Echoes of Her Soul Soul Tenders #2

Echoes of Her Soul Soul Tenders #2[Ebook] ➤ Echoes of Her Soul Soul Tenders #2 By Serena Lindahl – Megreria is a Kingdom built upon order Each citizen receives an assigned House based on a test of their skills and an assigned Soul Match the other piece of their soul as seen by the mysterious Soul T Megreria Her Soul Soul Tenders Epub / is a Kingdom built upon order Each Her Soul PDF/EPUB ¼ citizen receives an assigned House based on a test of their skills and an assigned Soul Match the other piece of their soul as seen by the mysterious Soul Tenders A week ago Kiarra didn’t believe in Soul Matches and she couldn’t master any ability well enough to test into Echoes of eBook Ï a House When a traumatic experience occurs with her brother a chain of events begins which will challenge everything she has ever thought or believed She learns she of Her Soul Soul Tenders PDF or has five Soul Matches and a Fate much greater than any House occupation She must find a way to navigate her new role and the attention of five different men When of Her Soul Kindle Ð she and her matches find a diary written by a long dead ancestor Kiarra realizes there is at stake than just her own destiny Her path will affect not only the future of their Kingdom but other Kingdoms as well Join Kiarra Mason Ian Sebastian Clay and Reed as they discover their history grow their soul bonds and struggle of Her Soul Soul Tenders PDF or to defeat an evil force intent on destroying everything and everyone they love This is a reverse harem fantasy Scenes included are intended for mature audiences only . Have you ever read a book and realized you just didn't have any words for that particular book? Hmmmm maybe it's just me I wouldn't say I didn't enjoy this series so far but I can't seem to find the words to express my feelings about this story I will think on it further as I'm reading the next installment of this series Maybe just maybe I will be inclined to express my feelings about this seriesOverall rating4☆ Much better then the first book This is part two of The Soul Tenders series In this book we get to see Kiarra bound with all five of her matches separately and all together What makes this series stand out from other RH series is the guys didn't really know each other all of their lives with the exception of Reed and Seb who are brothers Getting to see them bond with each other as well really made this a good story There was only one predicable moment in the book but I am intrigued to see how that plot line plays out The second installment picks up immediately after the first specifically the next morning and at the end I was once again astounded that so much had happened in so little time Some uestions were answered and were added and I love the worldbuilding It's not super in depth yet but you can see of the historyThere was some downtime but it seemed to walk the edge between information and forward motion While the first book set up the world and the relationships there was a lot of building on that base character world and relationships to drive toward the main plot points and climax ahem and the other climaxIn general I'm biased I loved the first book and it made me cry happy tears Something about Serena's writing is well serene and wholesome Even the sexytimes It's not fire but it's a cozy winter night with people you love you know? The boys work well together support each other and support Kiarra Also if you’re looking for a little heat you shouldn’t be disappointed Teamwork is a thing Kiarra has just been told that she has not just one but FIVE soul matches Oh and there's also that little bit about her future occupation She has a lot of new information to adjust to and a lot of training to do Each of her matches are tasked with training her on their house The time she spends with them the harder it is to fight the bonds pulling them together More secrets are unearthed and while they are working hard to figure things out their time is running out There are dangers out there that want to stop her at all costsThe first book in this series spent a lot of time on the main characters individually Getting to know their pasts and what makes them tick This book spends time on them as a group and the guys individual relationships with Kiarra Even though fate has matched them and the bonds are obviously pulling them together Kiarra wants to make sure they still have free will She doesn't want to be forced into anything nor have one of them forced into anything they don't wantWe also spend a lot of time learning about this new world that we are in The different kingdoms and how they came about The histories between them all While a lot of times I get put off by the world building and historical parts of the stories I didn't with this one It was done in a way that held my attention and kept me from skimming through itEven with all the world buildinghistory and relationship building that we have going on we still get plenty of action Kiarra and the guys are constantly on the lookout for danger and have every reason to be that cautious Someone is intent on stopping Kiarra's destiny and will use any means necessary to achieve their goals Luckily she runs into some interesting characters that seem to know than they have let on Hopefully it's enough to keep them out of harms way a little longerI gave the first book a 4 star rating bc I liked it but I just wanted This book gave me that extra little bit that I was wanting The relationship the action the background on the world The side characters catching and keeping my attention as well Definitely 5 stars for me on this one so if you loved the first one you will love this one as well If you liked the first one maybe this one will grab you like it grabbed meWhile the first book in this series didn't include any sexy times this book steps it up Boy oh boy does this book step it up Kiarra's life has changed dramatically in just weeks Her brother became a Soul Tender and was taken away She found that she has five Soul Matches and a destiny bigger than she could have ever imagined For a girl who has never had a boyfriend and couldn't master any ability enough to test into a House this new life could be overwhelming except for the rightness of it all Once she is settled in the castle and surrounded by her men a diary is discovered Written by Kiarra's distant grandmother it possesses magic and much needed answers Kiarra is important than they had realized There is at stake than just her own destiny Her path will affect not only the future of their Kingdom but the surrounding Kingdoms as well Kiarra's family has a crucial role in the future If Kiarra does not become ueen all is lost Kiarra Mason Ian Sebastian Clay and Reed must strengthen their soul bonds learn their history and defeat a black force determined to rule and destroy the kingdom Echoes of Her Soul picks up where book one left off There's so much continued world building and history as well as character growth We get to know each of the guy's characters and see how the bond progresses The story is fantastic Magic political intrigue societal and human male failings but it's the relationships that make it special Kiarra and her men have an incredible bond This is RH done to perfection Each guy has a clear character and serves a particular role The way Kiarra feels for each of them individually their returned adoration for her and the growing friendship between the men themselves are fantastic Kiarra's love for her brother and mother the guy's former relationships are stressed as well This story has it right Life is worthy not because of power or position but because of love in all of its forms This is what keeps the reader so invested This is a well written book Love suspense danger drama and sexy times I love how the story continued from book one and that the story arc wrapped up at the end but let the reader know which direction we are heading next I'm not opposed to cliffhangers but it is nice to not always have one in a series There is plenty of anxiety with this story already I look forward to continuing with Indrasa and her advisors in book three UniueThis continuing saga is an interesting take on the RG theme using it as both a plot device and the crux of the entire story Two nations on the brink of war lost histories and a rising ueen it makes for a wonderful read that will last long into the night Pros Well written Flows easily Edited nicely Emotions are palpable The bonds serve a purpose beyond just a romantic interludeCons Dragged it stumbled in a few places The first sexual scene while plot perfect was a touch much for the supposed virginal status I chuckled couldn’t help it but it was still written well and served the narrative Serena Lindahl manages to maintain momentum in Echoes of Her Soul the second installment in her fantasy reverse harem series  So much information and some action is packed into so little time but it doesn't feel rushed at all  The pacing of events in this series is phenomenal and the transition from Pieces of Her Soul to Echoes of Her Soul is nearly seamless  I had to go back and read the beginning before starting this review to make sure I was reviewing events in the correct book  Every time the characters remind themselves of how much time has passed it's like they're reminding me and this is not a bad thing  I got so immersed in this book that I freuently lost track of how much time had passed in the story World development is of a priority with this second installment  The am glad that Lindahl delved into the politics and history as well as geography of the world  A map would be fantastic but the expansion on the world does allow for a rough outline of countries something that was lacking from the first  As the geography of the world is explored so is the political atmosphere including why that wise woman was so interested in KiarraWith all this world building Lindahl also finds time to build relationshipssort of  With most fated matches the emotional side of the relationship moves uickly  I am generally torn on how I feel about this  I think that Echoes manages to do this rather naturally though I caught myself saying NO IT'S TOO EARLY FOR THAT just once  The relationships between Kiarra and her guys still feel fairly simplistic but we are repeatedly reminded that they've only known each other a week  So I have hopes that as they spend time together not only will their magicalmetaphysical bond deepen but their true emotional ties will as wellLindahl also starts exploring the topic of religion and ruling and how the beliefs of a ruler can affect every citizen  From re writing of history to control of marriage she touches briefly on some very hot topics  I'm sure we'll see of them as outside influences like Acclesh and inside influences like Kiarra and her SoulBonds rock the perceived foundation of the countryThis series is truly uniue and something I have looked forward to since the first teaser for Pieces of Her Soul  I'm anxious to get the next installment  The characters really come to life and the world is slowly unfolding as a place to be explored  I would like to see Kiarra and her mates travelling and learning and I really really want some action not just in the bedroomI volunteered to review this book in exchange for a free copy It is hard to describe just how amazing I find these books to be and all the incredible things they make me feel Anything I come up with does not feel adeuate enough I enjoyed seeing the characters grow and evolve I also like the fact that all other matters took a slight pause in order to let us focus on the relationship and the bond the guys are forming among them That way we don't have to divide our attention between different plot lines we can sort of focus on one problem at a time But it also does not mean that the plot development is completely abandoned Everything is just placed at exactly the right timeline in the story so that all the events are flowing naturally It is brilliantly writtenThe whole story is heartwarming and I love the feeling these books leave me with 425 out of 5 stars 🌟 Shits about to go down and I’m a little apprehensive on how it’s all going to wrap up in the final bookI do like this book a bit than the first one The plot is progressing very nicely Kiarra is starting to become confident with herself and the guys are still awesome as ever I’m just glad that the final book is already available to read😁 I would have given it four stats if I actually remembered who was who and what was happening but you know what? That is my fault entirely It's been over a year since I read the first one and so I was a lost But the actual content? Very nice Really liked it