Distant Light Tales from the Edge #1

Distant Light Tales from the Edge #1[Epub] ❧ Distant Light Tales from the Edge #1 Author Chloe Adler – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Iphigenia Holt is a good little witch who grew up under the thumb of a wicked mother and two powerful sisters Pegged as a caretaker Iphi hides a secret that would change the way everyone around her vi Iphigenia Holt Tales from PDF/EPUB Â is a good little witch who grew up under the thumb of a wicked mother and two powerful sisters Pegged as a caretaker Iphi hides a secret that would change the way everyone around her views her she’s an empath And yet she doesn’t let that stand in her way A soaring circus performer with a fierce love for animals and the downtrodden Iphi tumbles her way through life hiding the hurt just being Distant Light Epub / around others can inflict Until she meets an enigmatic vampire and his three hot shapeshifting cousins Drawn to the brightness she shines into their lives Light Tales from the Edge PDF/EPUB or each man promises to transport Iphi from the monotony of her life into a world truly filled with magic They offer her love protection—and an unconventional arrangement that will make her the scandal of Distant Edge But when a rogue vampire attacks Iphi it’s time for the men to step up and Light Tales from Epub à for Iphi to fight back the only way she knows how with love compassion and her inner radiance If love can’t conuer evil her four protectors are than willing to bare tooth and claw at her side—whether she’ll have them or not A paranormal urban fantasy reverse harem series This is book out of in the Tales From the Edge Series. It wasn't as good as I hoped it would be At least for me it wasn't The story failed to capture my attention for longer than a few minutes and I found my mind wandering a lot But what really did not work for me were the characters I'm not sure I liked even one of them but especially the main one Iphigenia I stumbled on her name every single time I read it She's a bleeding heart and wants to save everyone she meets And while that's not really so bad the fact that she completely disregards her own feelings is She cares about what everyone thinks and feels trying to please the people around her and she wants everyone to like her and that's just not something I understand Plus Iphi spends a lot of her time in the state of self doubt and that is simply exhausting to read about Anyone else I plain and simple did not care much about Except maybe Iphi's mom but my feelings for that woman were not nice Aurelia is a lunatic and not the fun kind and the fact that Iphi spent all her life trying to appease her mother is another reason as to why I did not like the main heroinOverall I simply do not think that this book is for me Not sure whether or not I'm going to read the next book I think not I received a free copy through Booksprout and voluntarily reviewed itDistant Light sounded interesting and I am glad I got the chance to read it It's a reverse harem paranormal romance story set in the Edge universe There's a bit of danger some family drama relationship dynamics and some fun side characters It kept my attention and I enjoyed the book for the most partOne of my favorite parts of this book was the main character Iphi she's such a nice character who always sees the best in people and I liked that about her I liked how she wanted to help others were she could Although she did take that a bit too far at times living under the oppressive thumb or her mother and almost losing herself in the process I liked seeing her change a bit throughout the book The romance part was well done I liked how she got to know these four men and how each of them had their own personality Although I had hoped to get to know a bit better I do think each of them was different enough and was able to form an image of all of them It did feel a bit like they fell into one clear characteristics the creative type the strong and bulky one and the psychologist It was a tad overdone but at the same time it did make it easy to remember who was who The one I felt we got to know the least is actually Rhys he just seemed a bit bland to meThe reverse harem aspect was well done I liked how Iphi had her doubts and felt a bit weird when she started to have feelings for two of them and then and wasn't sure how to handle things at first That felt realistic The reverse harem part was done differently than in the reverse harem novels I read so far Instead of meeting one guy at a time she meets them all at once and the guys already know each other and are brothers It did weirded me out a bit that they were all brothers and knew their brothers all liked the same girl but it was nice to see they already had such a close bond to each otherI also liked how we got some parts from the guys point of views as well The focus is on Iphi but each man has some parts from his point of view And I felt that this also helped to get to know them a bit better and it was interesting to hear their thoughts as well It also was nice how she had some scenes with each man alone as well I liked seeing how she interacted with everyone individually and as a group or anything in between There are two sex scenes toward the end of the book and I liked it took them a while to get to that stage Although it still felt as little bit fast when I think of how everything happens over a few daysWhat I didn't care for was their alpha behavior and while I understood they wanted to protect her it uickly turned into one of those conversations where the men are being all alpha and saying she needs protection and they want to watch over her with her insisting she can take care of herself and wants her independence I just didn't care for that and it bothered me Iphi was so stubborn at that point and that the men were so annoying and didn't even tell her the whole truth Maybe if they told her everything in a calm way instead of going all alpha males on her she would've understood their concern betterThere were some fun side characters although it did feel like they all had their own story already Like with later books in some of those romance series were each book features a different characters When I looked up the author's other series it seems that series features some of the side characters we met here And I kinda wished I had started there Tough this book can easily be read as a standalone I like to read things in order they happenBesides the romance there is a bit about Iphi's job she performs at the circus and teaches lessons during off season I thought it was a nice addition and gave some flavor to her character There's also a plot line about a rogue vampire that's on the lose The men know about this but we don't get to know what they know about it only that they're not telling Iphi what they know I didn't really care about the rogue vampire plot line It sort of felt added to the book and like it didn't uite blend well and fit in there I also didn't really care about the cliffhanger I normally don't mind them but the cutting of a scene in the middle to create a cliffhanger just feels artificial to meI liked the part of the world building we got to know about This is another aspect where you notice the author already created this world before this is there is very little world building but what we get to know feels very natural like the author knows exactly how everything works which was nice And throughout the book I did get a good feel for how things work The paranormal aspect is subtle but at the same time it's part of everything and nicely woven throughout the storyTo summarize I enjoyed reading this book Iphi was a great main character and I liked how kind and caring she was seeing the best in people and wanting to help if possible The romance was well done too and I liked how we got to know each of the men a bit They did seemed a bit centered around one characteristic but that did make it easy to remember who was who Rhys was my least favorite as it felt like he stayed a bit bland while the others had personality in my opinion It also was nice how we got some parts from each of the men's point of views too I wasn't too happy they didn't tell Iphi the full truth and went al alpha male and insisting they had to protect her on her but also didn't care for how Iphi was super insistent she could handle herself There are some other things going on as well besides the romance I liked the circus scenes but didn't really care for the rogue vampire plot line The ending is a cliffhanger in the middle of a scene All in all I did enjoy this book and learning about this world the author has created 3 StarsOverall Rating ★★★Plot ★★★Humor ★★★Characters Character Development ★★★Narration ★★★ Cliffhanger? YESDid I like it? Yes I'm not sure if I like it enough to continueStory I was somewhat interested in the story Iphigenia seemed like a kind girl if not somewhat naive that could grow in to something amazing I liked that she was a circus performance I could not stand however her mother and how she treated her I wonder what motivation a person would have to be with a person like her mother Her mother just seemed bat shit crazy to me For the life of me I don't know why Alistair was with her The guys Nothing really stood out for me about the guys but it annoyed me that even though Iphi liked all four of them she never really made that clear in book 1 Also it was annoying that Thorn was stuck in his dragon form for so much of the book and still remained so at the endNarration I wanted to love the narration but the female narration was just okay I didn't love her voice for the guys but it was bearable However the guy narration made the guys sound too gruff and he made the females voice too valley girl or something Or maybe like a teenagerThis was okay for the first in a series but I'm not sure yet I really liked this book It was fast paced constantly had my attention and I swear I lost time while reading it One minute I was 25% through and then what felt like ten minutes later I was done This book just flew by for me and the pacing was spot on throughoutWhen I started this book it was clear that I didn't have all of the information that I needed A lot of characters were being introduced like I was supposed to know them already Little did I know this is actually the second series chronologically in this world The author's other series Love on the Edge came first and it is about all of the side characters in this book including Iphigenia the main character's sisters So because I hadn't read their stories first there were some things that didn't make sense to me and I did always have a feeling that I was missing something I don't think that the author explained the side characters very well and there were some things in the plot that didn't completely make sense to me because of itBesides that issue I had no problems with the book I had a lot of fun while reading it and I will be continuing the series I just wish that some background information would have been explained a little After reading this I am interested in reading about Iphigenia's sisters and checking out some of Chloe Adler's other books Okay so right off the bat I knew this was a book I wouldn't care much for but I will admit it was actually much better than expected sure there was the expected sex scenes that were ungodly long and imo weird but they didn't happen until well over halfway through the book thank satan I really liked the characters mostly the sisters and iphi So even though I have no plan on reading the rest of the series despite the cliffhanger lmao nor any books like this it wasn't the down right torture I was expecting though some of it was torturous ngl Rating 25 starsI liked it and I also found that Iphi was a very bright and good character Unfortunately I do not like the way the romance is going for now Awful selfish tyranic mom Super cute little dragon Circus performances I kind of want to read the other series from the same universe of the author now Interesting take on a classicI tend to enjoy weird takes on my favorite fairy tales and this one didn’t disappoint Eager to read the next in the series 🎁 FREE on today 12212019 🎁 Great readThis book was so good It hooked me from the first page Just need all my answer to the cliffhanger A Distant Light by Chloe Adler is book one in her Tales from the Edge series This book is a reverse harem novel In this book we follow the youngest of three witches – Iphigenia Holt She is an amazing performer at the circus and strives to continue to improve her art At the age of 20 years old she has chosen to continue living at home with her mother Her mother’s boyfriend Alistair is moving in with them During this transition Iphigenia meets Rhys Alistair’s grandson Immediately Iphigenia’s mother is far from pleased During the summer Iphigenia performs with the circus and it’s her time to shine On opening night of the circus Rhys and his cousins show up to watch her perform and to make themselves known to her Iphigenia does an amazing performance that leaves the men than a little in awe of her Iphigenia being an empath can sense the feelings of those around her and she gets a sense of this from the men As she heads home after her performance Iphi hears something that alerts her to trouble A human is being taken by a vampire against her will Iphigenia being the generous heart that she is stops to help The vampire recognizes her but uickly disappears Iphigenia doesn’t know it but she has placed herself in immense danger With encouragement from her friend Burgundy she reports the incident to the police and once again runs into the men Rhys and his handsome cousins There is a definite chemistry between them all and it begins a slow burn between them that will come to a flame sooner or laterA Distant Light by Chloe Adler is the first book that I have read by this author and I enjoyed it very much I’ve been hearing lots of good things about this story and so when I saw the opportunity to read this book I pounced This story does not disappoint Iphigenia is portrayed as both a strong character but also a gentle hearted person as well She’s independent but caring enough to put aside her own wants for another She tries to be the bridge between her mother and her two older sisters but you can tell that it’s a struggle The chemistry between her and the men is dynamic The author does a good job working it The romance and interest start off with a slow burn of where they are resisting taking that next step The men are worried about damaging the relationship between them and even Iphigenia has that same thought as well She uses her abilities to sense their feelings but she is not “in your face” about it I like that the men are caring and protective of Iphi from the very beginning but allow her to fight her own battles most of the time There are some hot headed moments but nothing over the topThe only issues I have with this story are that it leaves me with some unanswered uestions that I feel could have been answered as the story goes along As I have stated above this is the first book that I have read by Chloe Adler so maybe the answers I seek are in another book But I am curious as to what is going on with Iphigenia’s mother Why is she the way that she is? She’s so uick to judge and condemn I can understand the maternal concern but she seems to be overreaching often than not into just wanting to be controlling For me it just seems like she doesn’t want any of her daughters to have a relationship but then it’s okay for her the mother to have relationships It just leaves me a bit confused As someone who is stepping into a new series by a new author for me I would have liked it if the author had given some explanation for the irrational behavior of the mother Also another issue I have is when Iphi and her friend Burgundy are in Confectionaries after leaving the club Promise It's just them Then Caspian shows up So that brings the number of characters up to three at this location however when the author shifts to the very next chapter suddenly there are Where did the other men come from? There is not an explanation of this Caspian didn't say that the others came with him because he was left behind to recover while the rest went to the clubAll in all I enjoyed this story very much The author kept me engaged from beginning to end I did everything but cry I laughed I frowned I got irritated with various characters mostly the mother and the loved the relationshipsfriendships between Iphigenia and her sisters her friend Burgundy and the men Overall I feel that the story is very well done As this is a reverse harem novel there are steamy scenes so if you are not into that then skip this book The scenes do not happen until deep into the story so there is no rushing into it But still if you prefer clean reads just skip this book and save yourself the energy of complaining about what you have already been forewarned about Also this book does have a bit of a major cliffhanger so if you don’t like cliffhangers just pass on this book While the cliffhanger is a big one it is not abrupt You see it coming so there isn’t anyone minute you’re reading along merrily and the next thing you know it’s over and you’re left confusedAll in all I am rating this book 45 out of 5 stars I’m taking off half a star because I feel that the author could have explained some of the issues with the mother to give us some idea of why she is the way that she is I will be going back and reading the author’s other series to hopefully gain some clarity but I feel that some should have been given in this story as well The story overall is well written very engaging and definitely a book that I will be recommending I am very much looking forward to the next book in this series I am absolutely eager for of Iphigenia and her men