Tainted Demon Within Book 1

Tainted Demon Within Book 1[Download] ➵ Tainted Demon Within Book 1 By Ginna Moran – Oaklandjobs.co.uk In a dangerous world where Hell rules the night one girl discovers the true cost of survivalSpending years on the run from the demon who murdered her parents seventeen year old Cami Anders relies on a In a dangerous world Within Book Epub Ü where Hell rules the night one girl discovers the true cost of survivalSpending years on the run from the demon who murdered her parents seventeen year old Cami Anders relies on a rogue demon Tainted Demon Kindle - hunter to keep her safe Despite the threat of Hell on earth the night brings Cami manages to live a normal life learning what she can from her guardian about the world she fears The arrival of a mysterious Demon Within Book MOBI ñ boy pulls Cami deeper into the realm of demons unveiling secrets about her life that her guardian had kept from her She discovers the truth about her parents and the real reason she’s been on the run a lifestyle she wants desperately to change With help from new allies—a sassy young hunter fresh from the Hunter’s Academy and a hot strangely familiar half demon—Cami takes charge of her life and learns to fight back instead of fleeing But when the demon from Cami’s past arrives to collect her soul which he believes is rightfully his she is given an impossible ultimatum Cami must decide what’s important—sacrificing herself for those who would die to protect her or saving her soul her most costly possession. I recieved an ARC copy of this book for an honest reviewThis was a great read I loved Cami and how much she grew as a person throughout the book The writing was great and the content was great too I love supernatural books and this one exceeded my expectations I can't wait for the next book in this series I would definitely recommend this Full Review at received a copy for an honest review Well this book was meh for me I felt like nothing happened at all and nothing was explained The world building was terrible The premise seemed pretty interesting but totally fell short At the very beginning the book had a lot of potential because Cami wakes up to her house burning down with a demon trying to suck her soul Then Alana picked her up along the side of the road Then the book goes three years later with Cami and Alana killing demons and running from the demon that tried to suck Cami’s soul They talk about the Veiled Realm but do not explain it at all Also I did not like the insta love with Dylan that was obnoxious and I couldn’t ever tell if he was real or not He appeared in Cami’s dreams but also in real life so confusing I think Cami and Evan’s relationship could have potential if she would just forget about Dylan I also thought Cami being half demon was interesting But it never really explained how her mom ended up with the demon in the first place Overall there were a lot of issues with this book and it was just ok I was hired to proofread this book As far as I know the author was not aware that I would be reviewing afterwards It was not part of our agreement I simply review every book I read and reading is an important part of proofreading If you feel my connection to the book makes my review untrustworthy so be it but this is my honest reviewI really like the basic idea of this story that there is a realm for angels and demons that most humans just are not aware of except those with a direct connection to it The story got off to a really intriguing start that made me want to know and keep readingI didn't really understand while reading why Alana never taught Cami how to fight demons herself since they were apparently a pretty big threat to them But there is a reveal nearish to the end that I suppose may explain her reluctance I still don't really get it but I sort of understand I guess I was definitely drawn into this world and I very much look forward to reading from this series 45 out of 5 starsReview originally posted on Just Another Girl and Her Books bloghttpwwwjustanothergirlandherbooks I received this book as an e copy from YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for an honest reviewFor a short book this one packed a lot inThe road trip the demon hunting and the family dynamics from hell This book had it all I had a lot of fun reading about all of the characters I feel like some elements of the minor characters are going to be explored in the seuel which would be niceI found Cami to be somewhat relatable There were sometimes when I felt like I was watching a horror story yelling at the screen “Don’t go in the basement” when the character does the exact opposite of what you are yellingThere were some minor issues that I had with regards to how uick the plot moved along I felt some elements could have been drawn out a bit and I felt that they went by a bit too uicklyOverall I enjoyed this book with elements I have seen done before I have given Tainted a rating of 375 5 I received this book for an honest review It started off a little slow for me But once I got a ways in the action and story line really picked up for me I liked the fact that Cami was a survivor She's a very smart girl however sometimes she could be a little slow and naive The demon that is after her is relentless He will stop at nothing to get to her As the story goes on and you reach a huge plot twist the story just continues to go full speed ahead By the way I'm totally Team Evan I would highly recommend this story for anyone who likes a coming of age paranormal story It's intriguing to say the least