Declan's Demand

Declan's Demand[PDF / Epub] ☆ Declan's Demand Author M.C. Cerny – One impulsive decision and she was mineI was never letting her goNever One impulsive decision and she was mineI was never letting her goNever. Sydney Meadows is trying her best to help her father with his gambling debts She has decided to approach the one man who can help her Little does she know she's playing with fireDeclan Natas has connections and the last thing he wants is to help her father clear his debt It's a headache he doesn't need When his hand is forced and alliances are made things don't always work they are expected to This one moved very uickly I haven't read anything by this author before but I look forward to seeing how this one ends This short story was included in the vault anthology This story is short fast paced and angsty I read this book in one sitting and found it an ok read I will admit that I found parts of this story longwinded I liked Sidney I liked her determination to save her father even though he was a useless drunk I wasn’t a massive fan of Declan His attitude annoyed me at times but I did like when he let his growing feelings for Sidney grow Declan is a man of power and a man to be feared The storyline for this book is fairly easy to follow and an angsty short read I was hooked from the start This is my first book by MC Cerny and it won’t be my last Sydney will do anything to clear her fathers debt and asked Declan to help but he refuses and now a rival has Sydney and has is own proposition for her I can’t wait to get of Sydney Declan especially how it ended I voluntarily reviewed this Advanced Reader Copy of this book When Sydney goes and asks Declan for help so she can pay her father’s debt he refuses her Not one to give up easily especially when she knows there is no other way she forces Declan’s hand and he comes up with a deal of his own I enjoyed the story Sydney and Declan were hot together and Neil is one character I liked The ending definitely leaves you wanting to know I want of this story It’s caught my attention and makes me crave of it Love the characters Declan is so dark and mysterious Neil is warming and comforting And Sydney is down right sneaky This is a sexy fast paced novella that leaves you the reader salivating for Declan This book is the first that I've read from this author and mark my words it won't be the last I'm hooked already and searching for my next fix Sydney is trying to help pay for her fathers gambling debts But Declan won’t have it What will Sydney do Argh I hate cliff hangers Awesome book but damnit Why did it have to end there heroine wants to work off her father's debts by being the mafia boss' companion she steals from himend of story buy the whole book if you want to know how the book ends This is the first book I have read by this author I am hooked I hope we don’t have to wait long for the continuation of Declan and Sydney