Marked by Pain

Marked by Pain❰Reading❯ ➺ Marked by Pain Author Cece Rose – Twelve marks twelve powers and the deadly risk that the twelfth mark brings is having all that power worth it What if the price is destroying the world Kenzie's twelve marks have caused her nothing bu Twelve marks twelve powers and the deadly risk that the twelfth mark brings is having all that power worth it What if the price is destroying the world Kenzie's twelve marks have caused her nothing but trouble since she was blessed with them From getting her treated differently at school to getting her kidnapped by rebels her marks have caused chaos in her life When Marked by PDF \ a familiar face shows up in the warehouse she is being kept in Kenzie doesn't know who to trust or what to believe any With time running out to escape and the threat of the rebel’s plans looming over her can Kenzie overcome these challenges Love and destruction comes at great price A price that is Marked by Pain. Who even are you any?Who even are you any? See how awkward that sentence sounds? That's how I felt about this entire book I enjoyed book 1 the premise and lore are such good ideas but this book just fell flat to me The h while I realize she is young just felt so oblivious and ridiculous The sex scenes were barely blips and seemed incredibly rushed and not fulfilling We seem to barely learn anything about the characters and they're already telling each other I love you I really wanted to love this book but even with the good ideas it had going for it the lack of character and world building and the rushed feeling to it all leaves me saying no to book 3 Cliffhanger ending I really enjoyed book 1 but I found myself losing interest in book 2 I’ll try book 3 thoughCG Feb Book Challange Read an freebie Yeah Okay I have definitely been Marked by PainWell apparently I had read a good portion of this book back when it came out and DNF'd it but never made a note And I can see whyIt Was Not GoodThe main character remains a bloody mess making nonsensical decisions just to drive the plot where the authors wanted it to go In fact that was the MO of most of the story forced contrived plot and a jumbled confusing messHonestly I disliked this one enough that I got past the point of even being able to work up a good rant about it I am justdrainedAnd it ended on another bloody cliffhanger just as it had the potential to improve So between that and my OCD I will at least give book 3 a shot Better be a trilogy though because I can't deal with this series much Can't recommend this one to anyone Enzo is really the only saving grace though I kinda liked East Locke and Logan too even if they were all mostly undeveloped cardboard cutoutsJust MEH UPDATE PROGRESS NOTES790% YepSOOO predictable770% Why is it when you just want a book to end already dammit it drags on interminably? But when you love it it is over so damn fast? sigh760% Dry it with air you moron Actually this whole thing is ridiculous Hate this MC 710% Doesn't occur to you all that everyone is better staying together? That this info may have been purposefully leaked to try to clear as many fighters from the school as possible so Kenzie is vulnerable at the school? Duh650% Yeah I STILL don't get why a remote cabin out in the woods is safer than the main buildings Not in the least530% Alright now I REALLY no longer like Daniels Been headed that way all book but now UGH500% There are few villains I have hated than Alaric and Verity There isn't a redeeming uality between them Utter psychotic evil Hate when antagonists aren't given any sort of balance370% And we are back to the stupid secret keeping and dumb decisions Way to go Kenzie270% Okay the first 25% of this book has been the worst most frustrating most stressful most awful to date Nearly enough to make me DNF this series But finally it may have turned the corner here so I will give it a little time150% Why the hell would he let himself be taken instead of flying overhead and following them to base? I just don't get this120% Godeven here hostage and needing every scrap of information she can get her hands on she still can't be bothered to listen or learn anything KENZIE IS A SELF ABSORBED LAZY MORON90% Why the hell didn't she run like East told her to when she switched to wolf form? grumbles again about idiot MC's30% Oh yeahnow that little revelation is making it hard for me to want to continue reading 30% Yep starting right off with an annoying 'bang'another prologue that is a scene from later in the book that gives far too much away I HATE THAT So much angst and action This kept me on the edge of my seat Another cliffhanger I can't spend time writing a full review now I have to dive right in to book 3Audible I added the whispersync audible narration to this kindle book The narrators did a great job This is enjoyable as an audiobook I liked this one better than the first one I don't know if it's the writing or the story itself but I felt connected to everything that was taking place in tune The beginning was nuts I kept thinking what the hell? Did everyone lost their marbles or something? because I just couldn't wrap my head around everything that was happening and the actions the characters were taking By the end of the book I was exhausted from trying to keep track with everyone's allegiances and from simply trying to remember who's on which side And everything was happening at such a fast paced I loved that It gave the intensity to the story gave it an edge But it was so short too I swear I blinked once and it was over I hope the third book won't take long to come out cause I really want to see how the characters plan to get themselves out of this mess Nope Can't keep going with this I didn't like this book as much as the first one which I loved but that's okay I mean I expected it to like less to be honest I still want to finish the series to know the entire story I won't be reading the book about Kelly though since I don't really care about her In Marked by pain we follow Kenzie right after she got kidnapped Alaric was a manipulative asshole who only wants to have Kenzie on his side for her power We only learn what it is almost at the end of this book and I can say that I didn't expect that I didn't have many theories to begin with though It ends on a cliffhanger and I'm a little curious to find out what's going to happen in the last book 45 starsOh holy balls that ending So much happenedSo in this one we get a much closer look at the rebels and what they want I want to talk so much about this but it spoils everything There were a couple of plot twists thrown in at the very beginning which made me uestion everythingOh and of course there was finally smut I am a smut addict and no I won't apologize for itI am going to take a small break between this one and the third book I have a few novellas lined up I just need to have it before I start this third book I have a feeling this next book will be full of feels This one was better than the first I really liked it I can’t wait to see what happens next This book had some slow moments that made my eyes glaze over a bit but it did have lots of action and some brief but sexy momentsI'm seriously hoping the 3rd book is a little bit better Overall rating35 An Okay Read👌