The Realest In The Game

The Realest In The Game➧ The Realest In The Game Ebook ➭ Author Ashley Marie – Monica is what you'd refer to as a woman who has it all together A banging career good friends and the potential to take over the world All of that would seem like enough from the outside looking in H Monica is what you'd refer to as In The ePUB ☆ a woman who has it all together A banging career good friends and the potential to take over the world All of that would seem like enough from the outside looking in However inside all she wants is someone she can love trust and grow with Something stable Vice just may be that man A Boss of all bosses Established in the street and good with the ladies He wants for nothing because he has it all Everything The Realest PDF \ but someone to share it will After a chance meeting inside a coffee shop Monica shows that she may be that woman When Vice sees something he wants he pursues it at all cost A business woman as well Kayla could be facing jail time after headlining some shady dealings at her job But that Is small in comparison to her sneaking around with Monica's ex A secret jealousy she's had for years lead to her discovering a hard truth about herself that may explain her Realest In The ePUB ↠ ways Yoda is God's gift to women at least these two women he feels Reckless and emotionally driven Yoda makes decisions that have serious conseuences in both love and his position on the street The same streets that Vice runs Follow these four in another fast paced drama filled first installment from Ashley Marie Love will be created lies will be told and secrets will be revealed Any woman can be a main chick but not all women can win a Gangsta's heart. Good But ShortI like this story because it started out good The descriptions of the characters had me seeing them in my mind I was feeling Vice's humor when he first met Monica I thought they were cute So far it's a good story and is holding my interest I hate that it was so short though and can see this dragging on already As far as I'm concerned the story could've kept going because nothing that earth shattering happened leaving me in so much suspense that I need to read part 2 right now However I see that it could turn out to be a really good read and will be reading on This book was so good from beginning to the very end and what a ending Great storyline and it flowed so smoothly was very believable and realistic The characters were likable and developed very well written it was so much drama unfolding with twist and turns everywhere then throw in the suspense lies secrets betrayal and jealousy make it entertaining and a page turner Enjoyed the chemistry between Vice and Monica and can't wait to see how it all plays out Another great job Ashley Marie Good readEnjoyed the book and was not prepared for it to end just yet I don't know what type of sneaky stuff Sheila on but I got a feeling she got a secret she hiding I like Monica and vice together but he playing He need to go ahead and make things official Kayla just need some help period Can't wait to read part 2 to see what happens next The realest in the gameThis was decent read Kayla is dealing with some issue and need some help Monica is my girl and I think that if Kayla would let her should would have been there for her Vice is crazy but I loved him and Monica Shelia is definitely up to something I will be reading part 2 Another one for Ashley MarieThis book was a good read than just an ordinary read her books and style of writing about random situations are great I recommend that everyone read than just this book but all of her books Another one I have been such a fan of your work and each series is better than the one before it Great storyline believable and realistic too Vice is bae I hate Yoda Kayla and I’m ready for Vice to kill Shelia and her daddy if necessary I need par Two ASAP YesssssssThat cliffhanger wasn’t too bad but Issa coupla people that’s gon have to go Kayla can go away for forever How you mess up but now you want to plot revenge It’s a lot of snakes in this book Can’t wait to see how it plays out Worth the readReally glad I read this Stuff is about to hit the fan I don't trust Vice's cousin I feel sorry for Kayla her life is all messed up Yoda is a piece of work be glad when he dies Don't want to give anything away but well worth getting Vice Vice ViceSheila is up to no good Monica is about to be in the middle of a war His nephew is a snake and he needs to watch him Kayla is just a whore This is getting good What will Monica think??? Great readI enjoyed the well put together story line I’m waiting on the good stuff because Sheila popping back up is never good Kayla hiring behind still has to do her time in jail Can’t wait for Part 2