Dragons Gift (The Dragons Gift Trilogy, #1)

Dragons Gift (The Dragons Gift Trilogy, #1)[Read] ➮ Dragons Gift (The Dragons Gift Trilogy, #1) By Jasmine Walt – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Three dragons One woman A reverse harem fantasy that will leave you breathless and begging for Dareena Sellis is a nobody The orphaned daughter of a no name farmer she toils away as a serving girl at Three dragons One woman A reverse harem fantasy that will leave you breathless and begging for Dareena Sellis is a nobody The orphaned daughter of a no name farmer she toils away as a serving girl at Hallowdale Inn her only marriage prospects either shipping off to war or pawing at her skirts with their grubby gnarled hands But fate takes a strange turn the day a dragon huntress comes to town Suddenly Dareena is swept off to Dragon’s Keep trading in her raggedy dresses for silken gowns her closet sized room for feather pillows and spacious gardens and her miserable suitor for three very handsome very virile dragon princes For Dareena is not a nobody She is the Dragon’s Gift—the one woman chosen by the gods every century to bear children for the future king of Dragonfell Despite her pre ordained path Dareena’s fate is far from certain The crown has not given birth to than one son in nearly a thousand years and the line of succession is far from clear Neither of the princes are willing to cede Dareena to the other and yet she must choose For the enemy is knocking on Dragonfell’s door and Dareena’s decision could either mean the kingdom’s salvation or annihilation Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of this scorching hot reverse harem romance Scroll up and start reading today IMPORTANT NOTE This is a TRUE reverse harem romance NOT a love triangle Expect to see danger intrigue hot sex strong language and fire breathing dragons between the pages of this book For readers You have been warned. 2point5? A big meh from me First off can we talk about that cover? Who is that scant armor protecting? You could easily stab any one of those sexy idiots in the chest and go right through Maybe that's why the dragons can't seem to win a damn war huh? The setup of this series is great classic high fantasy with dragons and elves locked in a millennium war Three dragon prince brothers are all fighting over succession to the throne currently occupied by a bitter king going insane The country has gone to war centuries ago with the elves and warlocks over a single offense with sketchy history The world building leaves so much to the imagination while we are thrown into court intrigue spies political scheming all kinds of fun stuff This is the interesting part of the book The not so interesting part? Dareena our heroine The dragon shifter race in this world was cursed long ago in retaliation for some war crimes so all dragon ladies' babies are just humans basically The royal family can still make dragon babies but only with one specific heaven blessed lady chosen every century the Dragon's Gift and you guessed it Dareena She's an innocent human virgin and instant sex goddess of course in her late twenties whisked off to the dragon court to look pretty and make babies for some sexy princes Most of the plot unfortunately focuses on her dull romance with the three princes who fight over her because winning the Dragon's Gift guarantees them succession to the throne If the authors had given Dareena a active role in the world the politics and the war instead of making her sit in her room for 300 pages waiting to go on dates with the princes the book would have been very cool This series had potential to become awesome epic fantasy with some romance sprinkled in but since the authors decided to put the brakes on that in favor of boring courting scenes with a dull FMC it's just meh Yep a no from me Thanks for the great buddy read though RHR ladies Meh The female mc's personality changes too much The men can't change into dragons The males are actually pretty boring The first half of the book showed great promise I liked the premise setting and the characters The second half of the book let me down The romances felt suddenly rushed and the 3 distinct personalities of the princes were under utilized The heroine seems to undergo a personality change overnight so I felt like I didn't know her any The sex scenes were cringe worthy in the use of terminology and seeming lack of understanding of real human biology and anatomy It pulled me out of my immersion in the story and I wondered if it was written by a virgin teenage boy at times Meh It was rushed and predictable When I first downloaded it I was intrigued by the premise and enjoyed the first half Then the entire story shifts and the characters just stop developing Heroine wasn’t that great she had no substance or depth At first I thought I might like her but nope The brothers are very typical heroes likeable I guess The entire story just left me disappointed the authors wasted a really good idea This book could have been so much better than it was I won’t be continuing the series Rating TBAThat's right girl own your sexualityThat's right book have a gorgeous coverThat's right uh no that's it I made no connection to any of the characters and the story bored me A little cheesy and predictable but a fun reverse harem trilogy nonethelessAlso how can you resist that cover? Beautiful artwork Pages 236 My rating 3Read other books by this author in the future yesMC Dareena Drystan Lucyen AlistairThis was a buddy read with my rhr groupWhat I did not like Dareena being a trophy Instaluv The old virgin to sex goddess theme Her being dumb after everyone warned her to stay with a guard or the brothers she still went away on her own Guy are good looking and ripped the alpha male stuff mine my possession I need to be her firstWhat I liked Dareena being compassionate Caring about other people She not dumb but sometimes behaves dumb Guys caring about herThis is a middle age view fantasy book because the worth of the women is less than the man and also how they view women is like breeding mares for boys and they have no say in the big matters On the other hand the dragon girls are fighters I don’t like the view of this world but at the end I did want to know what happens to Dareena and Alistair I will read the second book as it is free for prime customers Omg from the very start this book is exciting and addictive Dareena is a commoner and her lecherous old man of a boss continually tries to tie her to a promise of marriage and although Dareena knows she will probably have no other choice she avoids making such an oath at the momentShe is determined to go to the dragon hunt festival as is her right as a single female goi g against her bosses wishes she knows she can never be chosen as the dragon gift due to her status in life but she intends to enjoy the festivalPacked with excitement drama twists and turns this is an amazingly well written well executed story that grips you from the beginning and I highly recommend this book Maybe like 25This was just blandThe whole concept put me off from the start Dareena's whole purpose was to get knocked up with a Dragon baby and the way she just simpered around in pretty dresses totally cool with her fate apart from the odd token brief misgivings really did my head in by the endShe was also so perfectly perfect and different from the other girls just because she was dark haired with child breaking hips? That had me eye rolling form the first few pagesthere was also a massive case of insta love here with her and the three prince's who were instantly enamoured of her for no discernable reason parat from the fact the other Dragon Borna usually have red or blonde hairWe also had the virgin to sex goddess withing a single encounter trope which is a rwmarkebly annoying oneAdd to that neither characters nor a plot that particularly engaged me and this was a bit if a snoozefeat all round I won't be reading the next there as just nothing compelling in it for me 25 It was alright i guess even tho i expected of this book So i got a lil disapointed but i liked the conceptthe world they where living in and the brothers