Guardians (The Four Horsemen, #4)

Guardians (The Four Horsemen, #4)➳ [Read] ➮ Guardians (The Four Horsemen, #4) By L.J. Swallow ➾ – Assassins ancient magic and the mysterious Collector bring new challenges to the Horsemen Can the five find the answers they need before it's too lateThree humans are dead and the search is on for the Assassins ancient magic and the mysterious Collector bring new challenges to the Horsemen Can the five find the answers they need before it's too lateThree humans are dead and the search is on for the surviving member from Vee's online group If he's alive Seth could hold the key to who's behind the attacks and why the group are targetsThanks to their broken alliance with the fae the Four Horseman and Vee must turn to others for help and are pulled deeper into the supernatural underworld The danger the world faces is greater than they imagined and someone is determined the Horsemen will failThe Four Horsemen will each do whatever it takes to protect Vee but as Vee's relationship with the guys intensifies so does her power How powerful can she become and at what cost to the Four Horsemen's future. Not a bad book and I still love Xander and Vee together Guardians is the fourth installment of The Four Horsemen series Now at first this series was just meh in the beginning but then I started to like all of the characters It was rather sudden but I blame it all on Xander Him and Vee make my world go round and I love that they have taken the next step in their weird ass relationship The one person I will just never get over is Seth I have zero faith and trust in that guy Not going to lie after I finished the third book I had a theory about him and then in this book my theory never really changed Yes he was the victim at one point but I still don't trust him There's just something about him and it rubs me the wrong way He's probably still behind these mysterious deaths and shitThen there's Joss oh my poor baby I feel like I will never get over that ending Seriously hoping and praying it wasn't real and just some nightmare of hers I was seriously going to DNF this series after this book It has been so hellish trying to get through these books because they are SO DAMN BORING And I am not exaggerating I'm reading this series with my lovely Twin and she feels the same way It's dragging and boring But She has patience than me apparently because she's almost on the last one and I was dragging my feet to finish this bookThe story just fell off after kind of picking up in the third book I was actually a teeny tiny bit excited to continue with the series after I finished the third book Then you get to this one and it's like the characters are just all going freaking insane No one is working together Everyone is acting like assholes And they're all arguing All the damn time And it's just not fun to read aboutVerity the female MC she is absolutely insufferable She is annoying She makes the worst decisions She whines all the fucking time I just can't deal with her anyI'm going to debate on if I want to finish this series or not If the book hadn't ended the way it did I would 100% not finish this series But now I'm debating We'll see Absolutely astounding The plot is really thickening in this one and I love how complex and intriguing the story is becoming There are potential threats and numerous enemies around every corner and even among themselves there is trust issues seeping tension and secrets being kept I don't trust Seth as far as I'd throw him and what darkness is inside all of them especially Vee? I loved how the relationships developed in this one even with the flaws and potential rifts between some of the pairings And that ending is killer in a good way and while I had suspected as much it doesn't take away from the impact I'm already chomping at the bit for the next installment Fantastic job Lisa This series is one of my fave RH series right now Up there with Curse of the Gods by JJ in my opinion Can't wait for Chaos The Four Horsemen reviews#1 Legacy ❤❤❤❤❤ here#2 Bound ❤❤❤❤❤ here#3 Hunted ❤❤❤❤❤ here#4 Guardians ❤❤❤❤❤ See below#5 Chaos ❤❤❤❤❤ here#6 Descent ❤❤❤❤❤ here#7 Reckoning ❤❤❤❤❤ hereBonus books#35 Tricked ❤❤❤❤❤ here Book #4 in the amazing book series where the author has managed to breathe new life into this very old biblical legend of the four Horsemen If you haven't already read the first books Legacy Bound Hunted I would strongly recommend doing so before moving on to this oneGuardians pick up exactly where Hunted left Vee and her four Pony Boys Heath aka DeathEwan aka PestilenceJoss aka FamineXander aka WarThe plot thickens and the bodies are beginning to pile up and it all seem to be connected to Vee Now that things have gotten personal Vee isn’t handling things all that great She’s feeling like a failure because she’s not at full power yet and thus she feels like she’s letting the Pony Boys down On top of that she can’t seem to shake the distressing feeling that maybe the Fae was right what if she is dangerous?Desperate times call for desperate measures or so Vee thinks So she asks Joss to strip her of all her human emotions convinced that the lack of her humanity will make her stronger However this could end up harming them If Joss does as Vee asks what will happen to their bond? Will the Pony Boys’ Vee then get lost to make room for a power machine? The story keeps getting and complex and there’s confusion anxiety hurt and doubt within the ranks But this doesn’t stop the pull each of the Pony Boys feel towards Vee and we do get to see interactions between Vee and her guys As a reader I find it hard to fully trust Vee She seems to go from kick ass mode till insecure in mere seconds Is that due to circumstances? Is there something sinister going on inside her that we don’t know about yet? Why has there never been a fifth before? Why now? Is she their saving grace or their Achilles heel? We all know those books that completely draw you in twist you around just to spit you back out with those cruel words to be continued that is this book in a nut shell and I absolutely loved every minute of the 5 hours spend sueezing my tablet whilst ploughing through this book Readers be warned this book contains a major cliff hanger that won’t be revealed until book #5 which as a Horseman addict I’m not happy about but with the books being released almost monthly I’m sure I’ll survive Full disclosure the book contains steamy content but I think LJ Swallow manages to walk the line and keep it from being sleazy The sex scenes are well written and suit the moments it doesn't seem forced and the words are well chosen Getting monotonousThis series is getting kinda hokey Seeming to drag on and on adding people who act superior making the main characters look incompetent and too stupid the follow clues If these guys really were all there was to save the world we'd all need to bend over and kiss it goodbye I'll read Or try I should say the next but it needs to get better And these kids need to grow up Disappointed to say the leastTitle says it all It felt dragged out and stretched and I’m so disappointed in this series I try to give books like this a chance but when authors grasp at straws in order to prolong the series it’s so painful dnf at page 97 You're the heart of us all Vee Don't destroy who we are EwanOnce again this book took me far too long I uite like The Four Horseman series but it hasn't captured me to the point where I can't put them down Though I feel so sorry for anyone reading Guardians before Chaos came out the ending is an emotional gut punchThere was another serious step up in the pace during the course of Guardians But I guess it is book 4 in a 7 book series so that makes sense A lot happens there are a lot of revelations and I'm currently feeling a little broken The guarding of the title is tied to the people they believed were hunting in them previously in Hunted Seth the man they are protecting is odd Clearly not a threat to their relationship he is human as far as we know but I don't know it felt off Like it was too easy he is a definite plot devise not a driver for the relationship Not that jealousy can be a massive thing in a polyandry situation especially with the amount of power at play hereMy main take away from Guardians sex is power Between the previous explosions and Joss' power enhancement in Guardians all coming from sex between the Pony Boys and Vee Seriously not complaining Joss is adorable I love him so much Watching him so haunted is troubling but again necessary Though I would to know which of Vee's men people favourI have serious concerns about who Vee may be and where this might be going If I'm right some of the boys may handle it better than others But I always hold concerns for the overthinking EwanMy reading experience in a gif Guardians picks up exactly where Hunted left off The bodies are beginning to pile up and it's getting closer and closer to Vee Now it's personal and her human side is not coping well She's shocked and shutting down She's also feeling guilty that she's letting her Horsemen down by not being strong enough Plus there's this voice inside her a Vee that may be dangerous In her desperation she asks Joss to strip her of her human emotions feeling that it will make her stronger However if he does as she reuests will it take away her ability to connect with the guys? Will it take away the part of her that the guys love? The story is getting complicated darker The Horsemen are following leads from Seth Vee's on line co conspirator Leads that have them dealing with beings they would rather avoid Hunters Demons the ancient Collector There are no answers only mysteries Vee is getting closer to the Horsemen but at the same time trust is disappearing and fear of her impact on the group is returning Once again we are left to wonder who is Vee? Why a fifth now? Is she making them stronger or tearing them apart? There is confusion fear pain hurt suspicion and anger among the group not to mention the lust that always lingers between the guys and Vee There's also a danger that can't be seen A dark coldness with the power to destroy This series just keeps getting better Each book is entertaining but this book took the series to a new level The tension was there from page one and only increased with each page The darkness is growing and the Horsemen seem at a loss Several times one or of them was seriously shaken by information coming to light For the first time they don't seem invincible For the first time Vee's presence seems as if it could cause them weakness not strength Vee is at a crossroads who is she and whom does she want to be? There are no answers only paths to follow Warning The book ends with a cliffhanger that will gut you Chaos can not arrive soon enough Pretty much picking up where Hunted left off Vee is left dazed She is having issues with loosing her human side In order to become what she needs to be she has to loose her humanity But can she? Does she really want to? And if she does would the guys feel for her differently I feel like each installment the intensity of the flow gets kicked up a notch The guys are frustrated with their investigation and with their relationship with Vee She is supposed to be the link but is all she is doing breaking them apart? She has them going all over the place with their emotions And Xander I go back and forth from loving him to wanting to just slap him upside the head All of the guys though are a perfect fit for Vee And yes there is a cliffhanger for the ending that will leave you going WTH you cant end it like this But it sets up Chaos perfectly I believe