Streets of Winter

Streets of Winter[PDF] ⚣ Streets of Winter ✯ Skye MacKinnon – Emily never expected to find herself on the streets of Edinburgh looking for a place to stay In the midst of winter a park bench doesn't sound very inviting When a mysterious stranger invites her into Emily never expected to find herself on the streets of Edinburgh looking for a place to stay In the midst of winter a park bench doesn't sound very inviting When a mysterious stranger invites her into his home she first suspects he has ulterior motives especially when she finds out that he lives with two other guys Is he really the good Samaritan he seems This is a reverse harem novella Streets of PDF/EPUB or A full length novel will be published later in the year Trigger warning contains scenes of abuse. MacKinnon just keeps on knocking it out of the park Streets of Winter is a contempory RH that follows our MC Em and her guys Em's life has taken a turn for the worse and she is living life rough too rough This isn't a story where the girl meets a guy guy saves girl and they live happily ever after No this story is gritty and down to earth and so easy to get invested in There are most definitely men and they are exuisite These guys swoop in to Em's life and change everything This is a refreshing story with adventure and emotion in spades I loved this book and couldn't put it down It's a contemporary reverse harem romance about a girl who just can't catch a break Due to unfortunate circumstances Emily finds herself homeless despite being smart fluent in four languages After a traumatic night Emily somehow finds herself in the very capable hands of three gorgeous men I can't wait for the next one Em is having a rough day Well rough year actually Given the boot by her abusive girlfriend she is now among the homeless and on the street Trying to survive is hard work and warmth and food are now luxuries After dodging a particularly friendly guy by the name of Ben she hides away thinking she's escaped something possibly awful Little does she know until she runs into someone who doesn't take no for an answer and doesn't particularly care if she lives or not In her recovery room Ben appears again This time he is the one not taking no for answer but not to harm her He and his team need her help and are willing to help her in return uestion is what exactly is she signing up for? This was a great story I adore the career that the guys Ben Lou and Al are part of and commend their effortseven if this is a work of fiction The fact that joining the team allows Em to use her talents in a way to give back someone who is an abuse survivor understands the need to do is just icing on the cake Slight trigger warning in that Em is roughed up a couple times but each time it is interrupted Em is abundant with luck just not all of it is good poor dear The relationship was a little rushed due to her personal history and recent trauma but again fictional work here This is an RH romance and the beginning of a series so there is an HEA but it also leaves us with uestions for the next Intense and absolutely stunning storyThis isn't your average RH romance novel it starts with a really unusual but absolutely entertaining description of a situation I've read a ton of books but haven't seen such a original way of introducing the MC and story It is perfectly written and shows again that Skye MacKinnon is an absolutely talented author Her writing style gets you right from the first page and won't let you stop for a second You just have to devour the book Streets of Winter is full of well developed and deep characters The topic of the struggles of a homeless woman is really refreshing and heartbreakingly realistic You'll experience all the emotions and hardships that Emily is going through Life isn't always easy and Emily learns it the hard way till she meets a kind of strange but also alluring man She couldn't know how much her life would change just because of this one coincidence Even though you thought you had the story figured out it surprises you and leads into a different direction You'll grin get angry bite your nails because of the tension and will suffer serious heartbreakingit will leave you breathless but in such a good way This is like every other book from Skye definitely a MUST READ So stop reading this review and buy Streets of Winter you won't regret it Great story I uite liked the charactersSo Em starts out the story living on the streets You get a brief look into her past to explain how she got there spoiler it could easily be your or me in the same situation She then meets a mysterious stranger Only she's not as much of a stranger to him and she believes He and his two friends have need of her services As a translatorTo be honest the main reason I gave this book 4 stars is because I want MORE of it It felt a little rushed The story is great and there's some GREAT steamy scenes But it felt like I could have used a couple chapters building up her relationship with her guys and getting to learn a little about her initial time with them before she jumps into bed with them the first guys she's been with since her last girlfriend who was abusive And maybe given a couple chapters to the work they do and how Em works into that before everything gets crazyOther than that I thought it was pretty splendid I'm intrigued to read about Em Gladiator Superman and the Genius ; MacKinnon really gets you in the feels when this book starts Em is living on the streets MacKinnon does an excellent job of portraying the plight of the homeless without making it feel preachy Also part of the sales of this book will be donated to charity I liked Em she ends up on the streets but she doesn’t blame others and she takes the precautions she can She’s a smart but has made poor decisions and at times trusted people she shouldn’t I liked that she doesn’t trust the guys immediately I like that the guys understand her and don’t push her beyond what she is comfortable with I Can’t wait to read about Em and her guys I received an ARC of this book and voluntarily and honestly reviewed it This a contemporary Reverse Harem novel In this story we meet Em and we see how easy it can be to become homeless After shes been on the streets for a while in Winter no less she meets Ben a guy who seems nice but Em is very distrusting of him especially with what she's learned being homeless She runs into him again but she doesn't trust him and ends up in a worse situationBen comes back into the picture with a place to live And a job And two very sexy roommates that are also in this same job that are in need of Em's translating skills Ben Luther and Alistair just happen to be very sexy coworkers And interested in Em I found it great as a contemporary RH and very hot It was fast paced and short but didn't feel rushed Looking forward to the next one I really enjoyed this book Emily has found herself in a situation she never imagined Homeless She's cold and alone and just trying to survive Suddenly a man keeps popping up in her life but she doesn't want to trust him Until she's attacked and isn't left with much choice She finds herself with a job a roof over her head and three new friends She also may be in a dangerous situation now than ever before I enjoyed the story and the characters I did feel it jumped into the sexual parts rather uickly but it didn't detract from my liking of the story overall I received Streets of Winter from the authorpublisher via BookFunnel The gifting did not determine the reviewrating which reflects my honest opinion I'm not a huge fan of short stories as I prefer to get a good sense of the characters which is lacking in many novellas but MacKinnon did an excellent job of creating a story and protagonist that held my interest from the first page I would love to have read a full length version of this book as the characters and base plot were interesting and have great potential for a full length book series This is a fantastic contemporary RH romance The MC is really relatable and is doing everything she can to make it in this world I find her unpretentious and real She’s not hiding anything and puts it all out there Let’s talk about the men for a second I love this whole group of men All of them They are kind and sweet and give Em what she needs from each of them I’m still waiting for my my very own Luther

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