Don't You Know Who I Am?: A Memoir of the World's Least Successful Actor

Don't You Know Who I Am?: A Memoir of the World's Least Successful Actor➾ [Download] ➻ Don't You Know Who I Am?: A Memoir of the World's Least Successful Actor By Tony James Slater ➷ – Tony James Slater wants just one thing to become a world famous actor The only problem is he doesn’t have any experience Or any training Or any talent They say that anything is possible if you want Tony James Slater wants just one thing Know Who PDF/EPUB å to become a world famous actor The only problem is he doesn’t have any experience Or any training Or any talent They say that anything is possible if you want it hard enough But just how far is he willing to go Is it okay to dance naked in public for your art And what do you tell your family when they catch you doing it It’s a good thing to reach for the stars Don't You Kindle - right At least until their security guards drag you away Join Tony as he goes from ‘wannabe’ to ‘never gonna be’ via the weirdest most ridiculous route imaginable From childhood trauma to university romance from school to stage to screen see him blown up beaten up chatted up and dressing up All of which is perfectly normal for a thespian Don’t miss this hilarious tale of acting crazy If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like in ‘the industry’ – or wondered if you’ve You Know Who PDF/EPUB ¼ got what it takes to make it – find out right here. Ever since I stumbled upon Tony Slater's That Bear Ate My Pants via a free e book offer I became hooked on his writing He's an enormously entertaining author whose exploits around the world have to be read to be believed and give us a travelogue that's both informative and outrageously funny like Bill Bryson if he happened to star in a slapstick comedy Tony has hinted in many of his books that he tried and failed to become an actor and so when Don't You Know Who I Am? was released a preuel of sorts to his globe trotting misadventures that detailed his acting exploits I snapped it up immediately And not only is it just as funny as its predecessors but it shows that you don't have to go abroad to find lunacy sometimes you can find it incredibly close to homeIn Don't You Know Who I Am? Tony reveals parts of his life that we didn't get to see in his previous books including touching on his small English town childhood his trials as an unpopular kid in school and his burgeoning dream to become an actor He ends up attending an acting college in Cardiff where he gains a reputation as a first rate loon and forges some unlikely friendships and in the meantime finds bit roles on British TV shows like Hollyoaks and Coronation Street His attempts at becoming a world famous actor take him to some unlikely places traipsing around England and Scotland supermarkets in his underpants as a representative of Lynx known in the USA as Axe products getting hired and fired on the set of the Doctor Who revival befriending a stripper and her husband who both just happen to be his new bosses filming an indie action movie with some buddies and even rubbing elbows with the late great Christopher Lee himself All the while Tony treats us to some of his brand of wacky self depreciating humor which readers of his earlier books will be well acuainted with by nowI do recommend that you at least read That Bear Ate My Pants before reading this book as this one is a lot better if you know some about Tony before diving in It's a preuel of sorts a sort of Hobbit to Lord of the Rings or Episode I to the original Star Wars though a lot better than Episode I trust me But it's also pretty entertaining on its own both as the trials of an actor struggling to make it big and as a snapshot of the late '90s and early '00s before cell phones became ubiuitous and the Internet made hunting for jobs and movieTV roles much easier If strong language and occasional ribald humor bothers you this book might not be for you Tony holds little back indulging in language from time to time and pulling no punches when it comes to some of his risue adventures such as injuring his manhood on a drunken New Year's Eve expedition or walking in on a nude photoshoot But thankfully the humor in this book doesn't rely on swearing and naughtiness which is often the crutch of a less talented writer who thinks haha swearing and sex jokes are funny Tony sprinkles some of this in sure but for the most part his humor is in finding the absurdity of his life and commenting on it which makes for a much better experienceIf you're a fan of Tony Slater's work I highly recommend Don't You Know Who I Am? If you're a newcomer I suggest reading That Bear Ate My Pants first Trust me you'll thank me later both books are hilarious and Bear will give you a better appreciation for Tony's life and work in this book I eagerly await Tony's next book and know I'll be snapping it up as soon as possible Tony James Slater travels around the world and writes books about his crazy always so crazy adventures But before he got the travel bug he tried to become an actor That didn’t work out so well but he of course had some crazy adventures along the way Don’t You Know Who I Am? is full of typical self deprecating Tony humor He has a way of telling a story that makes you literally laugh out loud It is well edited with just a handful of typos though American readers may “see” than that since British English and American English have uite a lot of differences I highly recommend reading this book and all of Tony’s other books too You won’t be sorry though you may have to explain repeatedly why you are laughing Slater's books never disappoint This is a preuel to his travel books and explains howwhy he got into traveling in the first place The book describes his ill fated attempts at making a living by acting which generally took the form of doing product promos and being an extra in movies and TV His descriptions of the life of an extra were very illuminating and hilarious I went to YouTube to find video of a couple of his shows and could look at the scenes with informed amusement His brilliant conclusion to his memoir was I bet on deathbeds around the world no one has ever wished their life was less weird And why would they? Weirdness is awesome I have read all of Tony’s books and so thankful I found them as he keeps you laughing and gasping at his exploits While this book is different than the others it is good to get the young years and what Tony went thru in life to become the person he is today Tony bullied? How on earth did that happen—oh I know—even for all the ridiculous and dangerous things he does he seems to be a gentle soul Truth be known I would love to see Tony and Roo on TV Keep writing Tony I highly recommend this book and all the others Tony Slater never fails to entertain his audiences I stumbled across his books whilst reading his travel adventures and have never been disappointed Unfortunately I am a reader not a writer so therefore can not review books well you know with any competence beyond Duh that's a good story ya know? But I will recommend Tony's books to anyone Humor compassion and just plain good reads I have no interest in acting or actors I bought the book because I figured it would be a rollicking good time and was not disappointed I did enjoy this book The author's self effacing romp through the uncertain world of acting is a treat From local amateur dramatics to university bit parts on Coronation Street and uncounted numbers of anonymous appearances in an ill conceived action movie the pace is hilarious and at times almost hard to believe Trust me There is a crazy dancing shaving man and a strip club ingenue in the same body Well worth a read Not as amusing as it tries to beMaybe all preuels suck Buthonestly it tries to be funny amusing and it fell flat His other books were moderately amusing though the spider one just had me feeling terrible for Roo Maybe he's just better at travel books Or he tried to make college funny and it doesn't work anyways if it hadn't been free on Kindle unlimited Ice demand a refund A good short read from Tony SlaterA pretty good wee book to get an understanding for the back story of Tony slater I must say I personally prefer his travelling books but that's down to personal taste as opposed to any ualms with the bookAll told it has some truly hilarious accounts from his last in and is well worth a read Good startBefore I got to the end I couldn't see how he could gone from acting to traveling but just before the end he switched gears a complete shock cause of the way it was going I did enjoy this book like all the others I believe I have now read his last book Unless he does another one with his wife and travels Very good readI read this after being told about it by another author George MahoodReally enjoyed this very easy to read couple of spelling errors but easily overlooked will now read the rest of his books