Chosen✸ [BOOKS] ✬ Chosen By Harlow Thomas ❂ – As the vampire princess of the Night Court it's my duty to choose my human consort and make him my prince For two weeks I'll be in a paradise with four human men all willing to be mineAll I have to do As the vampire princess of the Night Court it's my duty to choose my human consort and make him my prince For two weeks I'll be in a paradise with four human men all willing to be mineAll I have to do is choose one to crownI never expected to fall in loveNot with oneCertainly not with all of them. ObsessedSeriously a fantastic uick and sexy read I loved it and am eager to dive in to the next book Felicity is the future ruler of the vampires She may be a princess but she hasn't left her home until now She's going to spend time on the island with four potential future prince's during that time she will get to know them all and pick just one to be crowned However after arriving on the island it's clear that picking just one will be way harder than she expected as she finds herself falling in love with them all Will she be able to pick just one? I like Felicity she has this sweet innocent about her which I found refreshing for a vampire princess I wasn't sure to be honest about her love interests as they are each different but maybe that's why they all work so well together As the book progressed they grew on me it was just as hard to pick one for her as they all are emotionally invested and have everything to lose I'm curious to see how this is going to work out I'm a huge fan of the Reverse Harem concept so when I saw this one on my kindle I had to give it a shot It's a serial which means several small parts to create one book This is the first installment in the serial and I enjoyed every moment of it I found it hard to put down and didn't until I had finished the story I even start the second one because I had to know what was going to happen next The author has created a beautiful steamy story loaded with romance a little mystery and lots of steamy moments between Felicity and her men Highly recommend checking it out Wow this is not what I expected For some reason I thought it was a YA but no beware this is a sexy erotic romance That being said I would give it a 35 It is really fast and steamy Really steamyFelicity is the Princess of the Night Court As per tradition Felicity goes to a magical island where four men will compete for her heart By the end of two weeks Felicity is supposed to crown one man as her Prince consort By doing this the treaty between the humans and Vampires will be upheld and the chosen suitor's village will be protected and prosper under the next Vampire ueen's reign Only Felicity does not expect to fall for ALL four of the men Since her mother the current ueen has had a loveless marriage with her chosen Prince Consort Felicity is determined to choose the correct guy But soon enough she realizes she can not resist any of these men both physically and emotionally With that ending and the world building I am intrigued enough to continue to the next book Warning 18 due to language and sexual scenes Also if you aren't into insta love or as close as you could get this might not be your cup of tea You have been warned Although that may be common in Reverse Harems I haven't read many This serial will grab you from the start and leave you wanting Felicity a vampire princess needs to choose her human consort out of four men When given the opportunity to get to know each one the choice becomes impossible This start to an erotic reverse harem series will invest you in the outcome and make it hard for you to pick the right choiceif there is one The scenes are hot and make you fall for each of the four consorts Looking forward to the next installmentI do have a favoriteI can't wait to see how this turns out and if forced to choose one will it be himLacy Laurel has the perfect voice for this series Her sultry voice gives each character their own sexy sound Loved her performance 15 stars Just not my thing I own the rest of the series but I don't think I'll be continuing it This book is interesting I thought it was a YA book similar to The Selection but the sensuality puts this in an 18 and older category So there's a vampire princess who has to choose a mate from 4 men once she's 23 She must choose him before she can ascend to the throne and become ueen She's whisked off to an island paradise for two weeks to become acuainted with the 4 handsome men Imagine The Bachelorette Now imagine a sex scene with one woman and four men I know right? I'm no spring chicken but even I was shocked When the two weeks are over she pleads for time I guess if I had four hunky men tripping over themselves to please me I wouldn't want to limit myself to just one of them too uickly either I'm moving on to the next book now So I've just finished part one and I have to say I'm intrigued by the storyline and cannot wait to finish the series The only issue I have with this book is the narrator obviously I bought it from audible The narrator's malevoice was awful and sometimes hard to differentiate between then and Felicity The book itself is AWESOME just disappointed that the narrator kikked so be of the sparkle reading it I have submitted this review after listening to the audiobooks of this series A vampire princess has to choose her human consort over a fortnight on an island paradise with only the four candidates for companyThey all use every sensual trick at their disposal to make her choose themYou will be surprised at the resultWarning very erotic content for those that find sexual activity offensive Nice beginningIt's just the beginning but I love this serial so far The characters love each other and the guys are willing to do whatever it takes to keep the princess happy It ends on a bit of a cliff hanger but I can't wait to see what the ueen will say when she sees that the Princess isn't choosing one human consort she's chosen four A good short read I actually listened to this book on Audible and it was good A different take on Vampires It definitely puts all the control in the female vampires hands But also puts them at the mercy of the human they choose to protect I really enjoyed this story and it was well written even for the length I can’t wait to get to the next book