Fire on All Sides

Fire on All Sides[BOOKS] ✸ Fire on All Sides By James Rhodes – For many of us who suffer from depression or anxiety the simple act of endurance of having to appear normal is a daunting painful and heroic task Getting out of bed packing the kids off to school show For many of us who suffer from depression or anxiety the simple act of endurance of having to appear normal is a daunting painful and heroic task Getting out of bed packing the kids off to school showing up for work preparing dinner These can be astonishing achievements when it sometimes takes a superhuman effort simply to stand uprightHow do you keep going How do you Fire on Kindle - do what you do day in day out conforming to people's idea of you and functioning in the way society expects you to when all you want to do is disappear and hideIn Fire on All Sides Rhodes attempts to find how to make the unbearable bearable in the most exposing circumstances imaginable As he embarks on a grueling five month concert tour performing in front of thousands of people the torturous voices in his mind his constant companions he has no choice but to face these wild mad ramblings head on Luckily there is the music There is always the music Bach Chopin Beethoven they are his holy grail his mechanism for survival This is an important urgent book It's about going through your day feeling like you can't find a way out of the crazy it's about not setting the happiness bar too high it's about accepting the messy imperfection that is lifeRhodes explodes the myths surrounding depression anxiety and stress the plagues of our society into a million pieces then sticks them back together again with his characteristic thought provoking laser sharp and humorous style. I was sceptical about this book but it won me over James Rhodes a professional concert pianist? I’ve been a classical music buff for decades but the name didn’t register My bad as I found out we are dealing here with an extraordinary musician He does not however fit the stereotypical persona of the classical pianist Rhodes is a man with multiple missions He started to play the piano rather late and then left it in late adolescence He embarked on a career in the London City but at twenty eight decided to become a professional musician Astonishingly enough he managed to achieve that moonshot goal This book communicates Rhodes' vibrant love for ’serious music’ in a most touching way His narration on the pieces he is taking to concert podia is lively and deeply felt It gives the image of great composers as stuffy geniuses a kick in the butt and shows how extraordinary invention emerges from the texture of extraordinary but human all too human lives Music is therapeutic for ‘Jimmy’ Rhodes Having been seriously abused in his youth he is a man who is struggling with severe mental health problems That’s what the ‘fire on all sides’ is all about The book testifies to these challenges in a graphic harrowing way I admire Rhodes’ determination to speak out and make experiences of sexual abuse and mental health an issue of public debate And not only for the benefit of a supposedly tiny minority of the bruised but for the vast majority of people who are finding themselves roughly midway on the sliding scale between severe mental disorder and zen like euanimity How many of us ruthless perfectionists do not recognise themselves a tiny bit in the following reflection? “Since I was a kid I have instructed my mind to do an impossible job in the belief that should it fail in this job then I will die I have directed it repeatedly and consistently to constantly analyse solve fix guard figure out manipulate examine predict determine protect understand compartmentalise make sense of and explain every single facet of my life real or imagined twenty four hours a day All of this so I can enjoy the dubious illusion of feeling safe” How many of us feel certain that their psyche won’t buckle under the incessant pressure of our peers’ or clients’ expectations overwork and self defence? Rhodes “ I know I am not alone in feeling like this of being in desperate need of untangling and learning how to let go I can’t uite bring myself to believe that I am one of the tiny few who is constantly fucking things up while everyone else uite happily living their lives with no ups and downs doubts and worries and middle of the night freak outs If I’m right if we are all varying degrees of fucked up and the twenty first century’s human condition has morphed from the past’s very real terror of getting eaten by giant mammoths attacked by roaming tribes of Neanderthals and starving or freezing to death into the illusory yet similarly intense anxiety of work deadlines iPhone battery life and social conformity then we all need to figure out how to change our fucking priorities”As evidenced by the above Rhodes writes breezily in a language peppered with puns collouialisms and expletives He propels the story seemingly effortlessly forward despite the insistent return of the motto themes of insecurity anxiety insomnia exhaustion and relationship breakups Again it’s the life giving force of music that keeps the narrative and the man afloat It also transfuses Rhodes’ rendering of these pieces on the accompanying album issued by Signum Records Thank you Mr Rhodes for generously and vulnerably sharing this gift with all of us Reading this book has made me realise that James you will almost certainly be reading this Maybe not today Maybe not tomorrow But probably this week and at roughly three or four in the morning so HEY DUDE Just wanted to introduce myself I'm Karen but you can call me Oryx I would shake your hand but don't worry I won't I get it it's cool ANYWAY You did great Really this is great I thought this was great I may have had to skim some bits that were REALLY HARD to read But that's credit to you for sharing so honestly and because of the honesty visercally I won't ascribe an arbitrary numerical rating don't worry I've read both instrumental and this book Rhodes' blunt and honoust writing style is what will make you love or dislike this book It contains the unfiltered world view of someone that is nog dealing with live very well at times I found his writings a revelation In his rants he sometimes finds ways to describe mental problems that hit very close to home I'd say this book is a bit less explicit I was worried that adding another autobiographical title to his oeuvre after only a few years could leave him with to little material to write about But I found his writing style engaging as ever I would recommend reading Instrumental first but consider this a stellar book too There is no writer that helps me to fuel a curiosity into a deeper understanding of classical music than James Rhodes Like Instrumental Fire On All Sides has classical music as the main theme to this book and he is able to make links between classical music and his anxiety which we can all relate to in different parts of our lifeReading about James' struggles with his anxiety self esteem and his lifestyle challenges whilst on tour make me want to give James a big cuddle tell him everything will be alright and shower him with the praise and positivity he deservesI would strongly recommend this book as well as James Rhodes other book Instrumental read Instrumental before you read this book to anyone wanting to understand classical music and who has their battles with issues of low self esteem and anxiety This book will help you feel a lot better about yourself and of the world I read this in the Spanish translation because their books have the best covers ever and the translation is also very good I enjoyed this a lot though somehow not as much as Instrumental maybe just because I already know the author's style and it's not that much of a delightful surprise any It's a mixture of journal and hilarious self help book so if you would like something that has a lot of deep dark depression and swearwords in it but still manages to end on an uplifting note this is for you Also there's a lot of music in it but you don't have to be a fan James will explain why Rachmaninoff is awesome don't you worry about that In fact the parts where he explains the pieces he plays are among the best in the book Just read this if you want to be entertained by a very flawed and yet also extraordinary human being I was very impressed with this open and honest account of a professional musician diligently working to progress his career as a concert pianist but at the same time battling to overcome a lot of personal negativity and mental health conditions due to childhood trauma and abuse The title of the book `Fire on all sides earthuake` is borrowed from a well known opera `Don Juan` for the theatrical setting of a particular scene in the opera where Don Juan descends down into hell as punishment for his wild behaviour and immorality It is uite a `scary` scene in the opera and also very entertainingHowever James Rhodes likens this description as to how he feels when he comes under attack from all the negativity self doubt and destructive thought processes that he has to endure until he is able to gain control again which happens many timesBy contrast and in spite of being a very successful concert pianist and much appreciated by classical music concert enthusiasts he has not much confidence in his own ability to continue to maintain the high standard of success and popularity that he has achieved through sheer hard work and practice I am sure he will because he is very genuine and appreciative of all that classical music has to offer and he shows his appreciation for all the people who support himHe has many commitments apart from concerts such as giving interviews to the media organising visits and transport to various venue's but he continues to advocate for school children to be given opportunities to experience classical music and to learn to play instruments themselves because who knows what hidden talents might be revealed This is the same review I left on UK I think it is very brave for someone who has had horrible things happen to them from early childhood on share and write about it As with Instrumental I appreciate and applaud Mr Rhodes for sharing his struggles and triumphs with us in such a raw way It's not always an easy book to read but I think it's an important one There is a lot of personal stuff in this book that I could relate to in a very scaled back way but each chapter also starts with brilliant examinations of classical composers and their work that makes me appreciate the music Mr Rhodes plays even This book shows how music can help to silence the voices and demons be have within us James Rhodes is not afraid of showing his and through this book you make a journey with him around his piano concert and thoughts The best thing about it is the writing style is such a direct and clear book If I have to say something bad is that sometimes I felt a bit lost in the thoughts of the writers as I didn't know some facts about his life that may be pointed out in the book Maybe I would get to understand it if I would have read his first book Instrumental Nevertheless I've loved it Entertaining honest raw funny emotional and by his own admission oversharing insight into the mind of classical pianist James Rhodes Recommended if you suffer from anxiety insomnia depression and even if you do not it's a good read if a little busy in style but then that's James Rhodes' head for you BrilliantBrilliant beyond words Music to any humanistic reader's ears A gift to humankind wrapped and tied up with pain tenderness hope and love James I'm so proud to have met you through your writing

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