Their Accidental Bride Waterworld Book 1

Their Accidental Bride Waterworld Book 1[Reading] ➬ Their Accidental Bride Waterworld Book 1 ➳ Aria Bell – To save the galaxy she must love them both Mindrin Zeras has no idea she's about to become a bride to not one but two alien princes But that's exactly what happens when she accidentally stumbles her w To save the galaxy she must Bride Waterworld PDF/EPUB ¼ love them both Mindrin Zeras Their Accidental Kindle - has no idea she's about to become a bride to not one Accidental Bride Waterworld eBook ↠ but two alien princes But that's exactly what happens when she accidentally stumbles her way into an intergalactic wedding while trying to fix a malfunctioning elevator Thanks to a treaty between the mar'don the celestri and humanity the bride's identity is to remain secret until the ceremony begins exactly when she finds herself at the altar Talk about stressful work days Now she's wed to both stunning powerful males who seem eager and skilled enough to claim her in every way possible There's only one little problem Both believe they're marrying a bride painstakingly selected for them not an imposter who was merely at the wrong place at the right time She's rapidly losing her heart to these two aliens who make her soul soar and her body uiver but if they discover the truth the peace treaty might go up in flames Nothing will stop Prince Valdur from doing his duty The mar'don are respected warriors and Valdur is both fierce and dedicated to honoring his new mates in the name of peace His little human bride has than enough spirit and beauty to make her a challenge even if he must overcome his possessive instincts and share her with Tyal She might even make him smile but there's something odd about her too and Prince Valdur hates to be deceived Meanwhile the charming Prince Tyal has secrets of his own and than a few suspicions about his new bride Tyal loves a mystery but he's beginning to suspect that unraveling this one might not be the best idea Only someone else seems to know who Mindrin really is and they don't care how many are hurt when the truth finally comes to light Reader note contains MFM ménage and hot romance elements. The story started nicely It was original But then the plot felt short The villain disappeared The resolution was not developed The one sex scene was not at all credible author needs to do some serious researches in this area Also the publisher added 44 pages of ads about books So out of 244 pages 190 is the real story However the writing is fluid and in proper english with no typo and I read it until the last page since I was hoping some plot evolution For me it is a sweet sci fi romance but felt a bit flat with the lack of plot development All characters are lovable though but here too needed meat to know them better so I could really fall for them This story needed the 44 pages missing to become a good book overall a bit disappointed The story started great but just when I started expecting it to bloom and grow it came to a very abrupt end I would have liked to know what happened with Ishtali and the commander? what was the resolution and etc? It could have been a much better story especially since most of what I read was very well written Wonderful What a great story about intergalactic peace euipment malfunction and in the end Lovemy only wish is that this book could be expanded to include another chapter or two that would explain what happened to a certain someone who deserved something nasty Their Accidental BrideI enjoyed the story liked the characters I wished the story was much longer and detailed I will watch for her next book