Their Spark

Their Spark➸ [Reading] ➺ Their Spark By Maya Maven ➭ – One woman Three men The end of the worldIsabella is running for her life Enemies from her past are hot on her heels but she’s not giving it up without a fightFinn Ryder and Elliott are only alive be One woman Three men The end of the worldIsabella is running for her life Enemies from her past are hot on her heels but she’s not giving it up without a fightFinn Ryder and Elliott are only alive because they were in the right place at the right time when The Affliction swept across the globe When Isabella washes up in the river near their remote cabin on death’s door their struggle to survive gets even harderThese three men must work together to repair her wounds both inside and out Starting over at the end of the world they must all wrestle with the feelings Isabella has ignited in all of them Can they learn to share Does she have to choose When enemies from Isabella’s past resurface they must decide how far they are willing to go to surviveTheir Spark is the first book in the Embers of Civilization series This word novel is a steamy post apocalyptic reverse harem MFMM romance is eual parts daring escapes HOT nights and the fight for survival. This book had good promise but not enough information What is the affliction? Are they zombies? Do they infect you? What did Finn and Ryder do prior to the affliction? How old are these people? Just some of the things that were bouncing around in my head while I read the book Love in the time of the afflicted?Married to a gem of an abuser the apocalypse only brought pain to Isabella Her years of endurance made the breakdown of civilization easier to handle since she was already kept isolated But now without even police to assist she is truly on her own The story starts where she has broken free of her husband only yo be pursued by his father Shot half drowned and collapsed from pain from previous beatings she is found by Elliot Finn and Ryder her 3 Kings and right before Christmas too Understandably wary of their intentions in saving her she fights the feeling of welcome even as she craves it With each man vying for her attention she's wary of slighting the other The last thing she wants to do is break up decades long friendships especially when everyone needs to be working together to survive Just as tensions ease between the 4 of them a revelation makes life interestingin a Chinese blessing kind of way Like times aren't already interesting enough right? The afflicted psyco ex father in law 3 sweethearts and running low on supplies in the dead of winter we're just walks in the park compared to what's ahead I love dystopians I'd like a bit background on the afflicted though They aren't described as typical zombies and I feel like that may come about in the next This novella is introductory and is laying the groundwork for the series It does a great job The abuse that Isabella survived is tough to read but is revealed as a memory not in action Trigger warnings for that and the briefly mentioned rape by her husband While this book focuses on Isabella and her viewpoint we get brief mentions of the guys past but not much There is another friend and her guys I'm not sure if the series will bounce between or keep the focus on the main 4 in this story but I'll be watching for book 2 to find out Also as a notable mention I found very few grammatical errors as a reader this makes me so happy Meh Their Spark didn't feel like a book It felt very bare bones or like tiny clippings taken out of the Cliffnotes version of a bookI think the part that bugged me the most is that we really didn't see much Most of the book was the heroine's inner dialogue worrying over whether or not she couldshould be with the guys There's not much dialogue and little to no character building All of the times where we would've seen them grow togetherit was just skipped over with vague paragraphs about that time? Like what?view spoilerShe declares her love for them in her headwithout any real reason for being in love with them? At least nothing we saw Maybe stuff happened all of the time skips hide spoiler This is a new Dystopian RH which is a post apocalyptic type world This novel follows Isabella on her journey to navigate this new reality She’s had a hard time even person the event where a virus has spread through the entire world The virus created The Afflicted which zombie like people who are constantly hungry for food but not people and will do anything to get it Isabella meets her men when they save her from a freezing river and help take care of her She learns to trust people again in her journey with her men I’m not one for Dystopian type novels usually but this one was excellent It has all the elements that I could want in a book Romance hot guys and a compelling story This book did a great job capturing your attention and keeping it I received a free advanced reader copy of this book and voluntarily decided to review it I was very pleasantly surprised by this book Set Ina dystopian post apocalyptic scenario Isabella finds herself running for her life and gets to a point where she either gets shot or jumps to her doomShe gets rescued bypass three gorgeous guys but can she trust them? This is a well written exciting romantic story and I was glued to the page The character chemistry is fantastic and I was left wanting I am very excited for the next book in the series and I highly recommend End of the world hotness Like walking dead except instead of zombies they have what they call the afflicted but same type of end of world scenario But with much hotter scenes and a great beginning to a series that i can’t wait to read about The ending He better be ok That’s all I can say without spoiling it Read it Isabella is a strong character that has been through a lot and look forward to their adventure to the promised safe placed On the road to Emma Can’t wait Wow This is the first book I've read by this author I wasn't disappointed The plot was different and kept me entertained I fell in love with all three guys Ryder Elliott and Finn The characters were well developed and easily relatable The story line flowed smoothly throughout It does end in a cliffhanger I can't wait for the next book in the series Will Elliott survive? Will they make it to the silo safely? Will Isabella see her friend Emma again? We'll have to wait to seeI voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this bookHaving never read this author before I wasn't really sure what to expect but I have to say that I was uite impressed with Their SparkSo I really enjoyed this one and it's not something I would usually read The characters were likeable and kept me interested in the book This is an intriguing must read book and I would recommend it Looking forward to reading from Maya Maven Finished in one sittingPost apocalyptic are my favorite type of books I love how this relationship moves fast on paper but actually feels like it’s had enough time to grow into a realistic amount of feeling I loved every bit of it Hated all the hardship that the MC had to go through and she did get a bit silly at times But then again in an apocalypse you never know what you’re going to do Will be reading the rest of the story when it’s released ❤️ The SparkWow Just wow I just loved this book All the trauma our poor main character went through and she is can still love someone or should I say three sexy someones This book had a lot going on from start to finish I'm so looking forward to their next adventures Congrats Maya