Zodiac Binding The Zodiac Chronicles #1

Zodiac Binding The Zodiac Chronicles #1[Reading] ➺ Zodiac Binding The Zodiac Chronicles #1 ➰ Arya Karin – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem Sexy Shifters When Karen Martin receives a summons to the Shifter High Council she knocks it off to another hex breaking assignment As a half witchhalf Coyote shifter herse The Zodiac ePUB ´ Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem Sexy Shifters When Karen Martin receives a summons to the Shifter High Council she knocks it off to another hex breaking assignment As a half witchhalf Coyote shifter herself she’s barely tolerated in either group However her magic allows her a slightly higher rank than runt among the various weres she helpsExcept this Zodiac Binding PDF \ time the magic reuired is to bind all twelve shifter clans with a thirteenth and rare zodiac sign—hers She’s got to find twelve mates in order to keep the peace among all the different species of shifters or all hell will break loose But can she keep all these men sexually satisfied and content If she can keep Binding The Zodiac PDF º from falling in love with all of them then she might have a chance of surviving this mess and figuring out a way not to be the alpha in this new mixed pack But when the time comes can she walk away from her own desires. DifferentThis book was just odd I'd say it was mostly sex because it kind of is but the sex scenes aren't long or very descriptive so it's not like it's all smut that said t he whole plot is about one woman needing to hook up with 12 guys so it's not like it's supposed to be sueaky clean novel with large no sexual subplots Most of the book was either the lead character running from guys who wanted to fuck her or actually screwing them The whole book was just odd A fun story with an interesting concept It goes by very fast Several spots could have been expanded upon I'd personally like a bit setting though the opening one and ending one were good An entertaining and steamy HEA There's even some fast paced action in here for which I was grateful I had a feeling about what kind of shifter Caine was and I was rightThere's a bit of telling rather than showing in the beginning like when the character thinks about having grown up in Arizona with her Aunt Jess and that her coyote dad dropped her off in a basket Will that come up again later in the series? I find the idea of a thirteenth zodiac sign to be interesting The astronomical constellation Ophiuchus ruling from about November 30 to December 18 is something I knew of before reading this bookThe book's editor really dropped the ball which is a shame because the story deserves better Little things like thisAnd I he didn't want chose instead of chooseA shift from first person to third Her words died as she eyed athey treating you superior treatment like pouringAnd everything indicates a dragon could best a lion except one line Likely one name was switched for another There were also a few missing opening uote marks But beyond that the story was good and I would read the next book in this series because I'm curious as to who else will join the main cast I really want to know if there will be another coyote If certain types of shifters will be saught And if she'll make choices or have them be made for her essentially Also it is implied that she'll eventually have an important role in their government so I'd like to see that play out I liked the story but it was a little too fast for me The female just jumped into sex with all of the guys and I would've liked to see some introduction before that happened I understand the magically induced feelings compelled her to do it but I still didn't really like it It would have been so much better if she would have become intimate with the guys after she got to know them a little better ZodiatasticI so liked this story The heroine is cute spunky and kind I love the guys she has so far especially her #1 It's going to be interesting how others are added in Also it seems like there will be some whipping witches humans and shifters into shape maybe Looking forward to Oh my I have definitely found a new author to worship This book started from 0 to 100 in no time all i could do was hang on It was a mad dash to an explosive finish and I loved the ride I can't wait until the next comes out 😀I highly recommend this book as well as the Blood Clan series💖 You won't be disappointed I hate it when authors are calling their ménage book as reverse harem They don't understand the difference between menage and reverse harem Reverse harem is not about the sex between one girl and multiple men is about the connection they have with each other I really really love this bookLike I can’t stop thinking about it It’s juice a little emotional and lots of cliffhangers but it’s awesome can’t wait for the next one Please due another one please Very short and conflicting detailsIt was very short It needs to be edited Also you go from her leaving clothes behind in one scene to wearing them the next back to her not having them Obviously this wasn't proof read Then the story just randomly stops Just badly written porn with no concern for plot or grammar or consistency or characterization Hot shifterwitch reverse haremThis is a fast pace and fast burn romance The plot is interesting Felt like the end came too fast I look forward to book 2