THE RENDLESHAM FILE: Britain's Roswell ?

THE RENDLESHAM FILE: Britain's Roswell ?❮Epub❯ ➡ THE RENDLESHAM FILE: Britain's Roswell ? ➠ Author Andrew Pike – The Rendlesham File Britain s Roswell The Rendlesham File Britain s Roswell is a scientific investigation into the possible cause of the Rendlesham Forest Incident of December involving UFO sightings The Rendlesham File Britain s Roswell The FILE: Britain's ePUB ´ Rendlesham File Britain s Roswell is a scientific investigation into the possible cause of the Rendlesham Forest Incident of Decemberinvolving UFO sightings in and around Rendlesham Forest between the twin airbases of RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk, England It examines the likely cause of balls of light and a triangular craft that appeared in and around the area seen by the airmen of the twin bases and local civilians Following a review of theBerwyn Mountains incident in the summer ofattention was drawn to strange THE RENDLESHAM PDF \ plasma like balls of light seen at Rendlesham Forest during the following Christmas What at first appeared to be a simple case of possible earthlights, meteorological and aerial plasma phenomena developed into an investigation which included microwave technology, radar, electromagnetic influences on the human body including the brain, black budget advances in mind control and exotic aviation including stealth and anti gravity technologies Many of the black projects examined held answers to the causes with developments in the investigation coming as a result of FBI and CIA files There was also evidence from astronomical, RENDLESHAM FILE: Britain's MOBI õ geophysical and electromagnetic research going back to the late s This led to significant clues from scientific advances during World War Two with further answers also coming from the s in plasma physics and astronomy, especially plasma cosmology right up to the present day Some of these advances were also made by scientists working alone away from mainstream science as a result of the taboo nature of their research This book gathers together these diverse areas of research to show that than just earthlights occurred that Christmas and in doing so highlights black projects and mainstream scientific research that are significant to many other areas of ufology and other paranormal subjects It was discovered that everything witnessed during the Rendlesham Forest Incident was seen before, either in and around the forest, or around the world before and since the event This allowed the scientific investigation to follow the science through to possible answers In doing so it became obvious that something had heightened and brought together many phenomena that Christmas which would otherwise be seen separately or to a much reduced intensity Military secrecy and a general view by the Ministry of Defence that this was of no defence significance proved to be wrong and through the black projects and declassified paperwork it was shown that this view by the powers that be might be part of the cover Although much of the scientific conclusions were in place bydevelopments and further research unfolded over the following decades appearing with an eerie habit of serendipity These added strength to the conclusions already established To date this is the only extensive civilian investigation into the science of arguably the most famous sightings in UFO history The Rendlesham File is the first book written about these events by a UK academic Andrew Pike is a qualified astrophysicist and a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society The Rendlesham File takes an unbiased scientific look at the UFO sightings in question and out puts all of the information under the microscope Is there a scientific explanation for these UFO sightings or are they truly the result pf something that is yet beyond our scientific capabilities Open The Rendlesham File and discover the answers for yourself.