Lauren's Barbarian

Lauren's Barbarian[Ebook] ➠ Lauren's Barbarian By Ruby Dixon – A lush tropical island on an icy planet makes no sense Then again not much makes sense any after waking up and finding myself not in bed but on a strange world populated by aliens Since that moment I A lush tropical island on an icy planet makes no sense Then again not much makes sense any after waking up and finding myself not in bed but on a strange world populated by aliens Since that moment I’ve learned that nothing is normal any and I’ve got to roll with the punches I can handle this though I’m strong and capable So washed up on a tropical island Got it handled Separated from the others in my group Handled Stranded alone with a brutal but delicious alien man that can’t speak English but has great ahem body language Yup handled Add in the fact that my cootie – a symbiont I need to survive – has chosen my big hulking alien friend as my fated mate Let’s just say that the situation isn’t the only thing that’s going to be handled But it isn’t long before I learn that the tropical island paradise is a death trap and we’re all in grave danger aliens and humans alike To survive this I'll need my tempting guy to give me a hand with the situation good thing he's got four of them This romance features all of the adventure humor and community you’ve come to expect in the Ice Planet Barbarians series but it stands on its own You do not need to read the other series or be caught up in order to read Lauren's Barbarian. This is Lauren's and K'Thar's story They are new characters to the Not Hoth Ice Barbarian series This can totally be read as a stand alone although Liz Harlow Vektal and Rukh show up Basically we have a volcano island with different aliens on it and the end result is they all have to move to a beach that is connected to the mainland where the other group lives only they are in the cold mountains So the set up is for a different series based on the new beach clanThe formula is the same female new to the world and caveman style living gets cootiekhui and resonates to barbarian Then we see their romance unfold The good news is that Lauren is great and NOT an irritating heroine K'Thar is a hottie and you would never think that FOUR ARMS could be sexy but yo It totes isThe volcano island aliens evolved slightly different and a few have four arms Think of what those arms can do and yeah it's sexy times There is plenty of smut but not so much you feel jaded I thought there was enough new here to make this work If you stopped reading the other series or only got so far and feel overwhelmed since there are like forty books in that series this would be a great place to pick back up I really liked it Yay There is only one word that come to mind when I think about this book The Icehome series is reviving our barbarian tribe by mixing it up a little bit Ruby introduced to us sixteen new human females and four new alien males in this series But that's not all She introduced some new clans made up from some decedents of the Sakh The Clan of the Strong Arm The Clan of the Tall Horn and the Clan of the Shadowed Cat Some of the newbies have already paired up so I am sure this series will be just as lengthy as Ice Planet Barbarians YayI have seen some reviews ranting that this is the same series as IPB I understand their frustration but this is just the first book Chill out They have to have their cootie to survive; if Ruby did away with them then the foundation of the tribe would just be one big lie Also this is a paranormal romance so there has to be resonance I'm not sure what you were expecting Once the newbies are educated and stable I'm sure the basics will change and grow However I am not going to complain about the IPB characters crashing the IceHome series I mean how funny was Liz at the beginning of this book? I just love her All in all this series is going to be just brilliant Ruby has laid some serious groundwork to build upon I can't wait for the next book4 Stars DNF 50%I'm sorry I can't do this Getting to 50% of the book was hard workI love Ruby Dixon I really do but this is the same story all over again With four arms instead of two Four arms Four No matter how I look at it that's not sexyTo all my four arms loving friends out there good for you This is not my cup of tea When I want some light fun and enjoyable read I pick up a BBB one LOLWe're used to the ice plante with freezing temperatures but here we have a tropical island with hot climate palm trees and some very different BBBs Some have 4 arms some are cat like some have really big hornsThe hero here has 4 arms and is part of the Strong Arm clan pun intendedThe core of the story is always the same girl meets a BBB they have communication problems that parts are hilarious as always they fall in love and mateBut it's the resolution that is great and here it's spot on The writing is easy to read and their interaction is endearing and sweet So if you want to relax and melt do read this This series is getting better and better I love how their worlds are expanding and what a good job Ruby dixon has done with series I never thought there will be different people in Ice planet when I first started reading this I liked the idea of new clans she created along with the people And her heros are always gold Heroines not so much Her imagination and the way book was written was interestingStill I have some complaints Like how selfishly some of the characters behave or portrayed For example in this book when Lo tried to help Marisol by dragging her away from the sky claw she slapped her hard she wanted to go near her mate And I wonder to do what? And she didn’t apologize for that Similar things happened previously too Like in Kira’s book claire snapping at her when asked about her night time visits She came across as a rude girl As a result I didn’t like her so I didn’t read her book Lets not forget about infamous Asha And tiffany bad decisionssometimes the heroine’s whining is very annoyingtalking about whole series here Like stacy in her book In this it was Marisol Clearly time was running out and they needed every hand they get And instead of helping the clan Marisol was simply sitting and crying near her mate And her fondness for hiding irritated me so much Not responding while she hides Ughh just like my 2 year old son🙄🙄 Another thing is everybody are envious of others Some for silly things For example Lo was envious of a bird because her mate was petting said bird in distress Really?I think I’m petty like thatBut still I will read from this author and this series I am so addicted to this series 😋😋 The world Ruby has created is amazing and it keeps evolving I wish I would have read the rest of the IPB first before starting this though I made it through this just fine but there were little moments when I felt like I was missing something Nothing major though It didn't interfere with my enjoyment and understanding of the book 45 StarsIf you haven’t read any Ruby Dixon books you can start with this one or if you are like me and are a fan but you finished the Ice Planet Barbarians series then this book is also good to start readingA bit of the history is in the Ice Planet Barbarians but she does a lot of recapping so you can understand In this book we go back to the rootsI wouldn’t think listening to these books via audio would be great only because I find these books smutty but to my surprise I really liked the audio I found myself listening to the books when I usually don’t listen to audio books The female narrator is pretty good I like her voice and her acting is good I didn’t mind her voice transitions and I think I liked the book a lot because of her I REALLY liked the male voice It’s really deep and usually I don’t like deep voices but I really liked it in this one I just felt like the Hero would have a deep voice he is alien come on There’s not much POV on his side but I do like that we get itLauren is washed up ashore and lands on an Island On that island is an alien and his small tribe The only thing is they don’t speak the same language but they figure it out Had I been reading this book instead of listening I’m not sure I would have liked it as much There’s a lot of lead up and world building before you get to the heart of the story I mean Laruen has to get trapped in a pod then thrown to sea and then finally land on the alien I didn’t mind it in audio but I can see where it can be a bit slow in the beginning I like how different this one is I like that the world is warm that the food is scare and that the people are different The Hero has 4 arms I know get ready for itIf you are a fan of Ruby Dixon then you won’t be disappointed Personal opinion Ruby Dixon needs to move on from this series It's getting infuriating having to read about the cootie for 25 books EVERY BOOK is the same exact plot EVERY BOOK you have to painstakingly wait for the heroine to get her shit together and accept her situation and the hero's love and the heroine is usually insufferable and annoying This is a spin off of the same series but you still have to go through chapters and chapters of the new heroines thought process It honestly makes me want to pull my hair out Lauren and K'TharThis the beginning of the new series “Icehome and if you have read all the “Ice Planet Barbarians” books you will know that many new human females and a few aliens have been added to the mix of the Ice Planet Two females have unfortunately been lost in the sea and fortunately they will not die but they will end up at the tropical island which I am sure all fans were dying to find out its purpose since the first books of the “Ice Planet Barbarians” series Well apparently it is inhabited and it is home of a number of tribes of blue Barbarians which are not exactly the same with our well known species For instance one of the two missing girls Lauren will be finally mated with a four arms guy K'Thar who by the way is a true sweetheart and a hottieThe tribes are called1 The Clan of the Strong Arm 2 The Clan of the Tall Horn and 3 The Clan of the Shadowed CatAnd or less are well defined by their namesWell don't get too attached to the island because there is a scary volcano in the middle of it and it is about to go “boom”Very soon the few members of the tribes and the two human girls will need to escape back to the icy part of the planet You may shed a tear there for the poor refugeesA very strong start to the new series but I was keep wondering why and how K'Thar and the rest of the inhabitants of the island have the parasite khui I thought that the main purpose of it is to protect from the cold and there was no cold at the island 3 StarsOverall Opinion This was cute and I do think it was nice to get away from the characters from the previous books some But I do think that it fell a little flat for me There was a lot of other stuff going on that I felt like the romance was a side topic That was disappointing but I get it I think maybe the other books in this spinoff series will be better and it was also fun to get away from my usual genre and break up my usual reads I didn't hate it but I just didn't really love it eitherBrief Summary of the Storyline This is Lo and K'Thar's story Lo finds herself waken up on a new planet with a whole new reality She somehow gets separated from the other humans and finds herself on an island and her new parasite that helps her live on the planet has made her resonate with her true mate K'Thar K'Thar's clan is only made up of a few after a disaster took out most of the habitants of the island so he is eager to start rebuilding his clan with Lo There is a communication barrier they have to work through some sexy times and some suspenseful momentsand they get a HFN endingPOV This alternated between Lo and K'Thar's POVOverall Pace of Story Good I never skimmed and I thought it flowed well The ending did feel a little abrupt thoughInstalove No but they resonate pretty uicklyH rating 4 stars K'thar I liked him His family history was sad but I liked the way he cared for othersh rating 45 stars Lo I liked her a lot She's probably one of my favorite hs from this author actually She was smart sweet and kept her head on straight in times of crisisSadness level Low no tissues neededPushPull Not reallyHeat level Okay They have some okay tension chemistry and scenes but not so much it takes away from the story not as hot as some of the other books I've read in this series eitherDescriptive sex YesOWOM drama NoSex scene with OW or OM NoCheating NoSeparation NoPossible Triggers Not reallyexcept being abducted my aliens 👽 😳 😂Closure This didn't have that much closure tbh I get that it is the start of a new spinoff series but I wanted closure for the couple I would call this a HFN endingSafety This one should be Safe for most safety gang readersview spoiler Does Not have cheating Does Not have a descriptive sex scene with OWOM Does Not have the h or H pushing away Does have a separation between the h and H Does Not have abuse Does Not have a HEA ending hide spoiler