Sweet Sweet Savannah

Sweet Sweet Savannah❮Read❯ ➭ Sweet Sweet Savannah Author HL Nigbor – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Savannah Rae Preston’s life changes after an unexpected weekend left her with than sweet memories Two years later she has her life back on track but when three men reappear from her past can Savanna Savannah Rae Preston’s life changes after an unexpected weekend left her with than sweet memories Two years later she has her life back on track but when three men reappear from her past can Savannah take the leap to claim the life she Sweet Sweet PDF/EPUB ² wants or will fear hold her backRatings and reviews on this edition are for the shorter version of the story in the Falling For Them anthology. This was probably my favorite book in the Falling for them Anthology Volume 2 This was a sweet story about a woman named Savannah who has received nothing but criticism from her mother on everything on her hair color apparently blue isn’t a good color for hair according to her mom to her piercings and tattoos however after meeting 3 navy seals Bas Austin and Finn and having an amazing night with them her life is turned completely upside down Now 2 years later Savannah is working at Still water pub where she gets an unexpected surprise when she meets the 3 silent partners of the bar who just so happen to be the 3 hot navy seals she meant 2 years before How will things turn out for Savannah and her guys? What happens when they learn about the secret Savannah has? What about her overbearing brother like friends from the bar Jackson Cooper Christ Beck? I absolutely LOVED this story I first read this in the Falling For Them Volume 2 AnthologyReturning to campus Savannah enjoys a once in a lifetime weekend with three Navy Seals Bas Austin and Finn She's left with wonderful memories heartache and the unexpected gift of a lifetime Two years later she is back in college has an incredible best friend and support system and a new job with four big brothers When her past resurfaces Savannah has to decide whether she can risk her heart again and take a chance at a HEA My favorite thing about this book was the family relationships; her bestiesister and her mom and her four big brothers The most important family is the one we choose This story made my heart happy For this eccentric and uirky woman who was always picked apart by her family for her differences to find a group of friends to show her her true worth This harem was cute than anything Usually the contemporary ones are Very heart warming for those Finn Austin and Bas to come together in love for our MC and their little baby girl Mac I enjoyed all the secondary characters This was a very happy go lucky a story with not real antagonist and plot other than an unconventional romance that worked beautifully for them I love the way the book was written It flips between present day and her memories of the past Then everything comes full circle It was a great way to make a RH novel uniue I haven't read one yet that's set up like that or that involved a child and I absolutely adored it It's a cute uick read While I did enjoy the story it is not one of my favorites I felt it was lacking a lot of relationship development between the main characters too much insta love I really liked the supporting characters and hope we see from them I liked the main characters and the plot was good but going from a one night stand weekend to being desperately in love is a stretch for me A sweet easy read about a young woman who has been put down by her mother her whole life who then finds acceptance and love in the arms of not one but three hot alpha males Life throws a spanner in the works but it makes the hea just that little bit sweeter in the end I love the secondary characters and hope they get their own stories too I originally read this in the falling for them v2 anthologyI found it to be interesting and its one of my favourite types of romance The mc is original tattooed cool hair the lot give it a try you won't be disappointed I was first introduced to this book when it was included in Falling For Them v2 If you're looking for a great read that is Reverse Harem and is a love story and doesn't involve the paranormal or science fiction genre's then this book is for you Read this story in The Fallen for Them anthology book 2 What a great read will definitely follow this author and see what come up next I love Savannah i liked that this book goes between present and past so you get the feel of everythingSavannahs friends are the best not to mention they guys definitely some book candy who dosnt like hot guys this book is one i will read over and over