Circus Freak (Escape From Reality Series Book 8)

Circus Freak (Escape From Reality Series Book 8)[BOOKS] ✭ Circus Freak (Escape From Reality Series Book 8) ✯ Erin Lee – Step into the madness My name is Samantha In theory or Hebrew or even Aramaic it means “God heard” or “Listener” Epic really considering I’ve never believed in God and that I’d rather poke Step into the madness My name is Samantha In theory or Hebrew or even Aramaic it means “God heard” or “Listener” Epic really considering I’ve never believed in God and that I’d rather poke my ear drums out with dull spoons than listen to the daily yammering around this place I’ve never been a listener Truth is I take after my mother who’d also rather be on stage I guess that comes natural when you grow up as a side show act in a freaky assed carnival But I’m getting ahead of myself People call me Cat and yes with a C not a K Cat as in feline Of course I set myself up for that with cat tattoos and the three Sphynx princesses who live with me in my trailer – the same rusted thing I travel in as we move from town to town with the carnival no one can seem to get enough of Their names are Prune Pixie and Penelope because I have a thing for P’s Truthfully they get me through long and smelly days of people gawking at feet six inch tall freaky me Secretly I like it that people stare at them too It takes the attention off my vertical challenges and secret keeping black eyes It’s not that I don’t enjoy being the center of attention from time to time I mean I do I just don’t like it for the wrong reasons – like my missing hand from the idiot who thought she was cute on the Ferris wheel when I was two I sort of have a lot to hide We’d best start with the things I can tell you about – the same things you probably paid to see I have two belly button piercings – one on the top and one on the bottom Sometimes I run string through the hoops and tie them together when I’m bored The feline princesses like to bat at them and I enjoy the pain of it I travel around the travelling circus on a mini bike Apparently it’s uite a sight to see If anyone bothered to ask me about dreams of mine I’d say I’d wish to grow tall to buy a Harley and get the hell out of here But that isn’t going to happen and I’m a realist Still I like being able to ride the bike around It saves me from being tripped over or stepped on by giant cotton candy grubbing monsters who refuse to look down because God forbid there’s a freak circus in town Either way I can promise you one thing Everything is about to change I refuse to spend even one day as an ordinary circus freak. I would probably advise people to read this book before Smoe as it did kind of work in hand and hand with it and there were a lot of crossovers Lately I have been reading Erin Lee's carnival series and after reading Smoe figured I would go to Circus Freak before reading Martha's story Those who have read Smoe will remember Cat's retelling of killing not only Rusty but also doing Madame's bidding and getting rid of Andre Being short seems to be a burden for Cat and she seems only to be able to get out her anger by killing The other thing I loved about this book was the ending where Erin Lee tied in both her Circus Freaks series and the Escape from Reality series with the last Circus stop being in Escape Colorado One reason I love reading about books like this is that in New Zealand we don't get circuses or carnivals as such here and I have to live via stories like Erin Lee's Circus Freaks If you loved stories about the people in the Carnivals and been enjoying the Escape from Reality series then Circus Freak by Erin Lee is the read for you So what are you waiting for Step right into Circus Freak and get reading? I don't know if I want to run away with circus or run from it lol Cats story of being in the Circus and a freak was captivating confronting and very gory Her love story with Moe ends not uite how other love stories do It was such a twisted and very disturbing but beautiful ending all at once You a learn a little about all the inhabitants of this circus including the woman who runs it I don't want to give any of the story away as you need to enjoy the journey blind so to speak It makes it so much fun that way trust me on that Cat has some scary secrets but alot of the ppl who inhabit this particular circus do Obviously this story is Cat's story and she has one hell of a story The ending wraps up nicely but leaves you wanting to know about the inhabitants so there should and will be so many stories to come and so much to find out can not wait to see what else happens in this circus This is a must read If your after something different filled with twists and human emotion and gore then give this a one click I'll never look at the Circus the same way Love itWhen first introduced to Cat she seemed like a timid normal cat lover Cat's real name is Samantha but no one ever calls her that could it be the 29 cat tattoos she has? Maybe if her three sphinx cats could talk they may call her Samantha? The one person whom Cat is close to is Moe the second head and right arm controller of a set of siamese twins Please don't get all PC with me and tell me I should have said conjoined twins This is a circus people Get over yourself Neither Cat or Moe are happy with anything in their lives except each other When I tell you everyone in the Circus has a secret Trust me They do When visiting a Circus I love the show but I realize that all of these people the freaks have hearts and lives I will watch my mouth and not be rude to anyone Because you never know when one of the Circus freaks will crack and break This was a thrilling ride with twists and turns There was also a beautiful love story woven in I can say I didn't expect the ending If you'd like to know about the Circus Freaks pick up this book I definitely recommend it Happy reading Where do I start as always Erin Lee has wrote another epic book In this one the circus has come to town and boy does it bring some juicy tells with it Samantha the 3' 6 tattoo women that goes by Cat is the main character of this story along with her love Moe Now I wont go into the relationship between Cat and Moe because it would ruin the story for you but it's a strange and uniue relationship In this book you will find out about circus life for Cat which is the only life she has ever known You'll have mystery with twists and turns that make you wonder how did that happen There is romance sex and even death I can say that Circus Freaks is a fantastic book and well worth reading Wow just when I through I'd read one of the best books ever written by Erin Lee she comes out with a book like this one that just sucks you in I just loved loved loved this book and it's character's especially Cat who really brought this story to life for me with her experiences inside the circus and her relationships with the other circus performers Thank you so much Mrs Erin Lee for letting me read your wonderful book and I truly can't wait to read the rest of your books and any other books you have coming out Circus Freak had a great and uniue cast of characters The writing allowed me to run away with the circus and definitely made me want to know about them their lives and all of their secrets The end of Chapter 6 really had me wanting to know I was intrigued by what Madame was calling Cat in to do for her Cat was in deep and didn't even know it at first This really built the suspense in the story I enjoyed how torn Cat was over Andre and what she had been tasked to do Cat's yearning for Moe and a normal liferelationship was really touching I wanted that for her too It was so sad to see them want so badly to be together under normal circumstances knowing that they could never have it Seeing that shift in Cat where she stopped admiring Madame and saw her for what she truly was gave me chills These events were really had me eager to see how things would turn out When Cat finally did what she had to do I was still shocked by all of the events The horror and gore were well done I could almost feel the spray of the blood gushing out hitting me The ending and epilogue were incredible and really left me speechless There was such a darkness there and yet an underlying beauty and peace This is the second Erin Lee book I have read in the Escape series and once again it was its own kind of awesome Cat's story is so powerful Sure she is all kinds of conflicted and her life has never been easy but in amongst all the stuff circus life has thrown at her she still manages to find love with Moe a conjoined twin His brother Moe is a real piece of work so you can imagine how easy that relationship is This story has everything romance be it slightly twisted thrills and mystery I found myself wishing it was twice its length just to watch the characters live out their crazy unconventional lives a bit longer It is a great look at what potentially could go on once the spotlight goes out in the big top Lee is very good are taking you on a journey in her work and Circus Freak is one hell of a trip This is a uality read from an extremely talented author What can I say about this book other than WOW Erin takes the circus and makes you look at all of the people in a different lite There are some familiar characters the clowns the bearded lady the lion taimers the conjoined twins and the midgets but the way Erin introduces them all and leads you into their world you can't help but fall in love with them Well most of themThis book shows a love story and struggle between Cat and Moe The things they have to go through just to endure and the longing to just fit in and be It's not easy with all the other things going on around them Some chapters will make you suirm and uestion why but in the end you can't help but want the best for themAmazing story I won this eBook through a giveaway on FacebookThis cover is beautifulSamantha is a little person who has only one hand so she has a lot to adapt to She has grown up in the circus and lost her and when she was 2 so she does okay She was married to an abusive man named Rusty The owner of the circus Madame knows where Rusty went and needs Samantha to send Andre the old clown to the same placeThis book is a bit odd I will never look at the circus or tigersbig cats the same way As I was reading this I was thinking maybe Samantha was always a bit twisted and then I get to the very end with her and More and thinkYup totally twistedI enjoyed this book Its dark and twisted It brings a darkside to the fun of a circus It was well written with an interestingly twisted ending I absolutely loved this book It's just incredible The concept itself is very original and I have never seen anything like it before The story just pulls you in from the very beginning and the twists and turns it takes you on you never see coming It is written so well you feel like you are right there in the circus too I would love to see many books written by this author in this eclectic circus freak world