London with the Keeper and the rest of the men She’s anticipating going to this new place and meeting other supernaturals There are multiple agendas at play at this point The Keeper is looking to show off what he has recently acuired Lilith is eager to meet another female supernatural and Leo is on the hunt for answers Lilith is dealing with her abilities and coming to terms with the changes that they are bringing into her life along with the men that it is bringing along with it As they embark on this journey they must try to stay a step ahead of the cult that is targeting female supernaturals What they don’t expect is to find that there is yet another sinister danger out there that wishes to use and drain them for the very energy that they carry Serpent’s Desire is yet another engaging story from Tansey Morgan We get to see Lilith continue to grow and deal with the problems that surround her It’s nice to see things blossom and bloom between her and the various men in her life I like that things aren’t really being rushed and that they flow and happen in flowing manner I don’t feel that any of the scenes are rushed or forced and I really like that about this book There are elements of danger and a couple moments of where I feel Lilith is being overeager but the story is balanced so it works A couple issues that I have had with Lilith in past books are that she doesn’t know when to shut her mouth I am so glad to see that she actually manages to zip it when Dante answers a uestion the author left us within the second book I love and appreciate the author taking the time to give us that bit of backstory on Dante It was eye opening and engaging Leo stays true to form to being a world class idgit but I like that he also ends up surprising me at one point There are a few editorial spelling issues in this book but for me none are so egregious that they detract significantly from the story itself I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars Just like the previous books this book leaves us with uestions that are left unanswered Despite this fact this story does not end on a major cliffhanger So those who hate cliffhangers can rest easy and take the time to enjoy this story This story is very engaging with the various elements that the author uses to create and draw it all together I am looking forward to the next book in this series What about the cat?Okay this really bothers me What about the cat? Not once have we seen her feed or water it Nothing about a litter box But then she runs off to London and leaves the cat The problem is everyone else in the household went to London too Are the ghosts taking care of it because she sure does a bad job at it herself Since she has yet to speak to any ghost whose taking care of her baby? It's the little things that drive me nuts Other than that she's just real lucky to be alive because she runs right into danger without knowing what she is running into without a thought or a care If this were relax I'm pretty sure she would have been dead at least three times over now Except for Dante they all act like 18 year olds than mid twenties They have no impulse control and just come across as real young May be it's because she never referred to them as men but as guys when describing them And they were students so without men thrown in there they just all come a rose as college guys with a lot of growing up to do The redeeming feature is that the stories are short Real short Since I am reading on KU then it's not a big deal Now if I were paying 299 for 100 pages I am would NOT be a happy camper So not worth the cash I can tell you that Most serials of this size charge99 each This is pretty much highway robbery This is definitely the best of the series so far Lilith and her men are in London seeking answers to who is after her but stumble onto another mystery which is good news for readers as it means far stories to come Lilith and the reader are slowly getting to know the five men in her life and Tansey handles this beautifully The relationships and their progression feel natural and unhurried and her interactions with each man are fitted in organically around the action Lilith's abilities are becoming evident and she is learning to accept her new natureEverything about this book feels like a natural progression of the first two books and I loved it I thought the first two were short but although this is even shorter I felt that there was far to it and it felt like a much longer book And we got to know about Dante and now I love him even This series is a must read if you like urban fantasy lots of different types of supernaturals action mystery and reverse haremsI received an ARC but have voluntarily decided to write a review and this is my own opinion This series is frustrating me I’m enjoying the story and the narrative is fine but I don’t particularly like Lilith I find her attitude a little too combative and superior I enjoy attitude from a character who has earned the right but someone new to her powers new to her environment and lacking understanding of the intricacies of the relationships she finds herself surrounded byit’s just plain arrogance and not likeable I also feel her connection to the guys is vague we don’t get much in the way of character from them let alone development so there is no understanding of why they would be willing to share perhaps not surprising in such short books The only relationship I’m intrigued by is with Dante as it’s based on than just mild attraction I also have plot issues Lilith jumps to far fetched conclusions without proper grounds which might move the plot forward but feels unsatisfactory because it lacks believability I’m still going to read the next book perhaps because they are so short I just hope it all steps up a level