Chief The Iron Wolf Company #1

Chief The Iron Wolf Company #1❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ Chief The Iron Wolf Company #1 ⚣ Author Delmire Hart – Rebelling against his father and his royal heritage Darnell founded the mercenary band The Iron Wolf Company many years ago The alpha enjoys his life on the road with his trusted band of roughs forgin Iron Wolf PDF ´ Rebelling against his father and his royal heritage Darnell founded the mercenary band The Iron Wolf Company many years ago The alpha enjoys Chief The MOBI :¼ his life on the road with his trusted band of roughs forging their own fate and building up their company’s name Until his father The Iron Wolf PDF/EPUB ¶ the king finally makes good on his threat and arranges him an omega mate Weston has spent the last four years in another kingdom learning about his healing Gift from the prestigious Kitari Guild of Healers He returns armed with knowledge of his own power herbs and medicines only to discover that he won’t be helping with his family’s clinic like he always dreamed Darnell doesn’t want to be held back by anyone and must come to terms with what having a mate means while Weston struggles to find his place amongst a band of coarse mercenaries words Alphaomega non shifter romance. So after two weeks of negotiating and rearranging the schedule for countless times Lorraine and I could finally BRed this delicacy 😁 And special shout out to Bo for getting this book under our radar 👍 I’ve always loved Delmire Hart’s writing Her book “The Grumpy Thistle Fairy” was one of my favorite short reads last year And my love continues to this amazingly realistic and heartwarming book 😌 Though this is not rich in world building I believe the character depth and development of this story is uite amazing 💙 I fell in love not only with the two main characters Chief and Angel but also with all the other misfits in the mercenary band 😍 They are crude lewd and uite brutish at the first encounter but they sure grow on you 😉 After being thrust together into not a very desirable situation Weston and Darnell found themselves mated for life Weston is a Kitari healer who has the gifted art of healing power and comes from a long line of healers After studying 4 years in the Kitari healers guild Weston found himself already sold off to an unknown alpha by his parents when he returned home after learning all the arts of healing He always thought he’d have the choice to chose who to mate but now his fate is hanging precariously in the hands of an alpha whom he’s never even met beforeDarnell the youngest son of the King aka the prince aka the chief of the mercenary band never in a million years thought he’d be mated to an omega whom he’s never even met of He hates the treachery and backstabbing of the court and prefers the simple life of a mercenary on road And now he found himself mated to an omega who has the healing gift Life on the road is hard and dangerous and it certainly is not the place for a gentle and soft omega And worst he doesn’t even know how treat his new mate Nevertheless the duties are in order and the journey must continue And he must find a foothold with his omega ASAP if he dreams of having a chance at love with himI love how absolutely realistic and charming this book is Darnell and Weston didn’t fall head over heels in love instantly 😊 Their love is a conscious love that they both learnt how to and cherish each other than anyone in the end I loved how vivid and real their journey to the Oceanside town is It was like reading a beautiful travel diary 😌 And loved the UST and blossoming relationship with Darnell and Weston and Weston’s budding friendship with everyone else in the band And my the sex was hot 😱 And knotting 🔥 I was uite miffed with Wolf but forgave him after I learnt his past I would have rated this book higher if it was edited better But it didn’t deter my enjoyment of the book at all Read this in one sitting and loved every single second of it Now onto book 2 425 love can make anyone romantic stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱Not Bad But I Needed More⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ The book centers around mercenary leader Prince Darnell ‘Cheif’ Antonio Salvatore Harvey the Third and Weston ‘Angel’ a Kitari healer of Guild of Healers Weston had spent 4 years learning how to use his gift of healing only to come home to be told that he's been sold as a mate Knowing that it'll help saving many people he agrees without any fight His mate? Darnell A warrior who isn't interested in a mate specially considering an omega isn't fit for a life on the road on dangerous missions But as time goes Weston and Darnell gets closer and Darnell's dream of having a base is getting closer Overall when I first started the book I though ‘No this isn't for me’ with all the ‘’ being used but luckily it didn't seem to last I liked the story the friendship and the characters as individual however I wanted More of family bond depth and frankly I wanted action More fighting with swords and showing how good the company is Which we only got to see like 2 time shortly Also not to spoil or anything but this book didn't feel like a closure for Weston and Darnell so I'm a little bugged that next book isn't about them I'm also not sure if I want to continue the series even though this was an enjoyable read I liked it I didn't love it but it held my attention Oh and what's the ages for the characters? I should also mention that I wished Darnell was alpha I mean he's an alpha but I wish he acted alpha in a possessive and demanding way you know?Other Characters→ Claud alpha Darnell's uncle→ Wolf alpha Darnell's second command→ Tiger alpha Darnell's third in command→ Deadeye beta Bandit beta Sting beta Oak alpha Watchdog beta Hawk beta Pip beta a member of the mercenary band The Iron Wolf Company “I am of the opinion there are two types of love; the feeling of love that is in the songs and dreams of youth It is passionate nights and ballads of flowery feelings It is a fleeting thing that is gone with the wind The conscious choice to love someone to put aside their faults to reach compromise to stand beside them and love them through all life’s hardships That is the love I wish for you both It is the love I feel for my mate the flames in my heart strong even though she no longer walks this earth”Weston stared up at the alpha speechless The feelings he spoke of shone in his eyes for the briefest of moments and his heart ached at the flash of sadness that replaced it He had never heard of love spoken in such terms and he filed away his father in law’s words for later inspection It was a perspective he would have to examine in his thoughts on his own It gave him a flash of hope though perhaps it was not a dream that his arranged mating could end with love uick basic factsGenre Adult Fantasy Historical Romance MMSeries Series Book OneLove triangle? view spoilerNo hide spoiler Let me preface my review by saying there are some editing issues and wrong words used in this book Occasionally it would pull me out of the story with a frown However I loved the characters and the plot of this book so much I almost didn't care We get an arranged marriage between an alpha Prince and a gifted omega Weston has been off at school for 4 years studying the healing arts His family lineage is full of gifted healers and he seems to have the most power He's dreamed of coming home to work in his parent's clinic However his homecoming is cut short when he's told he's been betrothed to the alpha Prince This is no ordinary Prince either He left the kingdom to start his own band of mercenaries Darnell is very stand offish because he doesn't know how to act I loved all the mercenaries with their bawdy banter and their dream to have a home Wolf is the second and he's a complete ass for most of this book However he redeems himself later I'm off to read his book next This author has really grown on me I think with some better editing and proofreading her books could be great Buddyread timeWeston is an Omega from a lineage of Healers He is special though because unlike his parents he has ‘The Gift’ the art of healing from withinOn his return to his family after 4 years of leaning his Art of Healing he finds out that he has been ‘sold’ to the King in an Arranged Bonding to the Sovereign’s youngest son Prince Darnell Darnell is a mercenary He and his very organised but somewhat motley crew take care of the Crown’s ‘dirty work’ Can Darnell find the time and his own heart to learn this sweet healer of an Omega whose only aim is to take away people's pain and make them well again?Though not much word building it was a sweet and enjoyable read with a sense of realism as well Weston and Darnell didn’t fall in love straight away it took time and patience Both learning things about themselves and also things from their Group as well Slowly Weston was accepted as one of them But importantly Darnell’s heart accepted that his sweet Omega wasn’t just a Arranged Bonding but a True Bondbecause his heart told him so 😁Yes I will be reading the next book in the Series but I have to say that I didn’t think much of his so called loving parents At the end of the day they sold their son for money Even though they justified it by being able to buy herbs and potions to cure the sickit didn’t make it right A few editing issues as well so I’m going with 4 I think I found a new favorite author and series So many characters with different personalities in this group of missionaries and I can’t wait to read each ones own story 😊 Not too bad of a AOB readOkay so besides this book needing editing I was a tad bit disappointed with it Here are some of the reasons in no particular order 1 This story would have definitely benefited from world building 2 While we are told about this group of mercenaries I felt that there should have been jobs or something because I didn't feel that they were what one would think of as mercenaries 3 While the story has aspects of Mpreg and Weston can get preggers it just doesn't happen I am not upset nor do I feel cheated that it didn't happen Honestly when his heat finally did struck it really felt anticlimactic; no pun intended I am interested in Wolf's story so I than likely will give that one a go 3 stars all things consideredI love the world building I typically enjoy this kind of stories set in fictional worlds and in medieval times where one still gets around with a horse I’m sure there’s a legit genre name for this kind but I’ve never really bothered to find out LolAnyways all things considered the story was an entertaining one But by gosh the author really needs to hire a proofreader It’s mired with spelling errors incorrect word errors that’s something you see on the very first page and heaps of grammatical errorsIf the story werent so entertaining I think I’d have pulled out my hair by now I had to check where the author was from And she’s from a country whose first language is English I can’t understand how this happensAnyhow i want to say for those who typically skip badly edited books consider giving this one a chance It really is uite good if you can look past the errors This book is written in a world that encompasses MPREG Had I realized that I would not have invested any time into this because I know how much I hate it I did finish it sadly without the heat knotting and mpreg trope this would have been a better book IMO but then again I hate mpreg I feel that if the idea that the ultimate romanceconnectiontrue love indicator has to include kids through pregnancy no matter how absurd the idea the ultimate romanceconnectiontrue love ideal has been widely missed There is no world building around the mpreg no explanation of how it would work but it has the usual wet self lubing ass magic knotting orgasm and the usual delirious heat which are so boring to me If you are so horny that uite frankly you wouldn't really know who you are fucking where is the erotica? Glad it was KU I would've given 5 stars if there had been some editing done I would've also liked world buildingexplaining but maybe that was part of the lure of the story I really enjoyed this It was set in a ABO universe but with a different take on it than I have read before Weston is an omega who has just returned home after 4 years of studying his Gift at a prestigious school of sorts He finds out that his parents received a hefty dowry for him to be married to the youngest prince who also happens to be the leader of a band of mercenaries called The Iron Wolf Company Darnell is the youngest son to the king but has never enjoyed the rulings of the court Instead he formed a band of mercenaries that are family He finds himself having to bond with an omega who is there to help with the healing of his band I liked that even though they had to bond the same night they met it wasn’t instant love They felt the pull towards each other due to their status and bond but they got to know each other There was hesitation and doubt but Weston and Darnell grew closer the they were together Yes they had sex and went through a heat but it was the relationship that grew and I really enjoyed that