The Dragon Knights Soul (The Dragon Knight, #4)

The Dragon Knights Soul (The Dragon Knight, #4)[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Dragon Knights Soul (The Dragon Knight, #4) ❤ D.C. Clemens – Atop a dragon and armed with a staff that can unmask Advent spells Mercer Eberwolf resumes his hunt for the relentless cult The intensive search will take the dragon knight and his four companions ove Atop a dragon and armed with a staff that can unmask Advent spells Mercer Eberwolf resumes his hunt for the relentless cult The intensive search will take the dragon knight and his four companions over Orda's forests and swamps whose cores hide ancient magic tribal societies and mischievous creatures Not yet a master of a dragon's potent power Mercer's potential is restrained by his inexperience and by The Dragon MOBI :¼ the very crystals abetting his link with Aranath Without time to hone his soul the first dragon knight in five hundred years could find himself sacrificing than he imagined to defeat his primordial foes. While the story and style mostly held my interest the extremely poor editing and proofreading and the too freuent improper usage and grammar had me putting the book down several times during each attempt at reading it Please use the proper tenses of verbs Lied not meaning prevaricated is an improper past tense form Lay as in She lay on a bed in the corner or which lay at the bottom of the chest is the correct form I often thought as I had to translste the egregious errors into actual English that the author or editor possessed English as a second language that the entire series had been badly translated from another language into English or that perhaps a piece of software written by a C student in English performed the actual editing and proofreeding Since I hold a BA in English and an MFA in Theatre my expectations for books on which I spend my money include proper thorough and complete editing and proofreading as well as proper usage and grammar These books did not meet those expectations So while I read the first four books in the series I was often discouraged by the seeming lack of effort placed on the editing proofreading and usage Perhaps book five will rectify those oh too obvious flaws I seriously recommend the author hire a competent and knowledgeable editor and proofreader so that the readers are not compelled to overlook the multitude of errors misuse of words and poor grammar from which all four books so far in the series suffer in the extreme Good stuffFun story line characters are all likable and the premise is believable you know what I mean So far I have liked the entire series One little bit of constructive criticism the Mercer's flat emotions in relating the story carries on to other characters when the perspective changes to them and it confused the shit out of me for a little bit until I realized the perspective change DC is getting better as the series progresses everything was flat and emotionless in the first couple of books except maybe the vampire girl and Mercer's dad and his wife Like I said I liked the story and Mr Clemens is getting better Look forward to the next book in the series Enjoyed Possible spoiler I liked the story but it seems our main character isn’t evolving I’d like to see him become stronger mentally or even noticeably magically powerful These handicaps such as the prana crystals don’t really count as advancement Also there seemed to be a moment or two where we could learn about him or see him change but the story seemed to get in the way I don’t mean to say that isn’t possibly something planned but I’d like to see him actually change and we see him change I’m glad that the ending makes it seem change is coming This Story is Why I Love Reading But it was terrible to leave on a cliffhanger ending Those are always bad This story of a kidnapped kid who gets corrupted who fights to overcome it to become a Dragon Knight is a very interesting entertaining read I can't wait for the rest of this story to be completed If I had known it wasn't I would have waited for the completed story I did enjoy it nonetheless Awesome SeriesThis book as a great plot unforgettable characters and gripping suspense My only complaint are the misspellings and grammatical mistakes which at times prevents smooth reading Especially irritating is the misuse of the word lied instead of lay It is used freuently and really inhibits the process I still love the series Fix that one annoyance and would give five stars A great readI love this whole series The characters are wonderful The team that has come together to fight are so diverse that some in our world should take note That being said the end of each of the four books I have read just end to abruptly for my liking Oh and I can't wait for the next book to come out Where is the endingThis series demonstrates an author who is develping their writing The characters need depth and development of plot The premise of the story line is excellentbut again depth and development would have change the series from a 2 3 star rating to a 5 star WhyI tricked myself into thinking there wouldn’t be a cliffhanger Ugh I was so into the book dinner almost burned Great 4th book hurry up with the next please I’m impatient Excellent series can't wait for to come There is to come rightIt's adult but not overly vulgar or romance novelish He combined enough humor with enough blood and got a good mixture Can't believe their is not another bookAn existing book to conclude the four book series Many twists and turns as Mercer addsto his team flyer's half way around the worldto once again find the enemy