Relinquished Hood (Red Hood Chronicles Book 2)

Relinquished Hood (Red Hood Chronicles Book 2)➳ Relinquished Hood (Red Hood Chronicles Book 2) Read ➻ Author Kendrai Meeks – She didn't want any werewolves in her life now she has to live with one Geri Kline wishes her list of concerns began and ended with human things You know How to dress for the first day of your new int She didn't want any werewolves in her life now she has to live with one Geri Kline wishes her list of concerns began and ended with human things You know How to dress for the first day of your new internship or which shoes go best with a silver dagger and a crossbow But when you're an outed red hood working in a company run by vampires human concerns are trivial More important is finding out what your undead bosses are up to killing off werewolves Only there's than one secret concealed in the halls of the WWL Corporation and what Geri discovers could turn the supernatural world on its head and land her on her back Yes Red Riding Hood's summer is going to be anything but mundane and adding werewolf Tobias Somfield doesn't help All the widower wolf does is brood mope and stir up Geri's worst preternatural instincts Tolerating him is darn near impossible and the growing pull she feels toward him is completely insane Relinuished Hood takes readers further into the complex supernatural world of balances slayers and vampires hoods and werewolves This imaginative urban fantasy series reinvents the classic Little Red Riding Hood legend If you like headstrong heroines original fantasy worlds and fresh takes on fairy tales then you’ll love The Red Hood Chronicles. This is a great series but I fear that this book while clearing up a LOT of things is of a information dump before what I hope is a much satisfying book 3 that moves the story along a bit Geri is still a bit of a mystery that we are being fed little pieces of which starts to get frustrating after a bitBottom Line in this short review lots of info seems to be a couple of subplots and I can't wait for the next one but hope it is a bit fulfilling than this one was but even after all the things in this book I still have a ton of uestions and hope they will be answered in book 3 or at least see a big movement in the story and hopefully her powers HookedGeri is back and uncovering vampire secrets This series has really hooked me now I couldn’t put it down I need of this twisted fairytale Wasn't for meFelt too YA urban fantasy for me also this has kept popping up in romance and it's NOT a romance even in the slightestI feel bad for Geri I dodeeply in love and having the one you love forced to anotherBut honestly it's all really weird because even you can tell she still has some feelings for her ex I dint care I'd they were all pawns of her horrible crazy mother it was only a year ago she should be angry and maybe a touch bitter at the situation I mean one minute she hints he was like her fated mate almost and the he will always be home to herand he can't seem to let her go even though he's already knocked up his mate nothing's happening wthe vamp Slayer and Tobias is NEVER going to be over his mateThis was as clean as a hallmark movie and that ok because This Is Not A Romance BookI just wish it would stop being put in that category If you want an interesting story about vampires and their evil machinations against werewolves and aren't interested in romance this might be the story for youBut the reviewer who said this story had steam ???WTF???Geri gets kissed once then it fades to black if you think this book is steamy I guess hallmark movies are white hot passion to youLike I said if you want a nice mild non romantic urban fantasywith vamps plotting against wolves wa bit of a YA feel you'll love thisBut if you want something deep or gritty or if like me you saw this in a romance category well not soo muchThank you fir your work and effort Ms Meeks but this wasn't for meGood luck i hope your very successful ❣️ 35 StarsThis series has promise but it went a little slow for book two It was still really good but it felt like nothing was answered and uestions were piled on I'm hopeful that book three will clear things up and move the story The writing is good and the characters are engaging enough that I want to know what happens next I'm optimistic that book three will fill in the gaps Cautiously recommended I’m already anxious for the next I love Kendrai’s twist to the paranormal realm I was totally cut off guard with the turn of events And what is going on between Geri and Tobias Family drama supernatural connections the deeper truths uncovered Love it I loved it The character development from the first book is first class I couldn’t put it down and I’m already on the next one You’ll love it Relinuished Hood picks up not too long after the end of Reluctant Hood We find Geri Kline very surprised to learn that her internship with Igor Karmarov is still on despite how things ended at the end of the first novel Geri is joined for the summer by Tobias a European werewolf who is now indebted to her for saving his lifeGeri’s personal mission is to find out what the vampires in Chicago are up to—why are they so interested in the werewolves? Once she realizes that her powers as a nascent hood aren’t going to be enough Geri begins to train with Tobias and later Caleb—an intriguing man in the WWL building where she works with a secret of his own Geri realizes that there are layers to this mystery than she wants to know but at this point in the game it’s too late She’s in it for the long haul whether she likes it or not I liked this seuel to Reluctant Hood and the cliffhanger ending makes me excited for the third book It was easy to get invested in the characters and want to know about them I was a little disappointed that Geri’s roommate Amy only appeared a little at the beginning and hope she plays a bigger role in future books; her comic relief is fun and entertaining I’m also interested to find out about Caleb Igor and Inga and seriously what the heck does Geri’s mother Red Matron Brunhild know that she is so desperate to keep from her daughter?I was thrilled to get my hands on an early copy of this book and look forward to finding out in this modern day Little Red Riding Hood tale I was given an advanced copy of this book for an honest review and I can tell you that as with the first book in this series I absolutely LOVED IT I was uickly sucked back into this original storyline and characters I love Geri she is absolutely my kind of heroine snarky badass with a spine of steel yet not to above it all to admit her wrongs she is far from infallible Tobias is a heartthrob through and through a broken man with an inner strength that makes me mourn with him yet want to rip his clothes off and take his pain away what can I say I am a giver like that And the new addition of a sexy man don't want to spoil anything but yikes steeeeeeamy This author knows how to bring the heat tantalize ALL your senses and leaving you wanting There were twists and turns I didn't see coming in this book so it kept me on the edge of my seat It answered most all of the uestions that remained in the first book and by the end I had so many new ones that my heart was racing and I was saddened when I turned the last page I love when I find an author who can keep me guessing and with such an original story Its hard to guess whats going to happen I am so thankful for that Too many times I have been able to predict exactly who will end up with who and who exactly the mysterious bad guy is right off the bat that couldn't be further from the truth in this series I will be waiting for the next installment of the Red Hood Chronicles eagerly So goodI couldn't put this book down Looking forward to the next book in the series Add this to a must read list This was an amazing seuel and I honestly cannot wait to see what happens next this book is full of action and unexpected developments Geri dives deep inside the world of  the WWL corporation as the secrets of their genetic research get revealedThe complex friendship between Geri and Tobias develops and solidifies as the new painful discoveries come to light and new interesting characters crucial to the story are reveled Geri's mother comes to the forefront with her inexplicable acts of brutality most of which are directed towards GeriNew unexpected alliances are formed and most of the uestions get answered towards the end of the book The ending leaves an opening for further confrontations and I am curious to see where it is going to go This book was an emotional roller coaster full of non stop action and I could not stop reading until it was finished The reading order is Reuited Hood Red Hood #05 available for subscribers to the author's newsletter on the author's website Reluctant Hood Red Hood #1 Relinuished Hood Red Hood #2 and Ravening Hood Red Hood #3