Wild Fire The Kingson Pride #2

Wild Fire The Kingson Pride #2[Epub] ➚ Wild Fire The Kingson Pride #2 Author Kristen Banet – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Alternate cover edition of ASIN B077D286J3This is a Reverse Harem series with graphic scenes mature language and mature themes Suitable for ages 18 Full length novel of 100000 words Riley has her prid Alternate cover edition of ASIN The Kingson PDF º BDJThis is a Reverse Harem series with graphic scenes mature language and mature themes Suitable for ages Wild Fire PDF or Full length novel of words Riley has her pride and now it seems like their lives might go up in flames as hunters Fire The Kingson ePUB ¹ target them Secrets of the pride's past come to light old grudges resurface and Riley needs to stay strong if she's going to survive Not only against their enemies but also with her own pride the five males who have carved a place in her life and offered her a family she'd never had The hunters won't be the only thing that underestimated the cheetah of the Kingson Pride and Riley will need to learn how to fight fire with fire. Happy readerThis second installment had a slower start as the story explained the natural progression of the relationships in the pride but once the plot was well underway the pacing and action picked up This series is a great read from a new author who will be one to watch Looking forward to her next installment in the series Loved it lots of twists and turns some I even saw coming Loved it lots of twists and turns some I even saw coming Ok loved 989 % of the bookI hate it when my heroine seems to get kidnapped in ever book and even though mm is NOT my thing the hints about the brothers Gabe and Troy were just wrongI won't go into specifics but there were at least two weird things mentioned about them that news trying to ignore when after having sex wRiley the brothers are in bed in one side of her and Andrew in the other and the brothers start to cuddle each other and Riley is liking it thinking its kinda hot ?? WTH?? The brothers give her naughty looks and Troy seems to start to feel Gabe upbefore he laughs and pushes Gabe offRiley whimpers to Andrew askinghinting as to if he knows just how close the brothers aresadly not turned off in the slightest Hey if they have enough shared DNA to be called brothers it's incest and that ain't cool Ever if for some sick reason thought it was hot and eventually something needed to be done at some point ?What needs to be done Riley ? Do you want two of your men to get it on weach other ? Two brothers at that ??? Seriously ???Now Riley in all other respects is a very cool Badass h and i think she's awesome But that is soooo NOT rightpersonally I don't get she could encourage any of her men in this I thought she was like me in the I don't share dept selfish or not if I were blessed like this I wouldn't share but incest ?Please don't go there I mention it because it seriously creeped me out and every time I saw the guys together after that or their dependence on each other was mentioned or their often fragile mental states I got a lil stressed worrying where it might lead ;The worst part was while Riley kidnappedthankfully not alone all this time but still it was pretty badI love it I really really did But the crap wbrothers took some of the fun out of it me and kept my stress levels even higher than I would have liked What was also interesting wasI guess who tried to buy Riley yet again and who was going to show up at the endThe end part I can see why the characters never saw it coming but their kidnapper ?Yeeeeah the guys should have figured that one out for themselves not to take from Riley she really is smart but they should have seen it themselves it was a bit too obviousI eagerly look forward to The second novel is far worse than the first Once again the author shows a painfully limited vocabulary with the use and overuse of the word Fuck It isn't edgy it's downright lazy writing I kept asking myself where the editor was when reading such things as he twisted her chin bones Or such gems as balls deep Who thinks that's sexy? This author did because I read that horrific line far too many times in one book The main character once again is supposed to be this magnificent pinnacle of enlightened feminism yet all I see is a whiny spoiled and annoying gold digging Mary Sue What this author needs is a good dictionary and a good editor Please someone get this author an editor I'm working on writing my review now It will be posted here eventually after it goes live on my blog I swear I'm not going to let my reviewing get this far behind ever again and I'm probably lying 35This series is far from perfect and it is still a bit cheesy but seeing Riley get kick ass was pretty satisfying and I'm enjoying the ride despite its faults Seriously hope there’s books I love this series so much Great read i liked this book as well as the first one I loved how independent the main character Riley was in the book and how she got to be the hero instead of one of the guys😈 guurl powah bish Let's call this a 35 stars I would give it a 4 because ultimately I really enjoyed it despite the uibbles I mentioned as I was doing this re readOn balance this is an exciting tense rollercoaster of a ride with strong characters that I care about I mean seriouslyher harem is pretty damn yummy The story is engrossing with plenty of dark to balance the light giving it decent emotional heft So despite stylistic issues my editor's brain wants to fuss over I have been really enjoying Banet's seriesI am a little disappointed with the direction Troy and Gabe have taken since I'm not much for submissive men in my harem But Banet has managed to keep it minimal and not too obtrusive at least as long as the boys emotionally heal from this wrenching installment in the next book And your mileage may vary because they are still great characters with plenty of appeal humor and fun And with plenty of flaws to flesh them outRiley's character could be considered by some to nudge that Special SnowflakeMary Sue line she is a very strong character with a lot of skills who manages to go through an awful lot and remain strong But I honestly think Banet only flirts with it I think Riley has plenty of flaws and character issues and emotional trauma to work out enough to balance her And hell I prefer my heroines to bewellheroic So it works for me and has added to my enjoyment of the series Without such a strong MC it wouldn't be possible for all the excitement in this series at least not without the eually enormous problem of an MC that is constantly in need of rescue ughOh and I think Thomas is an especially yummy character I kept trying to work out some way for her to get him in her harem But that won't happenso now I am hoping that Banet will write a second series about him and his small pack MmmmThe book builds to a very satisfying climax even if just a hair unrealistic but I am okay with that because I don't want my heroine's to be TOO damaged And it even includes a nice if not entirely unexpected twist at the end that sets up for a potentially great conclusion in book 3 Can't wait to go read thatso I am off to do so ; Warnings There is some very dark material in here from Riley's abusive background to some seriously dark stuff in this novel So beware those of you with triggers There is also explicit sex And a lot of it Lots In many variations and combinations And some of it very very hot fanning a hand in front of my face Overall I am really loving this trilogy so far and the fact that this is my third time through book 1 and my second time through book 2 should be some indication of that ; Oh hell you know what? I am going to bump my rounding of the 35 stars to 4 instead of rounding down to 3 ; UPDATE NOTES800% Okay and now I'm remembering that the second half of this totally makes up for any issues I had in the beginningand even for all the hell and darkness and mess Riley had to go through to get here Yes80% Gah ESPECIALLY when it is just filling in the 6 month gap that occurred in the epilogue of the last book That is just too confusing Either don't write the epilogue or put the six months in the prior book if you absolutely must have them70% I had forgotten about the structure on Book 2 While I am still enjoying the story and the characters I'm really not a fan of the chapter a month concept as a way to make time pass uickly and show a developing relationship I'd rather just have a big time skip and then start again when it's time to start the story again The gap can easily be filled in with passing references and occasional flashbacks sigh Excellent BookEven though I enjoyed the first book in this series I was reluctant to read the second I'm not sure why I liked the characters they were all distinctive and somewhat developed and the intimacy didn't feel forced or too fast for the circumstances The h was strong and open minded but not so much that it lacked authenticity I should have been excited to jump into the second novel Anyway after a slight delay I decided to start reading and I am so glad I did This book was so satisfying because bad things happened to our heroine and heros but there was retribution I loved it Additionally the author was masterful in pacing and developement The characters were strong but flawed in a believable way I so love when the h doesn't always need to be protected and saved especially when everyone seems to think she does I also liked how the author made me feel the characters emotions especially the h I was on a roller coaster for most of the book I definitely recommend this book for those who like adult RH novels h's who are very intune with their sexualty and those who don't mind swearing violence and a some possible triggers Crazy rideIn the second book of the Kingson Pride series Riley and the Pride have a tough road they have to travel Every member of the Pride is pushed to the breaking point We meet new characters in this book as well I do want to give a trigger warning for this book a sexual assault not graphically described but def there so be awareThe characters are still great but I did feel Riley in particular had growth in this book I felt that she gained confidence in herself her abilities and her relationships We do get to see POVs from multiple characters each change labeled at the beginning of a chapter and running throughout that chapter so there is no confusion on who is speakingThe writing style of Kristin Banet is one of my favorites I enjoy the easy flow and the way it draws you in The dialogue seems natural The descriptions are there without being overly wordyThe book has several plots within it weaving together to form a story that is seamless This is a series and so we do have a lead in for the next book at the end Overall I would recommend this book