Bound by Anguish

Bound by Anguish[PDF / Epub] ✑ Bound by Anguish ☄ Kayce Kyle – The day they met was one bound by fate and would set events into motion that would change the course of their lives forever He was a biker who’d spent his life growing up in a club surrounded by cri The day they met was one bound by fate and would set events into motion that would change the course of their lives forever He was a biker who’d spent his life growing up in a club surrounded by crime and mayhem She was an aspiring artist from California with a flare for all Bound by PDF or things fancy and expensive Never in either of their lifetimes did they expect their paths would cross and they’d fall hard for each other After spending only a few short weeks together the world as they knew it would be turned on its axis Utter surprise with a dose of panic caused her swift reaction—leaving him confused and broken hearted The lover in him wanted answers The cold hearted biker in him wanted to swiftly move on With a club torn one phone call was all it took before he was willing to go nomad and leave his brothers for an uncertain future with a girl he’d only just met With adrenaline surfing wildly through his veins he can’t get to her side fast enough—only to be devastated at what he learned once there The club has dealt its hand to those involved but is it too little and too late for the future of Ace and Tess New relationships and expanding families surround them but will this ultimately help or hurt them and the future that was once within reach She desperately wants what she thought she never would He desperately wants her and the whole truth but will settle for less if only he can have all of her back as she was before Her mission now is to hold onto him and the depth of her secret out of fear of losing him forever Having come from two extremely opposite backgrounds will they ultimately be able to overcome their individual anguish and unify on common ground Even if they can will the truth of how the chaos began come out and change his feelings for her forever  This book includes explicit sexual content violence explicit language and possibly sensitive emotional situations Therefore I would like to take this time to warn you that if any of the above could ignite fear offend you or trigger a painful past memory for you please send the book back immediately Nobody should ever have to endure any abuse Sexual or otherwise If you or anyone you know are in an abusive relationship or have been abused it’s not ever too late to reach out and ask for help This book is rated for mature audiences eighteen and above  . I really don't know where to begin with this reviewMy heart hurt for this couple Tess and Ace throughout the whole book It's been a while since a book has made me ugly snot cry and this one done it in spades for myself I was warned before reading the book might trigger some heartbreaking and wrenching feelings from myself and by gosh it sure did but you know not all books are glitter rainbows and perfection in the house with a white picket fence marriage and 23 children in the makingInfertilitiy is a major thing and the way it touches a woman and makes her feel like less thenyes I feel this way because I struggle from the issues and a 10 lb tumor and uterus being removed at the age of 40 didn't help issues and put having a baby of my own out of my hands I have never experienced being pregnant or even had a scare of thinking that I was I can't even go to a baby shower or watch baby commercials for my feelings are just all over the place with my insecurities and self worth as a woman and envy jealousy sadness you name it I've experienced it My twin sister called to tell me she was pregnant with all three of her babies and I just bawled my eyes while my husband just sat back and held me while I cry Again a woman feels less thenyou just have this emptiness inside of you that unless you've went through it or felt it you'll never understand And yes you sit back and watch all of your friends twin sister and others get pregnant and hold that little bundle of joy and you sit back with envy and self doubt and the why me's?? Never really an answer though Ok got off on this review but Kayce did an amazing of portraying such a beautiful story and touching subject and she did it flawlessly from myself anyways And I'm sure from any woman out there whom has the same issues as Tess and AceI love the way she finally actually touched on the subject of how the guy feels in this situation too I mean I've spent almost 30 years with my husband and he's had to endure every tear I have shed he does't know about the ones I have shed without knowing I could probably fill a lake with my tears Kayce really did a brilliant story I love the twists she has going on and some of the revelations that come out in this story too I can't wait to read the next book and see where she's going to go with these amazing characters This MC series is just brilliant and the understanding she has of MC life is astonishing and so real I love the closeness of these characters and the bond they all have I love reading how it's all unfolding to be a complete picture And the bounce house scene was great and can you picture two grown biker dudes having a time of their life in a bounce house at a One Year Old's birthday partybahahaha just try to picture that one The flow of this book is great and fast paced you will want to keep turning or tapping that kindle to turn the page to find out what's nextKayce is just a caring person she was afraid for me to read this book knowing my circumstances and I just had to read it HOMERUN woman and thanks for the acknowledgement in the back of the book it means the world to me I've been a fan of her writing since her first book and will be until the last So if you yes you the reader is reading this review please hug that baby or child just a little harder and give them kisses everyday because you've been granted the best gift of your lifeThanks Jamie Nibarger Ellis Bound by Anguish took my breath away Ace and Tess are so intense so real I felt as if I were in their story right beside them living their lives their highs and their lows Ace and Tess are opposites; Tess is an “art gallery and wine” kind of girl and Ace is a member of a motorcycle club Regardless of their lifestyles once they meet that’s it for each of them Tess’s world becomes Ace and Ace’s world revolves around TessWhen Tess discovers she’s pregnant she leaves without telling Ace What follows is devastatingAce finds Tess beaten bloody and broken He nurses Tess back to health never realizing Tess was pregnant when she left The sheer emotional pain and anguish Tess feels not telling Ace everything is nearly overwhelming Through it all Ace is steadfast remaining at Tess’s side and supporting her however he can He knows something is wrong but not exactly what or how deeply Tess is being affected by it Once the entire truth is revealed can these two find a way to come out the other side Together? I voluntarily received an ARC from the authorOMGThis book is one that once you start your unable to put down The flow of writing as the story unfolds keeps you wanting Ace and Tess have to deal with things from the past Though those who cost them something special were dealt with their pain still lingers When a secret becomes known they are thrown into pain Brought back together after a disappearance they soon find themselves drawn into a mystery What and who is playing with the club and Ace and Tess you will have to read to find out 5 star read and a suggest to give this author and her series a try Damn this was a great book talk about messing with your emotions This is Ace and Tess's storyWhen life that thrown you a curve ball you and either drown in your sorrows or deal with the pain in order to move forward It's not easy infact you will face depresstion which you will try hide from others This is what Tess did with the help and support of Ace Their love undeniably strong The book has twists and turns some you may see coming but others you won't Im going to stop here so that im not giving any spoilers away Honestly this is a great read A story that grips you by the tail pipe and no matter the heat doesn’t let you go til the very end Yup it’s one of those stories This is the first book I’ve read of Kayce Kyle’s and I will agree with one of the other readers who has left a review read the other books first that way you have a better background understanding to the storyline Having said that Ace and Tess’s story was heartbreaking to say the least These two are complete opposites who click in all the right ways from the very beginning Now I’m off to read the other books in the series because I’m hooked This book was amazing The story was amazing The characters were raw gritty and emotional There was so much pain and heartache caused by secrets When Ace and Tess met it was an instant attraction A few weeks was all it took to realize they needed a lifetimebut life wasn't that easy It is tough to make the right decisions and so easy to make the wrong Tess' decision led her to an inevitable place of hurt and anguish It left her longing for something she could no longer have Once Ace finds out the truth can he forgive her and go on? Can they have a future together with so much in between them? Loved this story I have been waiting on this book since I read the second oneAce and Tess torn at my heart a little bitI cried a lot in this book LolThey have a lot to go threw before they can love one another with allthey haveAnd alot to get threw before they get what a happy ever afterI loved this story and can't wait to read the next Kayce did an awesome job This is one of those books that is raw and emotional The characters are real broken and flawed So be warned that this one may have you wiping a tear or two away as you go on a journey with Ace and Tess With heartache joy denial steam drama action and secrets revealed there really isn't anything you could want We met Ace and Tess in the first book of the series Riding Resistance They couldn't be different and their love was an emotional and tumultuous journey I hit emotional highs and lows with this one and you'll need to keep it together as you read their story MC romances are one of my favorites and this series has not disappointed me yet I'll start off by saying you've GOT to read the previous two books or the timeline will not make sense to you whatsoever That being said get ready for Ace and Tess' story The title alone should alert you to the fact that you'll go on a rollercoaster of emotions reading it but it's so very good Heartfelt heartbreaking inspiring This is a love story that was born from the fires of hell Be prepared for the ride of your life as well as Justice's special brand of advice