Briar Midnights Crown #1

Briar Midnights Crown #1✽ Briar Midnights Crown #1 kindle Epub ❁ Author Ripley Proserpina – The sun is Briar Hale’s enemy  All her life she’s been in the shadows sheltered and protected warned and smothered Not any  Briar is ready to take control of her life and step out into the sunli The sun is Briar Hale’s enemy  All her life she’s been in the shadows sheltered and protected warned and smothered Not any  Briar is ready to take control of her life and step out into the sunlight for the first time A newly enrolled graduate student at Boston College she’s determined to discover why her body betrays her And she knows just the scientist to help her  Professor Hudson Nors has secrets of his own—secrets he’s kept for Briar Midnights ePUB ✓ eternity and which he never wants to see the light of day No matter how wonderful Briar smells and how important she feels Hudson decides the best thing he can do for her is stay away Suddenly Briar with her strange condition and boundless curiosity turns the world Hudson’s spent centuries perfecting upside down  But this pale fragile girl has a spine of steel and if Hudson won’t help her she’ll find someone who will  By a luck or fate Briar meets Hudson’s brothers Marcus Valen and Sylvain Like Hudson they can sense this human girl means something important to all of them But what could four vampire brothers possibly have to offer a human  Unwittingly Briar brings together these immortal brothers and teaches them eternity is too short to give up on hope  Briar is the first book in the Midnight's Crown series A slow burn reverse harem romance. Borderline okay Briar is a paranormal vampire shifter harem romance novel It's super uick short and easy read However it does get boring or feels like it's just constantly dragging you along until you get to a little road block I don't think anything was really resolved and I just finished the damn book I don't know if I want to read the next book or not but if I do I just pray that it's less boring and everything gets solved maybe?Briar was an okay MC but she didn't really do anything for me She was a great character that didn't whine a whole bunch but I also didn't really connect with her Then there are the vampire gods in this book that were meh to me I guess I just didn't really connect with anyone in this book I'm happy that they are all on one team now and they want to fight against the villain and everything but overall I just didn't really care about anythingOverall interesting concept but boring in a lot of parts This is one of my favourite RH which is also the most under appreciated Not many of us know about this little gem and I both want to shout it from the rooftopsAnd at the same time hide it away and coddle it so no big bad reviewers can come along and tear it to pieces So help meSo if you don’t like over protective vampires x4 in a sweet and charming series then girlfriend this ain’t one for you⚠️Was Twilight painful for you?⚠️Do mushy feelings and HEA want to make you tear your hair out?⚠️Do you think four overprotective Vampires is about as fun as a 12 hour flight with a 2 year old?If you can answer yes to any of the above Moving onThe things I love most about this series areThe MC Briar Nothing to do with Briar Rose or sleeping beautyBriar is not a typical teenage protagonist She’s smart not your average smart but the professor is using my theories in his lectures kind of smart She’s rational and doesn’t react to things in the way you’d expect her to Probably because she’s so smart she thinks thing through and comes to a sensible decision Can I get an Amen?Briar has a rare skin condition where she can’t go into direct sunlight without being burned and has led her life indoors and isolated Going to college is a big step for her in independence Briar may be super smart but she is vulnerable because of her condition and when she meets 4 vampires they are naturally a bit overprotective because of it She doesn’t let them push her around but at the same time she knows she can’t do everything a normal girl can doShe’s sweet and kind and smart I wish teenage MC’s could be like herThe pacingIt’s a trilogy and the books aren’t long so things move along nicely But not insta love There’s still a build up to the relationships and it’s really satisfying to get progression without the need to fall in love straightaway It’s also written is first person past tense so Amen to that too It ended a bit abruptly and a little to picture perfect but I will forgive thatThe haremMultiple POV of each of the 4 guys means we get a great perceptive and understanding of their own problems and issues They were just the perfect combo of protective sweet and understanding of Briar and her condition I loved them all but it was Briar who stole the show Look you guys I could go on and on here but bottom line if you love RH and aswered YES to all the aforementioned uestions Do you remember when you were in school and teachers were dragging you through the endless prose of Dickens and you are going Why are the chapters written like this? and the teacher then tells you that he released them in serials where he got paid by the content so that's why he is so long winded and the chapters end in weird cliff hangers occasionally?Yeah because that is really what this book is likeIt's an episode It is a portion of the story that is being told Nothing is resolved in this book There is some progress towards an end but it stops way short of actually accomplishing anything It's an introduction A taste A fucking teaseY'all know I usually hate vampire books Twilight ruined me for that That and because they have gotten so overwritten that they are no longer scary and the market is just stupidly saturatedThis book takes a marginally interesting look at vampires and makes them a scientific abnormality than anything else That's pretty damn refreshing in my bookAnd these vampires are actually scary They lose control They hunt They feed They lust There is still danger as opposed to sparkly vegetariansThere's also a lot of sexual tension which leads us to the part about the Reverse Harem which is the real reason I picked up this book in the first placeOkay we have the typical hot overbearing dudes and the shy virginal girl but one part that this book seems to get right is the reasoning behind the two The men were turned because they were big and strong not the other way around One of them is a fucking Viking so you know he is bad as fuckAnd the girl has a disease that keeps her isolated so the chance of some hanky panky is pretty damn lowI guess the whole point I'm trying to make is that despite the brevity of this episode book it seems to be pretty well thought out There is world building There are real threats And creepy things lurking in the darkI just wish it had a bit substance to it This was the pilot episode I'm wondering if it is going to get picked up by any major networks and actually continue on for a bit 🎁 FREE on today 7132019 🎁 Wow from start to finish I was so hooked with this book it truly exceeded my expectations Can't wait to jump into book 2Overall Rating45 So Good Unfortunately the writing style didn't have much chemistry with me There is an element of cheesiness and rushing in the storyline and I didn't feel any heated passions other than being told of an instant bond the characters didn't seem able to fight against Having the main character allergic to light was at least something different to bring to the table and I did like her personality as a main character well enough It's leading up to later I'm sure but I wasn't invested in enough to continue into the seuels ★4 Stars I don't know really how to review this I like many aspects about it Like the heroine being a huge science nerd even though there are a couple words I can't pronounce out loud But there were also things I didn't like I guess we pro con thisProsThe menHeroine likes scienceThe easy banterConsBriar accepted the men way to easilyThough Briar has had this condition all her life she still tends to get burned in the sun way to many timesThe story was slow paced and didn't wow me or really hook me inI do plan on reading the second book but I don't know if I will finish the series I'm so torn on this one Because I absolutely loved the guys Hudson Marcus Valen and Sylvain They absolutely stole the show for me But at the same time I'm just bored with the story Because not much happened I don't knowBriar is a young 22 year old woman who is allergic to the sun If she goes in the sun without her protective clothing she burns up in seconds Her condition is EPP She's dealt with this all her life She decides it's time to put her big girl panties on and enrolls in college in Boston There she attends a seminar where Hudson is speaking about EPP After the seminar she finds him in an atrium with so many students surounding him She's so distracted that she puts her hand into the sunlight without her gloves on She screams and passes outEnter all the brothers They all gets a wiff of Briar's smell and they each smell something different but her scent is a reminder of home to them From before they were turned into vampires They all take an interest in her and decide to get to know her and the story develops from thereBut that's just the thing The story really didn't go anywhere You're introduced to the bad guy And there was one scene where something happened that was interesting But other than that it was just a lot of filler information So this book essentially was just a filler book for before the actual story begins Which is kind of annoyingBut I am so taken with these four guys and I really want to know if Briar comes into her own that I feel like I must continue with the story We'll see where this goes Didn't even need honey for my oatmeal this morning because this book is so sweetDamn what a refresher basks in a cool Pacific breezeJk I live in KansasAnyway I specifically LOVED the guys POV for onceTheir own narration on their past issues with the first wife they shared was endearingBriar was a teensie tiny bit too innocent BUT I see this changing One thing I truly appreciated was that she is indeed very practical and logical and SMART cue refreshing breeze I too got a degree in the sciences Though I can't say I blew that out of the water More like drowned But I did make it graduation in one pieceI hope Briar gets to finish school She needs thisGO TEAMI like that Briar takes shit head on thus far without running for the hills I hope she keeps this up Her fascination with knowledge in general has a lot to do with thisSLOW BURNNNNNNN ROMANCE yes please please please UGH TEAM HUDSONI wish they would have chosen a different name for Sylvain I keep saying Sylvia in my head I also truly enjoy that she isn't described as having lush curves and ass for daysHer beauty is much refined And the guys don't mention her hotness every other fucking pageAGAIN CUE FUCKING REFRESHING BREEZEYes onto book 2