Starlight Christmas Holiday Edition The Starlight Gods #3

Starlight Christmas Holiday Edition The Starlight Gods #3[Reading] ➹ Starlight Christmas Holiday Edition The Starlight Gods #3 ➯ Yumoyori Wilson – Christmas A time for giving and receiving A time for celebration A holiday I’ve only read about in a storybook – page after page of seeing a little girl celebrating the joys of Christmas I had env Christmas A time Holiday Edition Epub Þ for giving and receiving A time for celebration A holiday I’ve only read about in a storybook – page after page of seeing a little girl celebrating the joys of Christmas I had envied that girl reading her Starlight Christmas PDF/EPUB ² tale on the cold library floor while she was surrounded by so much warmth So many cycles trapped in the facility by my Owner my only presents the old tattered books that surrounded me my imagination my only salvation So many cycles Christmas Holiday Edition Kindle Ò I'd spent wishing to be like the girl in the fairy tale wishing I was surrounded by my loved ones opening presents and enjoying their company My wish had finally come true This cycle would be different Rescued by my star knights Christmas Holiday Edition The Starlight PDF or I vowed to enjoy every minute of this season with them by my side This Christmas I would enjoy being free Starlight Christmas is apart of the Holiday Series It will be a FULL LENGTH novel and does not take place during the same timeline as the main series It’s recommended to read DARK WISH BOOK ONE of the Starlight Gods Series AND TAINTED ROSE BOOK TWO to understandenjoy this novel Recommended for audience containing mature sexual content and strong language MANY Sex scenes If that is not your cup of tea PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK or complain about the amount of sex You HAVE been warned NOTE Starlight Christmas is written in CANADIAN ENGLISH a mix of American and British English. CuteCute story about their first Christmas together Cannot wait to see what happens next for the group and the world around them Mako's childhood was definitely not like the little girls she read about in her storybooks All she knew was a life of testing pain and loss That's all changed since she was found and rescued by her Star Knights but the scars of her childhood remain While spending a cozy afternoon with Marcus Mako ran across the Christmas book she read each year; a book about a little girl named Christina and her lovely Christmas Overwhelmed by her memories Mako cried out her pain to Marcus She explained that she had never experienced a real Christmas and of her heartrending efforts to pretend one Upon learning the story her Knights plan the best Christmas ever on Earthala to create all new memories Each Knight would get their own date to share their favorite parts of Christmas to Mako and then the group would attend Kai's Art Christmas Galleria and spend Christmas Eve together This is a delightful Holiday story Christmas shopping with Marcus baking with Elias ice skating with Eli a spa day with Daniel the Galleria with Kai and a truly magical winter theme park with Ryder Wonderful dinners walks sleigh rides even a bit of flying And tons of incredible sex A girl couldn't ask for There are appearances by Scarlet and her team and even the Demon ueen Cece Each of Mako's spirits gets time and their male counterparts are all included It's a perfect Christmas for all I only have one complaint I had a problem with the spirits in this book I felt like they acted a bit selfishly at times specifically Eli and Midnight and Azriel and Hope Mako didn't get to participate in the date with Eli at all I love Midnight but there was no sharing Mako missed out on the ice skating and the little house Then because of Hope's actions Mako spent a day in bed sick I realize that the spirits are all a part of Mako but Mako is always the most important to me I can and will get jealous on her behalf even if it's with her spirits Mako is kind and thoughtful accepting and generous She is still unbelievably innocent and deserves each and every good moment every thoughtful gesture every bit of love coming her way All in all this is a lovely Christmas book It showcases the best of the Holiday Season caring for others trying to make one another happy and to show each other the love we feel for them Gave me the warm fuzzies The relationships were just too confusing To many different people to go through with the various spirit relationships and spirit Mako and knight relationships The whole book is basically cycling through them all in a repetitive fashion This is a fun interlude for the Starlight gang It's Christmas time and Mako and her knights are visiting earth and sharing fun holiday dates Honestly there's no major baddy in this book It's just a lot of personal growthconfronting out demons type thing And it really works It would seem that Mako's relationships with her knights their spirits and her spirits and their relationships with each other Mako and the companion spirits in the knights WOW SO MANY RELATIONSHIPS has progressed uite a bit since the last book and we learn much about how they interact together now Yumo does such a phenomenal job of managing all the different relationships and interactions and personalities It's amazing I don't know how she keeps it all straight It's not confusing in the book at all Except for when she's describing their clothing and it's because the guys and Mako all have their signature color These descriptions feel a BIT long winded and overly complicated For whatever reason I've never liked reading about clothing descriptions for characters unless it's imperative to the storyline like she's wearing boots with a hidden blade in the toe that she later uses to defend herself or whatever I find it to be tedious and confusing But those parts a uite easy to skim skip so it's not a big deal I also felt like I got a bit of an understanding of the spirits relationships with their hosts and how that works I feel like this was a fun book with a little friendly crossover from the Visionary Investigator where we got some good relationship growth MILD Spoilers below meaning they Continue at your own riskThere's MUCH steam in this book than previous books Some of it is between Mako and her knights including Eli but there's uite an interesting twist there between Mako's spirits and their companion spirits and even between Mako and some of the knights Spirits not counting Eli here cause she's basically her own knight Mako has never had a real Christmas before Only memories of what she wished could be while sitting in captivity Finally safe with her knights they decide to make sure this one is special A surprise trip to Earthala for a special event with some special friendsThis book is all about Mako her knights and Christmas There's no big drama no running or chasing We just get to relax and spend some one on one time with our characters While on Earthala each knight gets a day with Mako We delve into the relationships between not only Mako and her knights but Mako and their spirits as well as her spirits with theirs Like always with Yumo's books we get several point of views I think this is the most smoothly flowing of the series so far thoughWe also get to visit with some of the Visionary characters too No worries if you haven't read that book yet no major spoilers will come up about it and you won't be confused thinking you missed anything in this oneWARNING This book has A LOT of sex A LOT Like do not read this book in public Do not read this book if you don't want sex scenes Yes you can skim over them or skip them but it will take out a majority of the book if you do If you like a lot of sex you will LOVE this book My love affair with Yumo's amazing world started when I read this book initially in the Sex and Seduction anthology The first time I read it I had the feeling of beginning a book from halfway as I felt that there was a lot I was missing and I just didn't understand who these characters were and how their relationship had already been established However upon realising that there was to the world my love affair truly began It is super important to read the preuels before reading this Read Dark Wish Tainted Rose and Visionary Investigator or none of this will make senseI loved how truly lighthearted this book was and appreciated seeing Mako and her knights as well as Scarlet and her guys enjoy a lot of love and sex Lots and lots of sex and sex in creative waysIf you're not into sex freuently and with different people again this is not for youTruly an in between book and I think the crossovers are intended as such It was a cozy story to read when you're at home anticipating Christmas In this book we have all of Mako’s knights working to make her dreams of a Christmas come true and they spend the week leading up to Christmas spending time with her This is a fun and steamy book and in hunk the best thing about this book is that it does not have a ‘bad guy’ it allows us to get to know them all and for them get be comfortable with each other which helps to strengthen them all individually and as a group Like always Yumoyori does a fantastic job writing this and you really feel connected to all the characters and invested in them Especially great is the cross over with the other series from Yumoyori I love how we get to get the others as well and hear a little about there storyThis is a fun and compelling continuation in this series and is highly recommended I enjoyed this Christmas breakaway from the normal Starlight Gods timeline It was a nice happy change of pace from the serious stories Mako gets to have dates with her knights each doing something different relating to Christmas past times I was happy to see Mako with Daniel and Kai and am excited to see their first time together in the original Starlight Gods timeline since the Holiday crossovers are not in the normal timeline from what I understand I really enjoyed the scene where Kai shows off his artwork to Mako and the reveal of the big Christmas present from all the knights including Eli hehe to Mako Made me smile so big so freaking adorable and lovely ❤️ I was also happy Midnight got to have some intimate moments with EliElias as well as the other spirits with their respective lovers I really enjoyed this Starlight Gods book It felt a bit like an inbetween book Not much happened regarding the main storyline in the previous two books We got to see a bit interaction between these characters and the Paranormal Inc characters but I still feel like there is a book missing in the timeline from when they first met i guess being around Christmas it was a good time to release this book as it is about Mako's first Christmas with her men The steam factor is high and Makos adorable innerouter voice is still going strong I am a little confused as to why this missing princess has not been rushed home to her family yet but hopefully this will be cleared up in future books All in all an enjoyable book to read on the Starlight Gods series Keep in mind that the story is not inline with the ending of book 2 and really has nothing to do with the main storyline Really the only purpose of this book is a sexy interlude between Mako and her harem without all the chaos going on around them If you’re wantingNEEDING to know what happens after that ending of Tainted Rose skip this one BUT if you’re looking for a little fan worth action then definitely check it outI would also suggest that if you’re looking forward to that first time between mako and each of her knights skip this book and come back to later This book reads as if it comes much later in the series when they’ve all already been intimate with one another and are comfortable with that aspect of their relationship