Birthright True North #1

Birthright True North #1❰Reading❯ ➷ Birthright True North #1 Author Kit Fawkes – Everything North Campbell believes about her life is a lie She doesn’t discover that until the night her father dies and she learns he wasn’t her father He kidnapped her as a baby from her birth p Everything North Campbell believes about her life is a lie She doesn’t discover that until the night her father dies and she learns he wasn’t her father He kidnapped her as a baby from her birth parents Jim and Carol Allis They seem ecstatic to find her but she uickly learns they along with their powerful dragon shifter ally Pytor Douglas have nefarious plans for her She runs straight into the arms of another mysterious group and they Birthright True PDF/EPUB or tell her she’s a Trueblood—descended from all the mythic races and capable of great power She’s at risk but the Council assigns her six bodyguards and the Oracle has seen her future husband is among the six North is dragged from realm to realm to learn how to use her powers That task seems impossible—almost as impossible as choosing just one man from among the six mythics entrusted with her protection How can she choose between a vampire an angel a demon a witch a dark elf and a wolf shifter when each of the men is perfect for her in different ways Dare she risk everything and choose them all Will she have a chance to make the decision or will Pytor’s group get her first This is the first in a multi book series that will reuire reading in order to understand the plot arc “Birthright” introduces the characters and has an incomplete ending The story will continue in the next book “Fire Ice” and so on It is a PNR reverse harem story and the heat factor will likely be high in later books though this one is tame not even a kiss yet darn it. It was ok It was ok just ok Honestly I’m kinda annoyedI jumped on this when it first came out and paid full price for it but now it’s one sale for only99 cents which feels right I do t mean to offend the author with that statement but I do agree with other reviewers go have said this feels like a preview of a story than an actual story We barely seem to get started when it’s over North rushes her father to the hospital he’s dying and then is suddenly and far too uickly confronted weveryone telling her everything she’s ever known is a lie and she passively accepts lies before she finally hears some truthsHonestly I really like the ideapremise behind the story but it’s just all too RUSHEDCome on some how she’s been hidden in a cabin in the woodsmountains no special wards or camouflage or anything but no one can find them but the moment she hits“ civilization” everyone is on her like ants on an abandoned chocolate bar?Really ??Everyone and almost their brother can suddenly just “sense” when they couldn’t for the last 21 years ?Riiiiggghhht pull the other oneAnd now that she’s found after knowing practically no one and nothing for 21 years she just supposed to process and agree to everything in what 48 hours ?And that’s with her evil basically surrogate parentsboth were little than sperm and egg 🥚 donors no true mental or emotional attachment there parents keeping her drugged to be compliant I felt like saying WTH then onceI felt like North in a way only feisty and a hell of a lot less compliant too much info in such and inadeuately short timeThis could been fun and a bit edgy if could have been nods drawn out say age gets her father to a local clinic where maybe one of “her kind” is passing thru and he gets this connection or feeling and just as her father dies something passes between them and he asks said stranger bad boy looking type good guy alpha type but disgraced past maybe to help get her to the right ppl he doesn’t want to get involved but he immediately has a clue to how special she is and dangerous her in the wrong hands would be while he tries to deny his pull to her she fights it as well but even those she’s scared and confused by all she’s lost and found and finding along the way she goes with him as the struggle to get to the uote “right ppl” having to fight evil confusing ppl along the way like the donors and the ppl who just want to use her but both her and her new “protector “ are always on guard to make sure she and they are trusting that right ppl They ppl they find they can truly trust not just the ones they are told they can trustWhere she slowly gains mire protectors along the wayletting Her slowly get used to and acuainted with one before another is introduced come on 6 at one is too much21 years all alone with one person and cut off from the outside world 🌍 to fake parentspolice shopping malls which came make the strongest of us raised around them want to run away screaming but she didn’t ? the all the supernatural stuff and different realms and guardiansfuture mates ????Too dang much I want to like this because I like the idea and I love a good RH but this is soo rushed and heavy handed soo far I don’t like that at allCurious about book 2 but grateful it’s KU otherwise this might be where I stoppedNo offense but I kinda like my version better ; MehIt’s exciting that there’s so many different types of paranormal in this books but I feels as if enough wasn’t put into it I don’t really have a feel for the guys or for her I didn’t get any sense of home with the cabin I also didn’t like how whiney the chick was I understand she was sheltered for 20 years but come on And how she listened to her “mother” when she knew she didn’t want to Birthright is a coming of age story inside a conspiracy inside a mystery The set up for a series is always a little tedious learning the new world specifics and the players but this is so imaginative I just got engrossed in it I like North she is young and right now somewhat scared but I think she has a strength of heart that will help her develop into the protector needed to guard the realms Her six guardians are similar to other mythological beings yet different and their personalities are coming out also I can't wait for the next installment Had potential Disappointing This book had really good potential wth the plot but the author really missed the mark Too much information was crammed into a too short time period The characters did not feel realistic or natural Some scenes felt awkward and left me wishing they would end uicker I was so excited after reading the summery and was left disappointment after reading What a wonderful start to a new series After finding out she has been lied to her entire life North embarks a journey that she never expected At least she will have several companions on her journey Can't wait for book twoI received an Advance Reader's Copy of this book which I am voluntarily reviewing Great start for this seriesI feel like this book was refreshing because it gave a new and believable lead character I loved North and found her to be logical and brave I love the whole kidnapped aspect as well I cannot wait for book 2 to read interactions between her and the guys And to learn about the supernatural world Great first book in a series A good first book in a new series called True North this book does end in a cliff hanger North Campbell's life gets very complicated when her Father diesas he was not really her Father Her life just seems to go on one turn after the other from bad to worse then maybe a little better I was given a ARC of this book and am voluntarily reviewing it A complex world with lies deception manipulation and a young woman in the middleNorth has been lied to all her life and is thrown into another way of life and situations that she is not used toI would highly recommend this book Cute and I’m interested in reading book 2 I felt the mc was alittle wish washy but that may have simply been part of the story she was dealing with grief and a huge change in thinking The guys were a little pushy for me but i am looking forward to seeing how the author develops the story It was an ok start to a new rh series It was bit hard to connect to the MFC and the male characters didn't really stand out too much I'm hoping as the story continues we get to know them a bit Will keep reading book2 when it comes out to see what happens