A Nanny for Christmas

A Nanny for Christmas[Download] ✤ A Nanny for Christmas ➺ Jess Bentley – Oaklandjobs.co.uk I swore off romance when my marriage ended Hiring my daughter's ex babysitter to be her live in nanny seemed like the ideal solution But now she's all grown up and her new curves are making me crazy I I swore off romance when my marriage ended Hiring my daughter's ex babysitter to be her live in nanny seemed like the ideal solution But now she's all grown up and her new curves are making me crazy I have to stay away from A Nanny Kindle - her So why can't I My daughter's a handful and I can't blame her We've been through a lot But she's been eating the help alive I need to get someone to help the help The only nanny she'll accept is the babysitter she had years ago I'll move mountains to find that girl Hell I'll do anything to make my little girl happy But I didn't count on that babysitter growing up to have a killer body Her curves her eyes her sweet innocence Somehow my prized little black book no longer does anything for me I only want her After my divorce I promised myself never to fall in love again Lindsay Valentine might just change all that Just in time for Christmas This steamy novella will bring you into the holiday spirit No cheating and a satisfying happily ever after. While this had the potential to be a good book there were several things that weren't uite right The major thing being the mathThe daughter was seven but remembered a place she'd been when she was one and went there? How is that even possible? The daughter also remembered the babysitter from when she was one by name? HUH? We have no idea but it's implied that the heroine is 19 and the hero is probably in his 30's I know that this math is not relevant but it kind of drove me crazyThe daughter was cute The story however was really uneven and not really believable Gorgeous cover I approve The story wasn't really my cup of tea It was all very one toned It's short and cute in places and has some smut but altogether very forgettable I couldn't even remember the character names Not one I will re read next Christmas sadly Loved this So sweet and perfectly safe Good Christmas story Although it isn't much of a Christmas themed story until the end But the story is really good I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review Oh I did so love reading this story It is a uick read but jess Bentley really knows how to pull your heart strings and fill you will hope and love in her stories That's why she is amongst my favourite authors group In this story we meet Ben who is a single dad who went through a very messy divorce with custody battle of his gorgeous little girl Elle who is troubled and refuses to cooperate with any of the nannies that he has employed to look after her and he is getting frantic So in despair he asks her who she would want and she says Lindsay who used to babysit for her when she was a baby and toddler So Ben sets out to find Lindsay which he does and as she is a struggling student whose father's last cheue for her tuition fees has bounced she is desperate for a job to pay her way for her degree When she is approached by one of Ben's employees she agrees straight away as she remembers the lovely little toddler that she loved and looked after Ben remembers Lindsay as a chubby gawky girl who was very shy He does not expect the knockout of a young woman with curves in all the right places and is making him react and think things that he thought had gone forever for him he can't get involved with her She's too young He's too old for her But when he's anywhere near her he cannot stop his arousal Lindsay had a crush on Ben all those years ago whilst she detested his ex for what she did to Elle Elle is a bright little girl who loves Lindsay so very much and she behaves so much better now that Lindsay's there for her But she wants than a nanny for herself She wants a mum and a little sister This is an exceptional story and with both POV it becomes even alive as you read I read this in one go and don't regret the sleep I lost by reading it Lust passion protectiveness caring hope and love all rolled into one hot and sweet story Enjoy I received an arc of this book and voluntarily leave my honest review of it here DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED I read this book as part of an arc program I really enjoyed this romance between Lindsay and Ben Lindsay used to live next door to Ben and his ex wife Lindsay used to babysit their daughter Elle until they moved across town Lindsay is surprised when she is contacted with an offer to be Elle's nanny Elle is having problem since her parent's divorced and she asks her father to find Lindsay and ask her to be her nanny Lindsay agrees in order to have the money to finish school and since it is a live in arrangement she doesn't have to worry about rent Ben is shocked when Lindsay arrives she is a beautiful young woman and nothing like the chubby teenager he remembers Ben is attracted to Lindsay and he is unsure if he can resist Lindsay remembers her crush on Ben and thinks she would have outgrown it but she hasn't she thinks he is even better looking now For now they are fighting their attraction but for only so long and things really don't work out as smoothly as they hope This was a good story and I really felt for Elle she was having a lot of issues with her parents and was scared of everyone leaving her it was sad and emotional I loved that Lindsay really tried to help both Elle and Ben Good one I received an ARC and am voluntarily leaving a reviewLoved this story Ben is divorced and no one can help his daughter His ex does not have any contact with them because she is too busy getting drunk and doing drugs He decides he needs to hire a nanny and his daughter tells him she wants Lindsay He doesn't really remember her but she babysat a few years ago before they moved She was only a child then and that is what he remembers so he thinks that she is basically still that child only older Now that she is 18 and in college she is having problems with college tuition because her dad is basically worthless When she gets the call that Ben wants to hire her as a nanny she agrees with the stipulation that she gets bonus so she can pay off her tuition and room and board Once been sees her he instantly wants her but has to push it aside for his daughters sake As time goes on they can't deny the sparks any longer and Lindsay thinks it is just a one time thing What happens when Elle runs away? Will they find her and will she be OK? What happens with Ben and Lindsay? Will Ben blame Lindsay for Elle running away and will he fire her? Will they both admit their feelings for each other regardless of the age difference? Short and sexyBen is a divorced father of a little girl who has grown up to fast due to an addicted mother Ben's loves his daughter but with his work he doesn't spend enough time with her When she asks for Linsey her old babysitter to be her new nanny Ben agrees not only to please his daughter but because he's sure the cubby girl that used to watch her as a teenager won't elicit any feeling from him After his ex Ashe Ben never wanted a relationship again but Linsey is nothing like he was expectingLinsey is a smart caring college student working two jobs just to make it when she finds her fathers check for tuition has bounced and that she has to pay the last two thirds within the week or be forced to withdraw from school losing everything As she sits crying in private she get the call to being little Elle's nanny She watched Elle for years as a teen and loved the little girl and had the biggest crush on Ben Needing the money she agrees to being a live in nanny thinking surely she didn't still harbor a crush after all these years A uick and delicious read with a HEA This book is short fast paced and enjoyable This book is the first book of Jess Bentley’s that I have read Because of this I wasn’t sure on what to expect I needn’t have worried though as I found the writing style easy to follow and the characters likeable I read this book in one sitting and wasn’t once bored but I did find it a little slow in parts I had mixed feelings on Ben I liked him most of the time but kept shouting at him to open his heart to love I really liked Lindsey I liked her personality and her bond with Elle I did see some chemistry between Lindsey and Ben but I would’ve liked a little I would’ve also liked scenes of Ben and Lindsey in a relationship This book mainly focused on Elle’s issues Which was ok but there were only a few scenes of Ben and Lindsey together He went from saying to himself that he wasn’t in love with Lindsey to proposing to her a few pages later The storyline for this book is easy to follow and it is a nice read Just getting a nanny for Christmas?A passion filled insta all holiday novella treat packed with smutted up goodness done right and a sweet story of Lindsay a financially struggling college student gets the break she needs when Ben Hudson the man she had crushed on years before is reuesting her to be the nanny to his 7 year old daughter Elle Given an offer she cannot refuse the 18 year old moves in with the newly divorced and his troubled daughter only to find the crush she had from years before still linger on just add in some adult hormones Working at the Hudson home just got interestingLove this fast paced yumminess with a Holiday theme It had everything I would want in a full length novel in a short story perfect for breaking up my day