Curious[Epub] ➞ Curious ➣ Seth King – An all new full length story spun from the world of Seth King's bestselling Straight series Two best friends One week in paradise One pact that goes explosively off the rails MSM men who have sex with An all new full length story spun from the world of Seth King's bestselling Straight series Two best friends One week in paradise One pact that goes explosively off the rails MSM men who have sex with men a growing phenomenon in which straight men engage in casual sex with other straight men which sociologists attribute to loosening cultural norms and relaxing social views towards sexuality Beau Lindemann and Nathan Sykes took their first steps together and went to their first prom in the same limo In fact there’s nothing the twenty two year olds have ever kept from each other – except one long simmering secret Today Beau and Nathan have major girl problems Each dumped by their girlfriends they find themselves single lonely and tipsy in Key West After a boozy night of commiseration takes a shocking turn Beau and Nathan decide to throw caution to the Atlantic winds forget about girls for a few days and make a pact to use each other’s bodies for sex That was their first mistake But why worry about tomorrow when today feels this good Warning this is not a warning This book is about two dudes who love each other and that's fine and no warning label or trigger warning as I often see on LGBT related books is needed because there's nothing wrong with love These warning labels only spread the idea that gay people are associated with shame and scandal and you won’t ever find me using one Thank you for reading – Seth King. Wow that was some painfully schizophrenic plotting at times I started out really enjoying what seemed like a story that couldn't uite seem to decide if it wanted to be an MM romance or just the latest erotic gem available on Nifty Gay Stories Highly recommended story site by the wayThe writing was steamy and I genuinely liked the best friend MC's even if their voices were very similar; however I began to get very frustrated when these guys would think one thing on page then immediately turn around and do the exact opposite in the very next paragraph This tendency started to feel contrived pulling the story in weird directions simply for the sake of upping the drama factor In short it felt very forced to meThis next part is an itty bit SPOILERY so proceed at your own risk This got worse and worse until the big decades long “ dream seuence” toward the end that made me feel like my head was about to blow clean off my shoulders No I'm not even joking about that I already had my Divorce Papers drawn up and signed ready to break up with this author once and for allThen suddenly everything turned on a dime going from post apocalyptic levels of Emo Angst to a sunshine and rainbows perfect endingI hate fuckery and feeling like I'm being jerked around by an author which is precisely how this story left me feelingSo while the sex was generally hot and the characters likeable and this story was less preachy than its predecessor Straight taking everything into consideration this was about a 275 star read for me at best This book is FREE with Kindle Unlimited membershipSee All My Latest Reads Review uick Links It's surprisingly difficult for me to review this book because I'm not sure which angle I want to take I definitely enjoyed it but I was keenly aware of the social commentary all throughout That's not actually a criticism and some anvils definitely can stand to be dropped but my enjoyment of this book is a bit complicated to describeOverall I had fun with it enjoyed both MCs and found it pretty sexy as well as thought provokingWhen I try to put my finger on which elements held it back from being an obvious 4 stars for me this is what comes to mind I was occasionally confused as to where on the timeline events were happening To be fair it could just be me failing to pick up on the author's cues to indicate either a time skip or a direct continuation of a previous scene Spoiler tag incoming view spoilerThe threesome was seriously off putting for me because everything up to that point hinted strongly that neither of them wanted to share each other; it also doesn't help that ménage is sort of my anti kink and I have a difficult time reconciling it with romance even under the most favorable of conditions hide spoiler As I neared the end of this book I planned to give it 3 stars and walk away rather than struggle to articulate my ambivalent feelings about itThen I hit 90% and BAM there went a star And there went my ambivalence too The author pulls a nasty trick a variation on the view spoilerit was just a dream hide spoiler Curious indeed I wanted so much to love this And love the cover and the characters I did But I was mostly left a little confused Both of these guys came off to me as Gay or at least Bibut never straight with the curiosity for something else so the MSM for me didn't really apply to these guys although I appreciated the introduction and discussion of this growing phenomenon Having both POVs for me reinforced this as well as seeing so many scenes from their beautiful friendship growing up I think ultimately this might have worked better for me had we only gotten Nathan's POV Perhaps even switching to Beau's at the very end of the book Because it seemed their personal thoughts never really coincided with what unfolded and therefore the intended WTF moment at the end was not near as impactful as it could have been The prologue was left unresolved so honestly I still have no idea who walked into the hotel room or why this prologue was even included The switch in POVs many times had me scratching my head as to who's head I was in and left me having to flip back to see The indication of who is speaking during the dialogue at least a few times would have helped this as this was very limited if done at all I love Seth's writing and there are some amazing moments in this book but ultimately this one fell short for me This book left me light giddy and with a full heart First things first I have to say that Seth King writes sex just as well as he does emotion Holy shit Curious is hot It's hot and I freaking loved it It was so different than what we normally get from him and it was perfect Beau and Nathan couldn't have been any perfect for each other After all who could love you the best and the most other than your best friend? No one And that's what they learn Oh they also learn that they aren't as straight as once thought These type of GFY friends to lovers books are some of my favorite tropes When you take two people who have always been perfect together and show the moments they realize it as well it makes for some great sometimes emotional reading Seth King did his thing again and brought us a love story A love story that just happened to be about two guys discovering they liked dick for the first time The whole concept of MSM is an interesting one And while it's something that's been vaguely acknowledged in other friends to lovers or GFY hate that term by the way book it's never been such in depth as it is in Curious The whole things starts because Nathan is curious about an article Then he's curious about his best friend Then he's curious about his best friend's dick and ass and every other part of him And suddenly they're both curious together Curious is written in a way a lot of Seth's books aren't It's told from both Beau and Nathan's POVs And while I can name which books have dual POV it's not the same as with Curious Both men are learning how to deal with each other on a non platonic basis and so you need to see both sides of the story Considering the male POV is my favorite to read and write to have it told by both men hit all the right buttons for me as a reader I knew this book wasn't going to just be the fun sexy light read it is portrayed as After all I learned a long time ago to never expect things when it comes to Seth King and his writing What I didn't expect was to feel as light as giddy and as in love as I do I cried happy tears I'm still crying happy tears I can count on one hand maybe the number of times I finished a book crying happy tears Not all my tears were happy there was a moment when my eyes started leaking that I was afraid I do not put HEA and Seth King in the same category very often And anyone who has read a good number of his previous work will know why I never wanted this story to end I wanted to stay with Beau and Nathan forever as they came into themselves and each other and found the balance and the strength to make life what they wanted it to be Yes we see that during various points but this book is set in the real world Something I've always admired from Seth and will probably always admire He isn't afraid to tell it how it is Curious can be a bit messy after all who do two guys go from being best friends to than friends? It can also be light and funny and full of love Love that is sorely lacking in this world If you're curious about Seth King as you've never read him then pick this book up It's something that will make you feel good afterwards Something that will make you feel love As you can't read about the love between these two characters and not feel it yourself Disclaimer please don't attack the 3 star reviewer becausethis is my honest opinionI bought this book because honestly after reading Straight a while back I found that I liked Seth's voice His writing in that book sucked me in kept me interested and never gave me the need to not finish It's pretty simple when I say I know pretty uick if a book will keep my interest So I understand that this book is loosely or completely based on an experience that he himself hadAnd that's great many authors write from personal experiences and I have not one single issue with that I have read a TON of MM books In all troupes This is not my first 2 straight guys decide that they are gay for each otherButI didn't like these guys and I am not sure what it was specifically that turned me off I think they were too bro if that makes sense???? Like the character's tried way to hard to be all dude where's my car with each other while also discovering that they loved each other The sex scenes were a cross between hot and comical And not comical because they told jokes And the endingview spoilerthat dream seuence Honest to GodI was almost done with that After I read this entire book this journey these two bff's went on for that to happenI literally almost threw my kindle hide spoiler Seth King Straight Straight ish Curious HonestyOne review for four books Read them all for their powerful treatment of different aspects of one theme They are so much than mere 'hot gay novels'Four books by Seth King that really explore one apparently very simple problem how to be yourself That has to be easy doesn't it? Reassuringly we say to a friend going for an interview 'Just be yourself' Sounds easy 'Relax Just be yourself'But Seth King really engages with how 'being yourself' is a lifelong challenge to each one of us and a challenge that is so difficult that mostly and repeatedly we fail At best we fail in part; at worst we simply give up the struggle and kid ourselves that we have succeeded as it's so much easier just to go with the flow even if that means drowning in a collective set of assumptions unthought beliefs expectations inherited myths bullying demands all from other peopleGrowing to self ness or selfhood has been described as the process of making real realizing that which we each have it in us to become Carl Jung saw The Self as an archetype that is a universal truth shared by all mankind but which it falls to each of us to flesh out into reality in a way that is uniue to every one of us So universal and uniue at one and the same time Easy?So here we begin to touch on some of the paradoxes inherent in this process Other people pressure us to be the person they want or expect us to be It may be one parent who vests in their child their own need for immortality in the form of grandchildren or their need for success in the career they were never able to follow themselves It may be the need of a group or even a whole society for an idealised figure to look up to One person cannot possibly carry the weight of such an unrealistic need of so many and often come to grief in the attempt to satisfy that need Diana the Fairytale People's Princess or Marilyn Monroe the Star or Elvis the King; Maria Callas The Diva the Goddess whose private life was a tragic succession of failures and repeated rejections in her search for relationship that might anchor her in the security of being a personLooked at in this way 'other people' are the enemy of the Self in their insistance on the individual fulfilling vicariously their often uite unrealistic collective needsHowever it is still complicated that that The Self can only be realized in relation to other people; it is relational Achieving selfhood by living the hermit's life beyond the reach of others is a very difficult path That way lie the dangers of living a fantasy without the ability to test it against reality 'I'm embarrassed that people were noticing things I never even noticed about myself' King puts into the mouth of his character in Curious He sees that his own perception of himself is not the whole story and other people can be helpful in revealing parts of himself to himselfBut relying on others is fraught with problems By no means is everyone curious enough about other people and also secure enough in their own selfhood to be able to admire and celebrate another's difference and by so doing support and validate that difference Seeing oneself reflected warmly in the mirror of the Other helps us realize ourself More common is the tendency to attack and denigrate any difference in other people leaving that person in doubt about the reality of themselves Again from Curious Nathan reflects on his sense of Self before meeting Beau The boy who sometimes felt things for his best friend and tried to hide those things to stamp them out like a lit cigarette on a sidewalk because that friend happened to be a boy That boy was so afraid so alone that he didn't recognise the love he felt all along in his own chest for that friend Looking back I wish I could find that boy that terrified version of me I would tell him that there was nothing wrong with him at all I would tell him that one day a time would come when he didn't hate the different parts of himself at all and that one day he would open himself to the love he felt for that friend and that the friend would open himself too and that their love would light up a whole world That image of lighting up a whole world is a pretty good account of the experience of coming to selfhood with the help of a loving Other This passage also demonstrates how one person's acceptance enables acceptance in the OtherTy in Straight ish asks the important uestion about his relationship with Henry Who would I be without him?But just as important is another uestion who am I with him? Henry deals with the same uestion from his viewpoint You will never accept yourself if you're under the nose of someone who doesn't accept you He has already commented that 'We are all from the very first moment politicized'Remember Fanny in Jane Austin's Mansfield Park being addressed by her guardian He says to her words that appear on the surface to be about Fanny but which are in fact all about him 'You have disappointed every expectation I had formed and proved yourself of a character the very reverse of what I had supposed' Straight ish is rather oddly prefaced by a uotation from Audre Lorde 'If I didn't define myself for myself I'd be crunched into other people's fantasies of me and eaten alive' This rather aggressively feminist statement is OK as far as it goes but it is I feel King in the following novel who makes the case rather better for the complicated interactive need for other people to be in on this processKing is very good at capturing the agony as well as the ecstasy of finding out who you are and who you have it in you to become because it is not a uestion that can be answered once for all it is a journey without end It reuires courage and daring and honesty all well addressed in these books There is pain in the process of being forged between the rigid anvil of reality and the hammer of ideals and hopes and dreams Another amazing book from Seth King Five stars are never enoughI always have high expectations when I read a new Seth King book and Curious did not disappoint It's taken me 3 days after reading it to be able to try to express how much I loved it Seth's words are so amazing I find that what I come up with in my reviews will never do them justiceIf I had to describe Curious in a few words I'd call it a friends to lovers bromance with a Seth King twist If you have ever read a Seth King book you will know there is nothing ordinary or straight forward in where he takes his characters and Curious was no different  It started with an article about MSM men having sex with men for long time best friends Nathan and Beau and it cascaded into experimenting together on a trip away after they both experienced breakups with their girlfriends Seth takes Nathan and Beau on a journey and the reader with them and their journey includes some steamy hot male on male action There were times when I wanted to punch both of them and tell them to wake up the chemistry between them was so obvious but fear was holding them both backI have to say at one point the story broke me I have learnt not to expect a HEA from Seth's books so when there is one I am pleasantly surprised however there is a part of Curious that was so heartbreaking that I had to stop reading because I was crying so hard I couldn't see the wordsI could not stop reading I wish that I could unread Curious so I could have the first read experience all over againOnce again Seth has delivered a dynamic funny emotional book which I will not stop recommending to whoever will listen and even those who won't Okay I will admit I was curious about Curious I love GFY and MSM books so this one really caught my interest and I loved it Two best friends find themselves at a wedding without dates and the sparks fly and their curiously gets the best of them Extremely Hot i am speechless right now and crying like a baby