The Five Airshan Chronicles #1

The Five Airshan Chronicles #1✪ The Five Airshan Chronicles #1 pdf ✩ Author Nhys Glover – Flea wasn’t sure what was worse that the Goddess of All Creation wanted her to save the world from a primordial evil about to be released from the underworld or that She’d decreed Flea must forge Flea wasn’t sure Airshan Chronicles PDF/EPUB Ã what was worse that the Goddess of All Creation wanted her to save the world from a primordial evil about to be released from the underworld or that She’d decreed Flea must forge a loving bond with four magical sons to do itNot that she didn’t think she was brave enough She was But The Five PDF or she only had her mind reading magic and some fighting skills to call on How either could help her against a creature without a mind or a body she didn’t know Then there was the idea of marrying four strangers all right three strangers and her best friend Zem Flea didn’t even like sex Being raped at fourteen Five Airshan Chronicles PDF Ë can do that to a girl And if she could manage the marriage bed there was even worse to consider—finding a way to love them all and get them to love her After all she wasn’t Airsha She wasn’t a compassionate caring and lovable person She barely knew what love was And this was one situation she couldn’t con her way out of or through So basically with all things considered the world didn’t have a chance if it was depending on her to save the day The Goddess really got it wrong this time If you aren’t into love stories with lots of steam don’t read this book If you aren’t interested in fast paced exciting stories with lots of twists and turns don’t read this book If you’re open minded about how love is expressed at least in fiction and don’t mind staying up late to read just one chapter read this book now And if you’re ready to add another man into the bedroom read the next book Then if you’re up for excitement and can handle MMFMM action one woman four men—always tastefully done of course—then read the third book And if you don’t like steamy sex but do like a great story speed read through the sex scenes Just because they’re there doesn’t mean you have to read them after all. This was another story I just couldn't get into at the time I was reading itNot because of writing or the charactersBut just personally not something that caught my attentionI hope others read it and like it but it just wasn't for me 45 stars I was so happy to continue the adventure and romance from the previous series Flea was an intriguing character who makes a great central character for this new series The best part is that you still get to spend time with your favorite characters from the previous series Flea has a lot of pain and hasn't uite let go of the past It keeps her from wanting to form a sexual relationship with anyone even her best friend who loves her so much When the Goddess sends her on a mission that reuires she open her heart and body to four men it really is a catalyst for change in her lifeThis first book really sets the stage for the battle they will all face They literally have to save the world The five of them that are coming together are very different from one another and there are serious issues they face in trying to form a bondI love how the author really develops the characters and their relationships so well While Flea who becomes Flame narrates most of the story you still feel so close to all the characters I find it hard to not want to read on and finish each book in one sitting but it is such a rich experience that you really need time and want to savour the adventureThere is a realistic aspect to their relationship issues as they face insecurities and other issues in trying to form a relationship especially when you add multiple partners I like that the author mixes it all together into a really rich read that keeps me wanting I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received It was alright There were lots of things I liked about the book but it wasn't as engrossing as I was hoping for The story concept was interesting and I dug the whole friend to lovers vibe I really enjoyed the relationship between Flea Landor and her best friend sorry don't recall his name Those three seemed really to fit together Their character's seemed well developed but IMPO the other two members of the group seemed to enter the storyline prematurely and thus it seemed like the author was rushing the story It became awkward for me around the time when the fourth was introduced There were unresolved issue with Landor in reguards to what happened with the party and him trying to find his place within the confines of this relationship I would have preferred to see the three form a tight triad before trying to introduce other members to their group In the end it was alrightworth reading but it wasn't anything special Would I read the next book? Probably Would I be devastated if I didn't? Probably not Interesting take on elementals This first book is very descriptive It paints a very detailed picture of their world and each characters Great story line and moved along steadily but with all the descriptions it dragged a bit Still interesting enough to go on to book 2 15 Stars