The Ice Bride

The Ice Bride[Download] ✤ The Ice Bride Author Ripley Proserpina – She crashed into their life and changed everythingBetha lives for adventure A photojournalist who’s used to taking risks it takes a lot to surprise her Then her plane crashes in the Canadian wildern She crashed into their life and changed everythingBetha lives for adventure A photojournalist who’s used to taking risks it takes a lot to surprise her Then her plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness and she comes face to face with her destiny The Jötnar are born and bred as warriors but the world has changed and brothers Raynor Grim and Fenris have no place in it Without a battle to win they struggle to find meaning in their lives Until Betha One glance is all it takes for them to realize she’s meant for them The Ice Kindle - except for one glaring fact— Betha’s human With a little help from the boys’ mother Betha Grim Raynor and Fenris’s lives are changed forever Will they accept what their hearts know to be true Or will they deny the connection binding them together. This was a cute little read I enjoyed it a lot the ending left me wanting a little but not much Proserpina tied up all the loose ends rather nicely to not leaves us needing DNF at 50% even though I wanted to enjoy this book because I like this author and the MC entertained me Still this book fell into the same trap as many other books with fated mates do relying too much on a magic bond and forgoing any get to know you interactions That's fine for the characters experiencing the bond but the readers need than that to engage in the relationship I was struggling to stay in the story so I checked my progress and I just lost patience with the book when I realized I was 50% into a standalone RH novel without any real feel of the love interests' personalities I first read this as part of the Married Wait What? Anthology Photojournalist Betha survives a plane crash in a deserted part of Canada and is rescued by twins Raynor and Grim They take her back to their cabin where they live with their mother Freya and their older brother Fenris They are Jotnar or Ice Giants from the line of Odin and Thor and they recognize her as their skoai their bonded This is a problem because she is human and the Elders will see her as a weakness and kill her After an incredible afternoon with the twins the Elders do show up burn the house to the ground injuring the guys leave taking Freya with them and returning Betha to her old life When she awakens in the hospital she's told she was found in the plane's wreckage and that it was all a hallucination It's not so easy for her to return to her old life with the memories of her husbands And in the meantime her husbands are training to take on the Elders and get Betha back Ripley is an incredible author She can move between contemporary and mythical better with ease This is another brilliant example The backstory the world building the characters are all exceptional Betha crash lands and ends up rescued and married to the Jotnar brothers I liked the mythology and the concept about souls reaching for each other Freya the guys mom made me laugh Proserpina always writes strong independent female leads and Betha is no exception I would love to see stories in this worldI voluntarily and honestly reviewed an ARC of this novella when it was in an anthology SweetI discovered Ripley Prosperina when I read her first book in the Searchers series and I've been in live ever since Her characters are just so likable and realistic even the ones that turn into ice giants The boys were unbelievably sweet and I really liked Bethas spunk Also their mom was just awesome My only complaint was how short it was I think it could have been a good bit longer and fleshed out but it wasn't a deal breaker because I enjoyed it as is too This book was awesome even though it was kinda short I wished it had been longer because I was enjoying the story There was plenty of action and steam in it It kept my attention from the first page right up until the very end of the story So all in all I absolutely loved this book and I definitely recommend it to anyone who searching for a awesome book to climb into and get completely lost within its pages This is a short reverse harem tale set in the uniue fantasy realm of the Jotnar or frost giants I don't know these stories but it is based in the rich Norse mythology and I loved seeing something newRipley Proserpina's heroines are always really strong women which I just loveFun read totally recommend it and would read in this setting I read this previously in re anthology Married Wait WhatBetha is a photo journalist her plane crashes and she finds herself married to three ice giants I found this story to be unsual and exciting and I loved this storyThis was such a great read I highly recommend Definitely a delicious read Loved the story and the characters Ripley really knows how to grab her readers attention Loved every second of this book Would love to read but I am happy with the ending and no cliffhanger Not as good as her other booksI wasn’t a big fan of this one It was an interesting idea but there just wasn’t enough to the story I feel like it and the characters could have been fleshed out a lot