Love in the Spotlight Spotlight #1

Love in the Spotlight Spotlight #1[PDF / Epub] ☁ Love in the Spotlight Spotlight #1 ✎ Sophia Peony – All proceeds will be donated to Animal Aid UnlimitedConnor Knightly Hollywood’s biggest star and a product of Hollywood legends Connor needed the right actress for his new movie He didn’t want the All proceeds will be the Spotlight eBook ✓ donated to Animal Aid UnlimitedConnor Knightly Hollywood’s biggest star and a product of Love in ePUB ✓ Hollywood legends Connor needed the right actress for his new movie He didn’t want the hottest or most in the Spotlight ePUB ☆ popular actress he wanted the perfect one and Judith was the perfect woman for the role This movie was his baby and Judith was his star He just needs to remember to keep his hands off of her He didn’t want another relationship in the spotlight Judith Roux Product of two people who needed to divorce Judith was ready to throw her towel in for her Hollywood dreams but not without a last hurrah She took a chance and it paid off She Judith Roux a relatively unknown actress daughter of a porn film maker and stepping stool for A list celebrities was going to star in a movie with Connor Freaking Knightly She wasn’t just going to star in the movie with him; she was going to be the star Novella words Contains strong language and sexual content Reader’s discretion is advised. I really enjoyed reading Love In The Spotlight It is a great entertaining uick read Sophia Peony writes a uniue take from behind the scenes in the entertainment industry I felt Judith’s struggles and she was Conner’s perfect match because he understood those same struggles I can’t wait to read from Sophia Peony This is a really interesting read as I've not once read a Hollywood based story I know right? lol Anyway I absolutely loved when Judith and Conner clicked And from the moment they met I had rooted for them Though I felt so bad for Judith because it seemed she couldn't get bigger roles but to me that was solely on her crappy agent I'm definitely waiting on the second book in the series Judith goes after her dreamJudith is tired if being a stepping stone actress tired if being the girl used to make someone else's career better Judith knows she can be the lead if her agent would just send her on a job that would give her that chance Bart Judith's agent has his mind set on keeping her right were she is so when he's out with his it girl Judith spots an acting for a lead toll on the corner of his desk She decides if he won't help her she will do it herself and stuffs the into in purse as she walks out the doorWith Love War is Connors baby He is not only acting in it but he wrote it is co director and helping edit so when he saw Judith read with such passion he really wanted her in the lead Connor new Judith was a no name actress but he was a big name actor as well his brother and several others involved so he wasn't worried about that He wanted Judith because she was the best suited for the roleI enjoyed this book Connor super famous but not snobish which was good Judith is a actress but she keep professional and I liked that plus even after the sex with a famous actor she didn't run off a spread the news that was unusual and nice too Both male and female characters were eually as stubborn about the relationship I liked that they were able to be professional and there was no I just couldn't be around himher any I had to uit because that gets oldIt's a well written romance with a HEA CoverThe cover pops out and draws you in with both the bright pink colors and font It fits the story just right and was one of the reasons that drew me in to read the book StoryThis is book one of the Spotlight Series and my first time reading this Author’s work I must say it was definitely an enjoyable story Judith isn’t being taken seriously in her acting career and decides to go over her agent’s head by trying out for a part It’s the best thing she could’ve done Conner doesn’t realize how far gone he is until after their time together comes to a halt I've actually never read any Romance books featuring Hollywood stars which is surprising considering it's a huge deal But what got me the most was the end No spoilers but it was hilarious I can’t wait to read the next book in the series ARC provided for an honest review Amount of sex 25 5How explicit 2 5Story 4 5Overall 4 5Love in the Spotlight is a fast paced beach read by author Sophia Peony This short story is light steamy and entertaining I enjoyed the characters especially Judith She is an actress who is continually typecasted as the supporting actress Tired of not being taken seriously by her manager Judith auditions for the leading female role in an upcoming movie ‘With Love War’ Connor is the leading man as well as the writer of the script He has put a lot into this movie and wants the right person for the leading lady not necessarily the most popular Even though it was a hard sell he wanted JudithThis story was well written but I found it choppy in certain places With the uick pace of the book I felt as though the romance was a little rushed I wish the book was expanded so I could read about Connor and Judith's relationship I just wasn't ready for the story to end Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Copy Love in the Spotlight is a short and sweet novella while I don’t usually read story’s about Hollywood actors I really enjoyed this story The banter between Connor and Judith was really funny and their connection instant Loved that Connor got straight and to the point about wanting Judith who needs games? While I generally like to read longer stories I really did enjoy this novella It was funny light hearted and a uick read I look forward to hearing from this author Love in the Spotlight was an entertaining read Enjoyed reading it as it had a lovely combination of romance and fun Definitely recommended Judith and Connor were made for each other Great job on the novella Sophia This was my first Sophia Peony book but won’t be my last While I consider this a short story I loved it You know you love a story when you’re left wanting from the author and from the characters I just loved it I was reading another book at the same time and there were similarities and this story definitely out shined the other I was reading because the charters chemistry was so detailed I continued to think about them even after the story was done Love in the Spotlight was a uick read and a fabulous one at that Judith an actress just wanting to made it big in Hollywood Connor is Hollywood’s biggest star Connor wanted Judith to be his leading lady and much Loved it The chemistry is great and will keep you turning pages It is a must read