Charlee and the Chocolate Shop Whitsborough Bay #5

Charlee and the Chocolate Shop Whitsborough Bay #5➹ [Reading] ➻ Charlee and the Chocolate Shop Whitsborough Bay #5 By Jessica Redland ➮ – Charlee and the Chocolate Shop is a heart warming tale of family and friendship Master chocolatier Charlee Chambers has plenty to be excited about as Christmas approaches She’s moved in with her boy Charlee and the Chocolate PDF/EPUB ¶ the Chocolate Shop is a heart warming tale of family and friendship Master chocolatier Charlee Chambers has plenty to be excited about as Christmas approaches She’s moved in with her boyfriend Darren and she’s about to open a chocolate shop following in her late granddad’s footsteps If only Darren would show interest in helping her refurbish Charlee’s Chocolates ready for a December opening When water starts pouring through the shop ceiling and Darren can’t Charlee and PDF/EPUB or be contacted to help emergency plumber Matt comes to the rescue From that moment on Matt does to support Charlee in achieving her dreams than Darren ever has and the Chocolate Shop Whitsborough ePUB ✓ and she finds herself drawn to him But Matt’s engaged and Charlee loves Darren doesn’t she And Darren loves her or at least she thinks he does but he's been behaving a little strangely recently Then Charlee discovers that Darren has a secret But so does Matt And so and the Chocolate MOBI ô it seems does the woman who abandoned her at birth. Favorite uotesI’d love to say that I ditched a hot date or a big night out but let’s face it my 96 year old great grandma has a better social life than meWhen they’re all together they act like they’re 16 instead of in their early 30s It’s as though they’ve just discovered alcohol but the world’s supply is about to run out so they need to consume a lifetime’s uantity in one eveningWhat was family? Was it shared genes or was it the people who were there for you no matter what? Oh my God This means Satan’s Mistress is your half sisterMy ReviewI fear Jessica Redland has become an addiction; I adore her sneakily wry and insightful writing style She has created a picture perfect scene for Christmas magic with Charlee’s tale; imbuing the story with her lovely descriptions picturesue details and emotive word choices that scaled all the feels several times while also continually plucking at my curiosity As with all her poignant books the characters were intriguingly human realistically flawed and than a bit damaged yet endearingly and admirably shouldering through while working hard and putting their best forward I aspire to achieve the same but know I fall far short of that goal as I am slothfully lazy and well over my lifetime limit of dealing with difficult people Warning Have chocolate by your side as you read this I'm regretting finishing this so late at night as I am suddenly craving Christmas chocolates like the one Charlee has in her chocolate shop and just wishing I could reach between the pages grab some and eat them For this book really is a tale of two Christmases and of Charlee her best friend Jodie boyfriend Darren hot plumber Matt a heart warming story about family and a lot besides As a fan of Jessica Redland it was fantastic to be back in Whitsborough Bay and to see uite a few familiar faces from her previous books If you haven't read them despite missing out it own't matter for the purposes of this story they are an added extra bonus for her regular readers Half the book is set a year before the other and it highlights just how much difference a year can make to your fortunes hence the two Christmases It is beautifully written the descriptions are fantastic and I really do want to visit the chocolate shop and hear even about being a master chocolatier There are ups and downs sections filled with emotion and then others that will make you smile It truly is a gem of a book and I'm already looking forward to meeting Carly from tee Cupcake shop who has been mentioned a few times during this story Thank you to Jessica Redland for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily You know it is Christmas when your heart gets warmedYou know it is Christmas when you love everyoneYou know it is Christmas when you want to get cozy with a bookYou know it is Christmas when you want cocoa cocooned in a blanketAnd now I definitely know it is Christmas when I start reading Jessica Redland's booksWith a great ado I picked this book a perfect book to warm the cockles of my heart to put me on the pathway to Christmas My first book by Jessica Redland saw me hooked on to Charlee's story with my kindle cuddled into the cushions She was a complete person a real lovable one who went through life's tragedies and heartbreaks getting stronger at every step of life I hate the vapid simpering damsel in distress kinds so thankful Charlee was strong bold and courageousCharlee followed boyfriend Darren started her chocolate shop on Castle Street a plumbing emergency led to the meet cute with the hottie hunk Matt electricity flowed But Charlee being the loyal kinds remained a good friend till things happened relationships overturnedStory told in two timelines was cute in its treatment and progressed slowly and calmly There was love and camaraderie and friendship all around Charlee knew when to stand up for herself and I loved thatThen came my niggles Charlee's absentee parents their entry their love and their future relationship felt a wee bit over the top But if you can't be so jolly in Christmas then when can you be Ho ho hoThis was the book so apt for Christmas where warmth of the hearts surrounded friends and coworkers where goodwill and laughs cheered even when tears flowed and where family came together even when they seem far A perfect Christmassy read Oh my I loved this story I loved the ambiance created by the author I loved the chocolate shop setting I loved that Nana was a Christmas decorating fiend This book definitely amped up my Christmas spiritThe characters of Charlee and her best friend Jodie are well written and I almost wish they were my friends These ladies epitomize the idea of friends who are really family That’s particularly important as Charlee grapples with having no family left after the passing of her grandparents There are some heart wrenching scenes at the beginning of the novel where Charlee deals with no longer having her Nana They are beautifully written and identifiable for anyone who has lost an older relativeWhen Charlee moves to Whitsborough we are introduced to Castle Street and the business owners there The sense of community described among the small business owners is uite delightful and highlights the small town feel of the story Castle Street also provides a gorgeous Christmas backdrop“Castle Street was the perfect setting for that magical Christmas feeling Full of Victorian character buildings housing independent businesses there were cobbles not that you could see them now for the snow old fashioned lamps and almost a Dickensian feel to the place”The friendship that builds between Matt and Charlee is naturally developed and moves along at a nice easy pace Where flashbacks are needed for a backstory they are tidily thrown in and enhance the flow of the novelMy only peeve about the novel is that all the ends are tied up a bit too neatly and effortlessly The main characters are always the good guys They don’t have to take a tough stance or make a decision that might hurt anyone It’s sweet but not everyone can be that lucky A little angst would have been icing on this chocolate cakeSome things I liked You must have fallen in love with the cover art for this story It’s just too gorgeous Nana’s colour coordinated Christmas tree decoration themes Matches my own inclination even if not my actual execution The extra stories woven in This is not just a romance tale It’s a family story and a little bit of a mystery too There are several very moving scenes where Charlee deals with her grandparents mother and even DarrenSomething I did not likeI needed a little angst It is Christmas but every story arc didn’t have to be so neatly wrapped up with a bow on top If you are looking for your next Christmas read this is it Family love decorations friendship and chocolate it’s the perfect tale for the seasonThis book gets 45 5 stars I liked this story but some aspects simply didn't work for meWhat was the point in writing the whole story up to the last couple of chapters as a sort of 'flashback'? Chapters were prefaced with for example Chapter 3FRIDAY 19th AUGUST LAST YEARAnd I kept wondering when we were going to get to the 'now' part There was no need for the 'Last Year' part the whole thing could have been written with just the dates and then the final chapters present day could have been just that The lack of any Table of Contents made it difficult to flick back and forth in the story as wellview spoilerThe back story with Charlee's mother was way too complicated in places and I gave up trying to work out what had happened in the end It could have been greatly simplified but instead we got long rambling tales about travelling and so on And to some extent the structure of the story was a bit 'off kilter' Once Charlee had broken up with Darren there was no 'suspense' any nothing to really keep me reading hide spoiler An enjoyable book although the cheating boyfriend was predictable and the ending far too rushed Charlee gets her guy finds both her parents who now decide to give it a go and move in together after seeing each other for the first time in 30? Years Charlee moves in with new guy and gets engaged within the story “week” ending was a disappointment Before reading Jessica Redland’s new book Charlee And The Chocolate Shop I had been moaning about stores already having their festive stock on the shelves but afterwards I had the urge to get my tree out of the loft and start singing Jingle BellsI'm a big fan of her work and as always this one is beautifully written with a natural warmth and good humour that just seems part of her styleHer heroine Charlee is both strong and at times vulnerable while her hero Matt is absolutely perfect – apart from having a fiancee of courseNot only are her main characters always really well developed but the supporting cast also add colour and excitementThere are some wonderful really did not see that coming surprises in this book which must have taken a lot of planning but it all comes together like a perfect jigsawThere are also some truly gorgeous scenes including one involving a Christmas light switch on I won’t spoil anything that had me swooningA warning though; I wanted to eat a bit of chocolate – specifically Christmas chocolate approximately every other pageIf you have no will power like me I’d stock up before you start so you don’t have to interrupt the story to pop to the shops Maybe a 45 but regardless I loved this It wins major points for me for having×A female lead who stops taking bullshit at a realistic and satisfying point instead of making me suffer and have to wait until the last few chapters To be honest I don't think there was a single point where Charlee did anything that made me frustrated Most of the time she did what I would do or want to do ×A gorgeous Kit Harrington looks yes please and most importantly kind funny and generous male lead who is justifiable in his actions and any misunderstandings between him and Charlee make sense ×An emphasis on love in ALL FORMS I hate romance novels where the romance is seen as important than all other relationships in the characters lives And any book that knows family isn't restricted to blood relatives will always earn my respect The relationship between Charlee and her best friend Jodie was lovely If you want a sweet moving and devoid of eye roll inducing drama christmas read I highly recommend this 👍 Friendship romance and lots of chocolateCharlee and the Chocolate Shop is wonderful novel packed full of incredible characters When Charlee opens her chocolate shop on Castle Street just before Christmas it is a huge success but unfortunately the rest of her life isn't From the very beginning this book will grab hold and keep you reading as Charlee builds her new life full of highs and lows Meet new characters and catch up with some Castle Street regulars too and find out just how much difference a year can make This is a fabulous festive read for every time of year I loved it and cannot recommend it highly enough A lovely read A perfect read on a dreary Autumn day I loved the book from the beginning and enjoyed it immensely this is the first book I've read by this author and I'll be reading others from her